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Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Hoff, May 1, 2013.

  1. cmwatford

    cmwatford Active Member

    It just that people immediately jumped to accusing Sengir of intentionally making part of his mod incompatible with other mods that had provided the same resource because he wanted to enforce some sort of vision. I just feel some patience was in order.
  2. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Having a theory about something implies accusations? Eh. They actually were worded fairly poorly and were probably very accusative in nature. For that I apologize to Sengir, but there is no reason to hold off theories. Despite how it sounded I doubt anyone wanted to accuse Sengir outright of doing something petty like that. It is just too much of a coincidence when there are no other explanations.
  3. brujon

    brujon Active Member

    I don't know. Biomass/Biofuel made more sense, since you can make that basically out of anything, but to make Ethanol, you need sugar. Yes, i know that there are working setups to manufacture Ethanol out of sawdust and other organic materials, but it is a very inefficient and costly process compared to the simple fermenting of sugar(Or sugary liquids, like Apple Juice or Corn Syrup, or Beets...), since you still need special bacterias and chemistry to turn the organic materials into sugars that can be fermented. I just find that, well, since we already have sugarcane and sugar in Minecraft... Makes sense right? No comments on the balance and bug issues, i just find the name change weird because of how the making of the stuff works, that's all.

    I would really like to see *both* Ethanol and Biofuel being options, with different methods of production, in Forestry. Another suggestion that could be good is to introduce another step after Biomass into which you turn it into Methane, which Gregtech already has, while nerfing Biomass so that it's really inefficient. So we have the "holy trifecta" of current-day natural fuels, which are methane(natural gas), ethanol, and biofuel(biodiesel). That would be really good. Ethanol as a starter liquid, as it is the process that requires the fewer amount of resources, and then methane/biodiesel as semi-equivalent later game options, with methane being produced with animal products, and biodiesel with plant matter. Methinks that would be very cool. Also, another neat idea: A multiblock structure like the Coke Oven, only used to cook different kinds of meat, producing Grease as a byproduct(Like the Coke Oven produces Creosote Oil), this Grease can then be used as a very inefficient starter fuel, or used as a booster in a Fermenter in order to produce Biodiesel more efficiently. Or as an ingredient in yummy, extremely caloric and fatty food recipes. Deep Fried Squid? Deep Fried ANYTHING? Yummy. Also placeable in-world as a liquid that transports mobs faster(because it's slippery), and can also burn in-world. Minecraft has a serious lack of lakes of fire.
  4. Technician

    Technician Popular Member

  5. Catarooni

    Catarooni Member

    I think the issue I'm having is...what if you were running both an MFR biofuel generator (whatever it was called) and a fermenter/still, and sending the Biofuel to the same tank? Would this change not completely obliterate any systems that happened to use both?
  6. Mash

    Mash Well-Known Member

    Well, they would be separate liquids. Can you put water and lava in the same tank?
  7. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Pipes would clog. Though it's unlikely your world will transfer to 1.5 at all anyway.
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  8. Larroke

    Larroke Active Member

    plant matter.... is the sugar (well technically its the starch, which enzymes convert to sugar, which yeast then crap out as ethanol). But that aside, it doesn't require "sugar" out of the bag.. as that would be a very expensive method by which to produce it, and it would lose the traits that make it so tasty. The use of grains, potatoes, corn, rice and just about every other form of starchy goodness is used to produce a variety of ethanol laced substances from Colt 45 to Crown.

    Your rubbing alcohol and the crap they make you put in your cars is denatured.. which means it has just enough methanol or other crap added to make it toxic taste bad and taxed at a much lower rate.

    Sengir should have thrown ya'll for a loop and changed it to methanol and then required you to process it with "insert random biological here" fat to make bio-diesel... Oh the drama would have been EPIC!
  9. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior Well-Known Member

    SHHH!!!! He can hear--wait, we're talking Sengir here, not Greg.

    never mind.

  10. Larroke

    Larroke Active Member

    ;) Ethanol is a good name.. clear cutting a forest or two an hour to make a "green" fuel just made me feel too good inside!
  11. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior Well-Known Member

    fixed that for you.

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