Feed The Beast Sphax Addon Pack

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  1. LegitNeek

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    Feed The Beast - Insanity Map Addon Pack for the PureBDcraft Texture Pack

    This can be used with any of the current FTB SSP maps.

    Install Instructions

    Firstly, download both the addon pack and the original Sphax pack. You will need to use the same versions or it will not work (64x addon pack with the 64x Sphax pack etc.).

    Open the Sphax Texture pack by right clicking on the .zip file and selecting "open with" then select your archiver, recommended for ease of use are either 7zip or WinZip.
    Do the same with the addon pack, then drag the contents of the addon pack into the Sphax pack's window.

    Simply place the combined .zip into your MultiMC instance texture packs folder.

    If you are not using MultiMC, simply open your .minecraft folder and place the .zip into the texturePacks folder.
    You can get to your .minecraft folder by typing Run into the windows search bar, then %appdata% into the Run Box. Your .minecraft folder should be at the top of the list.


    The Official Sphax Website - http://bdcraft.net/

    FTB Insanity Bonus Map Addon Pack 64x - http://www.mediafire.com/?au0981nm86vwd8e

    FTB Insanity Bonus Map Addon Pack 128x - http://www.mediafire.com/?pq26de2jperm2ct


    A couple of pictures to whet your whistle (click for bigger)




    Version 1.0
    - Put the pack together with the available sized patches.
    - Acquired permission from the texture developers to post the Addon pack.

    Included Mods

    Not Enough Items


    Redpower - Amon,Timmie3054,CadenDonuts,PCMaster160,HanFox
    LogisticsPipes - Sparkst3r,Pcmaster
    BuildCraft - CadenDonuts
    ComputerCraft - CadenDonuts,Francogp
    EE2 - CadenDonuts,HanFox,Amon
    PortalGun - CadenDonuts
    AtomicStryker's AdvancedMachines - HanFox
    AdditionalPipes - PCMaster160
    EnderStorage - CadenDonuts
    ExtraBees - HanFox
    Forestry - HanFox,PCMaster160, Amon
    NuclearControl - HanFox
    IC2 - Ruyan,HanFox,Amon,PCMaster160,Caden,Sparkst3r
    CompactSolars - CadenDonuts
    IronChests - HanFox,PCMaster160
    ThermalExpansion - HanFox
    Tubestuff - CadenDonuts
    WirelessRedstone ChickenBonesEdition - PCMaster160,CadenDonuts
    AdditionalBuildCraftObjects - PCMaster160,Thebeatles8371
    Not Enough Items - HanFox

    Sphax86 - for making the original pack.

    Permissions granted for distribution:-

    Permission is not actually needed to distribute an Addon pack for Sphax but I thought I would get them anyway.
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  2. Stanekk

    Stanekk Active Member

    Aaah there it is :) it is so awesome <3
  3. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    I had totally forgot until you reminded me :grin:
  4. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    Awesome! Though I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that there is no sphax textures for ender pouches.
  5. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

  6. Stanekk

    Stanekk Active Member

    That's why i did it =) It had be up here and was hoping you'd read it =)
  7. Yes I like the sphax textures for the most part. Lapis is usually the exception in most of the texture packs I use. I am also glad that it has one of the biggest support bases for mods. By the way, what texture sizes do you guys usually go with? I can only handle 64 x 64. 128 x 128 gives me too much lagg.
  8. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    While the CPU and RAM is more important to actually render the game. The GPU is heavily needed with high res texture packs. Maybe its your GPU that is weak?

    I'm able to play with 512x tex pack but that's the pointless thing ever. The file is big, takes a long time to load and download. I don't go over 128x.
  9. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    I personally only ever use x64. I can play with the x128 without lag but I just prefer to keep my laptop in optimum conditions. i.e. using lower res texture pack that still looks decent, having all my video settings set to highest fps even though I don't need to etc etc.
  10. bluechance12

    bluechance12 Member

    Just found this post. This will be REALLY useful - no more having to go through downloading and merging all the add ons! Thanks!
  11. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    I'm currently in the process of putting an addon pack together for the 1.3 release of the mod pack. This should be done soon, like previously, it will only be in 64x and x128 due to the majority of mod textures only being released in these two resolutions.
  12. Stellastronza

    Stellastronza Member

    You sir have our gratitude! Since optifine is optional, will you still add support for the mob texture randomizer and/or the other features optifine offers to the texture pack authors?
  13. frederikam

    frederikam Well-Known Member

    As far as i know there is already i pack of this kind on the BDcraft forums.
  14. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    That is because LegitNeek is just distributing it with permission from...

    who actually made the textures.
  15. frederikam

    frederikam Well-Known Member

    I just don't see the point of two packs with the exact same content.
  16. bhblacky

    bhblacky Member

    cool, always liked this texture pack
  17. Mercury

    Mercury Active Member

    Hmm. Some stuff is weird. Like [​IMG] and skeletons.
    I am running OptiFine_1.4.2_HD_U_B4
  18. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Now that is a freaking awsome spider ! :p
  19. frederikam

    frederikam Well-Known Member

    Now what we have here is the fact that you may not have got the right version for your graphic card. I highly recommend downloading the standard version of Optifine.
  20. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    i would just leave it :p Looks amazing XD

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