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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Witchery

Quest Title:
Expanding The Garden

Quest unlock requirement: (invisible task: Detect: 1x Witches Oven, 1x Clay Jar)

You've made a bit of progress in unlocking your potential as a witch, but you're still missing certain magical plants. You'll need these reagents to reach the heights of arcane power, but due to unregulated over-witching, many of them are now extinct in the wild! Never fear, though; there's a witchy way to acquire these things.

Step 1:
Gathering Materials
Instructions: You'll be creating an alchemical compound that mutates plants, then using it to get those rare reagents. Later, you can improve this compound to affect more than just plants, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, you'll need to get some supplies.
Completion Requirement: Detect: 1x Mandrake Root, 1x Egg, 1x Cactus, 1x Bone, 4x Spruce Sapling

Step 2:
Instructions: Now that you're fully stocked, let's get to work. Cook the saplings in your Witches Oven with a clay jar to get wood ash and a Hint of Rebirth (you may need more saplings if your luck is bad). Bake the cactus in a furnace for green dye, and grind the bone into bonemeal. Surround the egg with green above, rebirth below, mandrake to the left and bonemeal to the right, then fill in the corners with ash, and you've got Mutandis!
Completion Requirement: Craft: 8x Mutandis

Step 3:
Making Some Changes
Instructions: Now, find some grassy dirt with something growing on it: flowers, ferns, tall grass, mushrooms, or saplings will all work nicely. Right-click the plant with your Mutandis, and see what happens. This process can be distressingly random, so you may need to mix more Mutandis to get all the plants you seek. Remember, you'll need shears to collect moss!
Completion Requirement: Detect: 1x Hawthorn Sapling, 1x Rowan Sapling, 1x Alder Sapling, 1x Spanish Moss

Reward: 1x Soul Sand, 1x Nether Wart, 8x Mutandis
Choose Between: Heart/piece, reward bag (basic or good), 16x Clay Jar

Notes: Setting the quest to require an invisible task for unlock ensures that the player has the basic equipment needed to do the quest, and leaves the whole quest invisible until that task is done. Since the idea is that the player is learning a new mod/new magic system, I like the feeling that the process is unknown (invisible) until they gain more skill/knowledge -- really just a style choice. The basic reward sets the player up for a follow-up quest to make Mutandis Extremis (the "improved compound" mentioned in Step 1 instructions). Making mutandis and getting saplings/moss is a pretty early step in Witchery, so it doesn't merit a high-end reward bag. You need scads of clay jars for witchery, but they rely on a somewhat limited resource to make, so getting them as a reward choice is fairly useful.


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Jul 29, 2019
i can do thau...crap already taken.
if theres Thermal expansion *which there might because theres COFH Core*
Mod:Thermal Expansion
Quest Title:The First Step of Power
Description: Power comes with Great Responsibility, and to Power These Machines.
Instructions: (This is a Detection Task. once Crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
Step:1. Create a Leadstone Energy Cell
Requirement for step:N/A
Further Steps:N/A
Reward:1 Fully Charged Leadstone Flux Capacitor
Note:If TE is not on this list then im sorry it has COFH on it i am just confused okay? if its not on the list i will find a different mod...there has to be a second chance right?

Its not on the list. Its a pure magic pack. And you can submit for a mod someone else submitted for, just don't copy.


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Jul 29, 2019
Quest Title: Circles of Life and Death

Description: There comes a time in ever magicians life where they desire to be more. To push beyond the boundaries of the physical world and tap into something stronger. To infuse themselves with power from beyond. This act is dangerous and has lead many unready witches to their death.

Instructions: With a working altar, distillery, and cauldron you can now move forward into more magical and dangerous things. By using the power of the circle magic, many new abilities are at your fingertips. To lead you through this process, you will need to obtain the book Witchcraft: Circle Magic.

Step: Bookkeeping

Requirement for Step: Manual detect Circle Magic book in inventory

Step: Circle Symbols

Requirement for Step: Crafting detect Ritual Chalk and Golden Chalk

Reward: Choice of Otherwere Chalk, Redstone Soup, Diamond Vapor, or Witches Hat


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Jul 29, 2019
Its not on the list. Its a pure magic pack. And you can submit for a mod someone else submitted for, just don't copy.
oh so that was told...Well theres villager noses i can do that...
Mod:Villager Noses
Quest Title:What am i gonna do with all these Noses?!
Description:You Need More Noses than that can grow Millions of Villagers!
Instructions: (This is a QDS Task,You can Submit it or you can deliver it via QDS)
Step:Collect 500 Noses
Requirement for step:Collect 50 Noses
Further Steps:N/A
Reward:1 Great Reward Bag.
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Ars Magica
Quest Title: Spell crafting
Description: With your new magic knowledge it's time to make your first spell. but first you need to make a crafting alter. you can make your alter more powerful with rarer blocks,
but we'll start off simple with stone bricks and glass.
Instructions: (This is a Detection Task. once Crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
Step: craft: Crafting Alter x 1, lecturn x 1, lever x 1, stone bricks x 38, stone brick stairs x 12, Glass x 5, Magic wall x 6
Requirement for step: n/a
Further Steps: n/a
Reward: Blank rune x 10, Vinteum dust x 5, basic reward bag.


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Jul 29, 2019

Quest Title:
Upping the Ante

With more flowers comes more power. With more power comes... the need for more power, once again in the form of mana. Those Dayblooms, Nightshades, and Hydroangeas just aren't cutting it; your mana reserves are as abysmal as ever. You'll need some form of energy that's more powerful than sunlight, stronger than darkness, and more vicious than plain ol' water. That's right - lava.
Thermalilies should solve your mana issues for the foreseeable future. Now, if only you had some bloody way to create lava...
  • Step 1: Runecrafting
    Instructions: Use the Runic Altar to craft a set each of Runes of Earth and Runes of Fire. You'll need these to make the Thermalilies themselves. Luckily, runecrafting process makes 3 runes.
    Completion: Detect 3 Runes of Earth and 3 Runes of Fire.
  • Step 2: She loves me, she loves me not...
    Instructions: Gather the petals required for the flowerforming procedure. Don't forget; some of them are mana petals!
    Completion: Detect (whatever the petals that are needed are; I forgot :( ).
  • Step 3: Flowerforming
    Instructions: At last it's time to craft these Thermalilies. As before, throw the petals and runes into the Apothecary, and then some ordinary wheat seeds, and voila, ce sont les fleurs!
    Completion: Detect 3 Thermalilies.
Reward: Thermalily, Mana Spreader
Choose Reward: Reward Bag (Medium Tier), 4x Mana Pearls, (Filled) Ring of Mana

EDIT: edited because formatting derp. #blameMe Aargh! 3 4 times in a row?! #blameForums
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Thaumcraft
Quest Title: Infusion 101
Description: You find that it is possible to enhance the magical properties of objects by infusing them with the essence that you have extracted into jars.
To do this, you find yourself needing an arcane structure, a Infusion Altar.
Instructions: 1: Using your Thauminomicon, create a runic matrix and some arcane pedestals.
2. To use the infusion altar, you need arcane jars to store Essentia. Make one now if you do not have one, otherwise place one in your inventory and click the "Manual Detect" Button! (This is a Detection Task.)
Steps: 1: Craft 1 Runic Matrix and 2 Arcane Pedestals. 2: Detect 1 Arcane Jar
Reward: Reward Bag(T2), 4 x Candles (Purple), 6 Arcane Pedestals, 3 Arcane Jars.
(There's more quests after teaching you how to assemble it and use it.)


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod:Weeping Angels
Quest Title: Don't Blink
Description:They Are Always Watching... Be Afraid....
Instructions: (This Is a Detection Task, once killed quest(s) will be completed.)
Step:1. Kill One Angel.
Requirement for step:Kill A Weeping Angel. But it must damage you for it to count.<-----(Hidden Bonus Objective)
Further Steps:N/A
Reward:Weeping Angel Statue. If Bonus Objective you get a set of Dyed Grey Leather Armor

The way the bonus would work is that if you take damage and complete this quest you unlock a previously invisible quest thats auto-completed
P.S i couldn't think of much with the mods so far in Mage Quest. Whovians Unite! High Five If U get the quest name reference :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Ok so Kami is not enabled in the magic pack. In that case...

Mod: Thaumic Tinkerer
Quest Title: Constructing the Osmotic Enchanter
Description: You've been digging in the arcane knowledge for a good while. I think its about time the old enchanting method got a facelift.
Step 1 (Detection Task): First off... you need a few things. Some tiles, your old enchantment table... some thaumium... and a spellbinding cloth to decorate the table.
2x Thaumium, 5x Obsidian Tile, 1x Enchanting Table, 1x Spellbinding Cloth, 6x Nitor, 12x Obsidian Totem, 1x Silverwood Wand
Step 2 (Detection Task): Time to craft the thing. You feel that the crafting alone could cause some very major problems. It might be a good idea to lay some more candles around the place to make sure things don't go too crazy...
1x Osmotic Enchanter
Step 3 (Detection Task): It is time to enchant some gear. Make yourself a set of Thaumium armor and get enchanting!
1x Thaumium Chestplate, 1x Thaumium Leggings, 1x Boots of the Traveller, 1x Helmet of Revealing
Blade of Rivalry (Sword of the Zephyr) -
Enchantments: Focused Strike 4, Repair 2, Looting 3
Reward Bag (Greater, or Thaumic)
Choice Between
Pickaxe of the Keeper
(Pickaxe of the Core)
Enchantments: Shatter 4, Silk Touch 1, Repair 2
Pickaxe of the Breaker (Pickaxe of the Core)
Enchantments: Disintegrate 1, Repair 2
Pickaxe of Black Fortune (Void Pickaxe)
Enchantments: Tunnel 5, Fortune 3, Repair 2


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Thaumcraft
Quest Title: Thaumaturgy Novice
Description: You have notice that your knowledge in process of Thaumaturgy is lacking! I suggest that you get a 'Research Note' to get you started and don't forget to finish it also!
Instructions: (Detection task) (Repeatable) Gather a Research Note and complete it. (This is also a 2nd step in a Quest Line - The first is getting the equipment)
Step 1: Research any Thaumic Note using the knowledge from the quest before
Requirements: Have any Research in your Inventory
Step 2: Complete any Research and have it in your Inventory
Requirements: Have any Completed Research in your Inventory
Reward: Reward Bag (Basic), Iron Cap x2


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Nov 24, 2012
I rearranged the things to more represent how the Quest Book works, as each individual step can have it's own instructions. And yeah, it's Blood Magic. What did you expect? :p

Quest Title: Blood of the Ancients
Description: The power we've been able to conduct with out blood has been amazing. But, it's not enough. With these Blood Shards, we can only conduct so much power. But that's for good reason. Perhaps the shards of life we're using are inferior is because they're from a lesser being? All we need to do is kill a superior one.
What superior beings come to mind? Well, killing yourself is right out. It'd be useless to obtain a shard that we can no longer use, us being lifeless. There's the mysterious Dragon in that other plane of existence, and that three-headed beast in hell that causes all life around it to Wither.
But killing those things might not even reward a shard. For all we know, neither has blood. The three-headed one even seeks out things with blood in order to destroy them. So it might not be the best idea to attempt to get the blood from him.
You remember a tale, from one of the villagers. He said that there were demons that roamed the land, in an alternate plane. However, with the proper use of the arcane elements, one could even get the demonic angels to fall from above. And everyone knows how much power the angels in this realm have. A demonic one? Well, once that's dead, we would have access to some of the greatest life power available to us.
A Demonic Blood Shard.
Step: Brews of the Elements
Instructions: (In order to summon the demon, we're going to need the proper sacrifice. Using our Alchemic Chemistry Set, we should be able to brew these elements.
Detection Task: Sanctus * 3, Aether, Tennebrae, Terrae​
Step: Stones of Summoning
Instructions: One final step must be taken before we can summon our demon. We need to build our ritual. We need to create an Arcane Plinth and six Arcane Pedestals. Then, we need to place down the Arcane Plinth. Place two Arcane Pedestals on opposite sides of the Arcane Plinth, and on the other two sides of the Plinth, we'll place the Pedestals two blocks away and one block over, so that all six pedestals are used.
Detection Task: Arcane Plinth, Arcane Pedestal * 6​
Step: The Angels Come Screaming
Instructions: Now, the final step. To summon and kill the Demonic Angel. I'll warn you now, before we begin: This angel is far more deadly than the weeping ones we've seen before. This one has been knocked out of the sky, and is not happy. Be warned. Place the Sanctus, Aether, Tennebrae, and Terrae on the Arcane Pedestals until they are all filled. Once you are ready, place your Blood Orb upon the Plinth. Good luck.
Killing Task: Kill a Fallen Angel (The name of this particular Demon)​
Reward: Reward Bag (Level depends on where this is in the Quest Line), Heart (Full, Quarter, or Half depending on the difficulty of nearby quests), [Reward based on next quest in set, so if there was an Advanced Spell System quest, we could give a Complex Spell Crystal], Demonic Slate * 5


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Witchery
Quest Title: Poppet Madness
Description: Witches are not only known for brewing all sorts of potions and being magic spell casters but also for their poppets.
Instructions: (This is a Detection Task. once Crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
Step 1: Craft Earth/Water/Fire/Hunger/Tool/Armor/Death Protection Poppet
Step 2: Craft a Poppet Shelf

Reward: Choose One:
4 Diamond Vapor / 2 Death Protection Poppets

[I know a lot about mods not just witchery ;)]
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Blood Magic

Quest Title: Near Death
Description: This is about learning about the power in blood, You always thought it used to be a myth, Now you have to use it. OR DIE!
Instructions: (This is a detection task, Once the required item(s) are in your in inventory this step will be completed)
Step: Craft a blood altar
Requirement for step: N/A
Further Steps: N/A
Reward: 4 Steak, 5 glass, one gold ingot, and one iron ingot.

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Jul 29, 2019
**Edited 24/10 with minor grammar tweaks, and clarification on drop rates**

Adventurer's Amulets
Quest Title: Run like the Wind!

Description: Now that you have your mundane belt, I guess you're wondering - "How the hell do I make this do stuff?" Well, ponder no more!

One of the upgrades you can give your mundane belt is to transform it to a Windmaker's Belt. This mystical item allows you to travel at great speeds! However, I'm just going to warn you now. To upgrade this belt is a bit of an adventure!

First, you'll need the wings of three Eagles. These majestic creatures are fairly elusive, and can only be found in the jungles of the world. Naturally, you have to kill them to remove their wings. Their wings are fairly delicate, so you're going to have to kill a lot of Eagles to successfully get enough.

Next up, you'll need a Cloud in a Bottle. And no, I'm not insane. Craft an Empty Cloud in a bottle with 6 Glass, and right click the air above Y level 200.

Third step - Surround that Cloud in a Bottle with 8 pieces of leather to get some Cloud Cloth

Plus you'll need an Emerald. What? I never said this thing was going to be cheap!

Finally, Combine them in a crafting table, along with your Mundane Belt to create your very own Windmaker's Belt!

Instructions: (Detection task (not consume))
Step 1 : Tear off those Eagle's Wings!
Notes: Eagles can be found in Jungle Biomes. Eagle wings are a rare drop.
Requirement for step: Detection - 3 Eagle Wings

Step 2 : It's my cloud now.
Notes:Right click air above y200 with an empty Cloud in a Bottle
Requirement for step: Detection: Cloud in a Bottle

Step 3 : Clouds make what now?
Notes: Create some Cloud Cloth
Requirement for step: Detection: Cloud Cloth

Step 4 : Claiming my reward.
Notes: Craft up a Windmaker's Belt
Requirement for step: Detection: Windmaker's Belt

Reward:Epic Reward Satchel (if any are being implemented)

Previous quest-
Crafting a mundane belt. Would then branch off to four different enchantment types, this being one of them.
Next Quests - Recharging the belt, crafting the mods "batteries", using secondary abilities, crafting other baubles. Oh, and equipping it. Final quest in the chain would be crafting up one of everything.

(On a side note, I just stupidly wasted a good 20 mins looking for a pack that included the mod. Something tells me it's just one of those days.)

A little about me:
I play with many, many mods, and whilst I can't really claim to have mastered all I've used, I'm pretty damn fast to learn about and research any new mods I use.

I've also toyed around with writing HQM quests using the mod in an ultimately abandoned self -made mod pack.
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Jul 29, 2019
I got bored after class, so I made the starters of a Botania quest line here:
I was going for more of tutorial styled quests and am planning to make them more complicated after this point.
The next quest will probably be along the lines of this:

Quest Title: Pretty and Useful?
Description: No way! this living stone and wood stuff is nifty. We can use it to harness, transport, and even store the magic from the flowers. I guess people are calling it mana. Thats a strange name, but oh well. Lets get started by making a diluted mana pool and mana spreader. Then we can make some flowers that generate mana!

Step 1: Out of Mana
Instructions: Just craft a diluted mana pool and mana spreader using living stone, living wood, and some other basic stuff!
Requirement for step: just craft the diluted mana pool and mana spreader​
Step 2 (possible another quest because I typed more than I thought I would): Mana Regen
Instructions: Alright, wait what are you... put the poppy down and listen. Since we don't have mana we need to make a flower that will generate it for us. An easy one is the Day Bloom. All you need to do is throw an orange, light blue, and two yellow mystical petals into the apothecary and then throw in some seeds and BAM! These bad boys generate passive mana in sunlight, but are really slow so you might want to make some more. Just don't put them right next to each other... cause you know diminishing returns and what not.
Requirement for step: just craft one day bloom​
Reward: 2 day bloom and a cookie (cause they actually listened)
choose one: reward bag (quality really depends on what kind of map its on and what rewards it can give) or vitreous picaxe​
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Jul 29, 2019
Magic isn't my specialty but i am usually pretty good at just figuring out how mods work as a whole. I also already understand all of AE2.

Mod: Witchery
Focus: First trip to the dream world

Quest Title: The Stuff of Nightmares
Description: Your recent work in magic has lead you to a belief in an alternate reality known as the Spirit world. You think that it may be possible to travel to such a place, which may provide you with some resources you are currently unable to obtain.

instructions: The easiest way to get to this place would be through sleep but simply sleeping in a bed isn't deep enough. You are going to have to brew a potion of sleeping which requires purified milk, a whiff of magic, an icy needle, a potion of love, a water artichoke globe, and of course, a cookie.
Step: A much deeper sleep
Requirement for step: Detect a brew of sleeping

instructions: Now just drink that potion and head into the spirit world!
Step: Sweet Dreams?
Requirement for step: Detect anywhere in dimension -37 (Or whatever dream world is set to, -37 by my tests)


1 brew of sleeping
1 Charm of Fanciful Thoughts (Could be removed if too "nice" of a reward)
1 Heart piece (how much of the heart dependent on requested difficulty)
Pick one:
1 Diamond Vapor
3 Whiff of Magic
Reward Bag (good) (Could be basic)

Future Quests/possible modifications:
You could add detection of disturbed cotton to this quest but it would require an entire explanation of the dream world which would fit better as its own quest. In that quest, you would want to tell them about the disturbed cotton, the nightmare chasing you, and how to make a dream catcher of nightmares and get a non-nightmare dream which allows you to get the actual wispy cotton instead of it being disturbed so you can make the rest of the dream catchers to better your dream. See, that would fit better separate ;)
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Jul 29, 2019
Necromancy - basic starter quest

Quest Title:
Let The Dead Bury Their Dead
Description: Before you begin gathering the festering remains of your fallen enemies, you'll need to learn a few things. You'll begin by carving bone into needles, gathering the blood of your hapless victims, and developing the machinery for tailoring tough necromantic hides. Only then can you start hoarding body parts.​

A Needle Pulling Thread
Instructions: There are a few things you'll need to begin. You'll need some boring old glass bottles, some bone needles, and some string. Oh, and be careful to use bone meal for your needles; the needles you get from whole bones are too small for the task at hand.
Detection Task:
16 Glass Bottles, 16 Bone Needles (Necromancy), 16 String​
Step: Hope You're Not Afraid of a Little Blood
Instructions: Necromancy is all about life through death. You'll need to gather the lifeblood of a few pitiable creatures to create your monstrosity. Don't know how? Hold your needle like a sword and just whack your unwitting victim. Bleed it dry.
Detection Task: 16 Jars of Blood​
Step: Who Needs a Thimble?
Instructions: Now, unless you want to work your fingers to the bone, you'll need a tough sewing machine to sew the hide of your horror. Iron seems like a good choice.
Consume Task:
7 Iron​
Reward: Sewing Machine and Choose From: 8 Necromantic Skin, Basic Reward Bag, Good Reward Bag
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Archmagus
Quest Title: Power Within
Description: Not all magic comes from objects in the world. Some magic can only grow from within.... after giving it a little boost to help it along.

Step 1: Mana Crystal Hunter
Instructions: In the nether there are some crystals that seems to have some magical properties, maybe we should gather some.
Requirement for step: Detect 8x mana crystals

Step 2: Magical Fruit
Instructions: These crystals seem pretty powerful stuff i wonder what happens if we mix them in with some food. Maybe an apple?
Requirement for step: Craft 1 Crystalline Apple

Reward: 3 Crystalline Apple , half a heart
Pick one:
1 reward bag, 1 reward bag, or 1 reward bag .


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Thaumic Tinkerer
Quest Title: Wiping off the Enchants
Description: You've delved deep enough into the arcane to discover that you can enchant ordinary wool with magic. By imbuing this magic cloth with raw magic, you can create a cloth that can remove enchantment off of any enchanted item
Step: Enchanting Wool
Instructions: Before you are able to get this special cloth, you will need to make some enchanted fabrics.
Detection Task: 4 Enchanted Fabrics​
Step: Alchemixing
Instructions: Now you need to toss one enchanted fabric in the crucible with a little chaos, exchange, and magic to imbue it with magic power.
Consume Task: 1 Spellbinding Cloth​
Reward: 1 Spellbinding Cloth, 4 Bottles of Enchanting and Choose from: 2 Mana Beans, Good Reward Bag, 1 Silverwood Sapling