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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by LegitNeek, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Matterbound

    Matterbound Active Member

    This pack seems to be missing quite a few different mods. Are the plans to compile a working Sphax FTB pack? There are no Thaumcraft 3 textures and some Redpower textures aren't working. (Brass dust mix and some others)
  2. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    I have decided not to update this addon pack to the newer mod pack(s) due to people simply being so lazy they would rather post about missing textures before reading the initial post.

    This addon pack was solely for the Normal and Insanity Feed the Beast Maps, not for the mod packs that came after. Too many people have been posting with updates and complaining that is is missing things like Thaumcraft or Steve's Carts, well neither of these are included in the mod pack that is used for the FTB maps.

    If I decide to make another addon pack for Sphax then it will be in a separate thread, because it will be completely different from the addon pack I have here.

    Please for the love of god stop telling me I have missing textures from the latest modpacks because you are simply making yourself look stupid.

    and, if I do decide to make an addon pack I will try and get something similar to soartex setup so you can check when there are updated textures for you. Until then, either do it yourself or go elsewhere.
  3. FMAylward

    FMAylward Member

    When was I telling you stuff was missing ect? I was telling the person in here who was updating it for the new modpacks and anyone who had actually read everything in here who would have read everything would have been doing the same. Granted there are going to some acting the way you said but not all of us have.
  4. Matterbound

    Matterbound Active Member

    I apologize if I annoyed you! I was simply trying to be helpful for once. :c
  5. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    Excuse the early morning hate, this wasn't directed at any one person in particular just to the general "i'll just download this and then complain when it doesn't work" populous. In-fact FMAylward, I have seen a few of yours and timewarp's posts and they are the main reason I haven't updated recently, I'm always grateful for help and posts other than those stated previously :)

    edit: I'm currently working on an up-to-date Direwolf20 modpack addon pack, should be up today at some point, in x64 and x128 as per usual.
  6. Matterbound

    Matterbound Active Member

    Awesomesauce! If/When different FTB mod packs come out, would you consider adding those textures as well? Or is that something I should learn to do on my own? :p I assuming you just download the missing textures and pop them in the .zip file, yes?
  7. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    That's exactly what it is.

    I will be working on doing Sphax addon packs for all of the modpacks available in the FTB launcher. I have been avoiding Minecraft for a few couple of months, but I am back and ready to start "work" again ;)
  8. FMAylward

    FMAylward Member

    No problem, thought it might have actually been something like that else my post would have been a lot more angrier.

    A couple of questions. Any idea when you might have a Mindcrack pack version out? Though could maybe just ask Bdouble0 for it as he seems to have made one himdelf :p

    Next question is about how they work. Say I was to take all the mod pack texture patches and merge them into one .zip. excluding performance issues from all of them being loaded would it work? Its just a random thing I thought of just now so decided to throw it out at someone who might be able to answer it.
  9. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    All you need to do in order to put your own addon pack together is find all of the x64/x128 etc patches for the mods you have, make your own WinRAR Zip Archive and pile them all in. You can't distribute the vanilla Sphax pack so all you can do is link to that and hope people can work out how to add it. It's simple enough to put in, if you've ever installed mods manually then you will know how to put a pack like this together.

    As for other versions of the addon pack for other modpacks I will do a scout around the bdcraft forums and this one for similar versions and see about having them all in one thread as a sort of contents page, if you will. Any that don't exist at present or are WIPs I may just do them myself or get in contact to help out.

    edit: and always remember to test your addon pack before you upload it for the world ;)

    edit2: I've been perusing the Sphax forums and found an addon for the Direwolf20 pack already complete. I have therefore decided I will not be updating this thread until the newest Feed The Beast map is released. I would rather keep this as a dedicated map related addon thread than just another "copy" of already released packs.
  10. Minethulhu

    Minethulhu Active Member

    Not to discourage anybody from updating texture packs, but isn't there already one being done for the mindcrack and direwolf20 packs on the bdcraft site:


    Note that it does seem this one is also a work in progress, but duplication of effort and duplication of finding/fixing missing textures doesn't make sense to me (but again, if you think you can do it better or simply just enjoy doing it, by all means, go for it...don't mean to discourage anybody that is helping a lot of folks).
  11. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    If you read the post above you then you would realize I already covered this issue.
  12. bryce0110

    bryce0110 New Member

    Awesome if only it wasnt a MediaFire Download my Computer Blocks that
  13. CrazyAL

    CrazyAL Member

    anyone having issue with ender storage mod for sphax ever since last update for Mindcrack my ender chest and pouch are no longer sphax textured :(
  14. monkey

    monkey Active Member

    on keralis lp his ender chest look like sphax(me think) and his pouches look like lots of random colour ful dots but on gb and bdubs videos they look like the normal texter S: strange
  15. boborene

    boborene Active Member

    No updates?
  16. Yosomith

    Yosomith Well-Known Member

    Been playing the insanity map recently and I've put the 64x version of the texture pack on and all was fine. Fast forward a couple of days and suddenly my logistics pipes look like crap, they used to look black with some green/red on them, now they are blue and ugly. I changed nothing, no updated mods, no config changes, nothing, yet when I started it up today I am greeted with:


    Edit: I will add, quitting out of the game and deleting the texture pack fixes the above, but I would like to know what happened
  17. Haku

    Haku New Member

    Is there a way to fix this? I am using optifine, turned off threaded optimization and multi-core and it still has this problem with Optifine. Running Direwolf v1.6.4

    Basically models with overlapping textures bug out/flicker like this.
  18. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r Popular Member

    Nope optifine always had issues with Z fighting (overlaying images over images in short), unless you play on laptop or really crap spec PC you don't need optifine for 1.6.
  19. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper Popular Member

    Holy necro-posting. I play a master necromancer in Skyrim and I can't pull this kind of shit off without the local residents getting pissed.

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