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Whitelist Server Durgcraft|DireWolf20 v5.1.1|Whitelisted|16+|Mature|24/7|UK based

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Ljdude93, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Ljdude93

    Ljdude93 New Member

    Server IP:

    About our Server:
    Durgcraft is a server full of people that like to work together, create things but most importantly enjoy playing minecraft and Feed the beast. The server at this present time has three admin created houses and a (very small) starting area. The rest is up for the community on the server to create and make look great. We want people to come online, play for as long as they want in a friendly environment that encourages teamwork and a friendly environment. We encourage people to record their experiences and creations as much as possible. The server is currently staffed by Myself (ljdude99) and the two other co-owners (danriduk and Jordy555), one of us will usually be on, if not check the contact box at the bottom, for other ways to contact us.


    1)No griefing,harassing etc
    2)No cheating
    3)No stealing from other people on the server
    4) All quarrys must be used in the mining world. However that’s all that can be done in the mining world.
    5) Strip mining is allowed in the main world.
    6) Be friendly to everyone on the server


    The server difficulty is normal

    To apply for the server just fill in this whitelist Info:

    Why you want to join:
    What you would bring to the server:
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) )

    Disabled items:

    The only things disabled for the server is, Nukes and Mystcraft Age books. Everything else is fine with us.

    Slots and location

    The server is currently at 30 people max, but if need be, we are willing to upgrade to get more people in. The server is located in Maidenhead, UK, however the connection is still great no matter where in the world you are :).

    Contact Info

    If you have any questions about the server,getting whitelisted or No admins are on the server,feel free to start a conversation with me on here or talk to me on skype (Gaminglj)


    These donations will be used solely for running/upgrading the server. We will never take money from it for personal use.

    If you would like to donate, we would really appreciate it, as it will help the server afloat. We will NEVER ask/pressure someone into donating, if this does happen, contact me immediately.

    We will eventually have perks etc for donators,but dont worry, if you donate before then, a record of that will be made.

  2. Ljdude93

    Ljdude93 New Member

    Current players list
    Ljdude99 (Co-owner)
    Danriduk (Co-owner)
    Jordy555 (Co-owner)​
  3. jayjay

    jayjay New Member

    Why you want to join:i would like to join as not played much dw 20 pack on server yet as been on mindcrack one
    What you would bring to the server:would like to bring my builds n help with any projects i enjoy building big or small and farms so i enjoy doing anything really
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) ) nope i dont hav one soz
  4. Ljdude93

    Ljdude93 New Member

    You have been whitelisted, welcome to the server :D
  5. Red bruh

    Red bruh New Member

    Name/Nickname: Red
    Why you want to join:Cause i love Dw20 servers and the one i was on is no longer operating so its time to find a new one:/
    What you would bring to the server: A great attitude freindly advice and all the skills i have in my 3 years of modded minecraft :D thanks for taking the time to condsider my application.
  6. xStyke

    xStyke New Member

    Name/Nickname: Styke
    IGN: xStyke
    Age: 20
    Why you want to join: I would join in a stable server to create a nice comunity and have fun together :)
    What you would bring to the server: I know very well the pack, and i will help new people that don't know it :p
  7. zax0ng

    zax0ng New Member

    Why you want to join: would like to have a nice community and play together and enjoy each other's build!
    What you would bring to the server:will be able to help others, and build a shared room if there's really a need.
  8. uncutas

    uncutas New Member

    Name/Nickname: uncutas
    IGN: uncutas
    Age: 19
    Why you want to join: I'm looking for a good-quality FTB server with direwolf20 pack, I mostly play 2-5 hours a day, depends if I have anything planned.
    What you would bring to the server: Mature, experienced, friendly player :).
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) ) I don't have one.
  9. Nacon

    Nacon New Member

    Name/Nickname: Nacon
    IGN: Nacon_TG
    Age: 31
    Why you want to join: I want to try a DW20 server again, one that hopefully doesn't shut down after 2 weeks like the last one i was on :).
    What you would bring to the server: Nothing, we all start with nothing right?
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) ): Im not on youtube.
  10. ghostnix

    ghostnix New Member

    Name/Nickname: ghostnix
    IGN: ghostnix
    Age: 23
    Why you want to join: Looking for a server to play on where I can just play the game when I have time. I'm not some kid looking to cause trouble. I just want a nice server where me and a buddy can log in for a little while and play with some technical stuff.
    What you would bring to the server: Friendly banter?
  11. BelGaraath

    BelGaraath New Member

    [​IMG]Name/Nickname: Samuel
    IGN: BelGaraath
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join: Looking for a smaller, lag free server to join with a friend
    What you would bring to the server: Building skills, programming knowledge, helper, and general awesomeness
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) ) DireWolf20 (Jks, not got one)
  12. Eibon

    Eibon New Member

    Name/Nickname: Zalten
    IGN: Phatnom
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join: I am currently in search of a server with FTB, small community and hopefully lag free to create wonderful (or close to :p) things.
    What you would bring to the server: I enjoy building cities and participating in community builds/events.
    Youtube username(if you dont have one it wont be held against you :) ): This has nothing to do with applying to a server, therefore I am not disclosing it. - Sorry.
  13. daniel hudson

    daniel hudson New Member

    Name/Nickname: Hudson
    IGN: budson
    Age: 21
    Why you want to join: i really enjoy direwolfs pack, and being a fellow british man, i think this is a great server to join
    What you would bring to the server: im really creative and have some really good ideas to bring to the server
    Youtube username: dannythenoobgamer , not currently doing anything with the channel atm.

    thanks :)
  14. TheLilAvenger

    TheLilAvenger New Member

    Name/Nickname :Joe
    IGN: TheLilAvenger
    Age: 16
    Why you want to join: I am always trying to find a sever for FTB, but i always get my items stolen :(
    What you would bring to the server: I have been playing FTB for along time now I know how to play the game and I can help people who are new to the game aswell.
  15. Hazerofdoom

    Hazerofdoom New Member

    Name/Nickname: Hazer
    IGN: Hazerofdoom
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join: The server I've recently been playing on seems to have gone down, Plus it was a non-whitelisted PVP and Griefing allowed server, I'm a PvE (Player vs Environment) and not PvP'er so It was not that fun for me, and I've been looking for a nice, decent server with a nice community - and this server seems to have potential.
    What you would bring to the server: I'd like to think of me as a nice person - I try to help others in need and if I have the resources spare I usually give items away - depending if I really need the items or not. :)
    Youtube username: Hazerofdoom ( But I don't upload videos since I haven't got the courage. Haha. )

    I hope you consider my application. :)
  16. masterphi

    masterphi New Member

    Name/Nickname: Philipp
    IGN: masterphi
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join: I have been running a small 3 slot server myself for two years (tekkit/vanilla until ftb came out), but one of the players stopped playing, so me and a friend decieded to look for a larger server with a nice community to join.
    What you would bring to the server: I like the creative part of minecraft alot and love to build nice-looking buildings, not just 9by9s or similar ;) . I also enjoy to make complicated machines/factories and help other people with their projects.
    Youtube username: I got a youtube account, but it's not minecraft related :)
  17. Jiggy

    Jiggy New Member

    Name/Nickname: Jiggy
    IGN: Jiggy
    Age: 23
    Why you want to join: Looking for a good community server, and because the one i am playing normally on is down atm, so looking for a replacement server :)
    What you would bring to the server: A lot of fun ;) Love to build, love to chat, love to help people o/
  18. Ljdude93

    Ljdude93 New Member

    Hey everyone, sorry for the late replies, been busy all day. I am delighted to say, everyone who has applied has been accepted and whitelisted, Congratulations and welcome to the server :D
  19. Hazerofdoom

    Hazerofdoom New Member

    I just tried to join, and I'm given the "Not whitelisted!" Error.
    Could you reload the whitelist, please?
    Thank you very much for accepting my application, also. :)
  20. Ljdude93

    Ljdude93 New Member

    Its all been reloaded and I have had some others join, You should be able to connect now :)

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