Creating New FTB Team: Positions Open


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Jul 29, 2019
There were a lot of awesome applications. It wasn't easy narrowing it down, but Eyamaz and I have decided on the following people

FTB Literary Team:

@Bashful Giant

Deadline Oct 24th or 25th

As we are working on 1.7.10 packs, we are coming to the realization that there are a couple mods that have changed enough we don't know them well enough for quests. We are also realizing the Modpack team is getting bogged down trying to learn those mods plus update packs plus get quests written.

So we are forming a literary team to help with writing quests, lore etc.

FTB Literary Team:

  • Reports to the Modpack team (Eyamaz and me)
  • Uses the packs we create and a loose guidline/storyline to create quests which we then compile into full quest books for packs.
What we are looking for:

  • Mod knowledge - especially magic mods and AE2 , don't worry we have bees covered :p
  • Ability to write basic quests using HQM. We can fiddle with the triggers and stuff as needed.
  • Discretion. Once the Mage Quest quests are done you'll be getting early access to future packs to get a jump start on writing.
This team is not going to be responsible for making modpacks. Or making suggestions of mods. Or making balance decisions. They'll be able to make suggestions for changes to make questline progression work better, but final modpack structure will be determined by Eyamaz and I.

If you're good at writing but not an expert at mods it may still be worth trying to write some quests. Good writers are as useful as mod experts in this.

We have been trying to get the quests made, but between mod changes in 1.7.10 and time, we have to admit we need help. This team would be for the main FTB packs, not Eyamaz and I's side packs. If we form teams for those they will be separate.

So if you want to apply, pick a mod in FTB Mage Quest and submit a mock up quest in this thread (1 quest not a whole questline)

Quest Title:
Instructions: (Use the book to manually submit xyz)
Requirement for step:
Further Steps:

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Sep 21, 2013
Where else?
updating my mage quest to see what mods it has now. it would be embarrassing to use a mod not in the pack :oops:


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm happy to see you are letting the community help you out and not driving yourself crazier trying to do it all yourself. I hope this experience goes well for you and all involved.
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Jul 29, 2019
Cheating? Noo, I'm totally not making a quest on Sanguimancy ;D.
Honestly, there's only a few mods I don't know in the Mage Quest pack, like Ruins, Talismans on Adventurer's Amulets.
I'd also have to brush up on making Quests, but I've already done it before.

Quest Title: Profitable Corruption
Description: As you delve in the depths of dark magic, you realize your Soul has been corrupted. This is all about using it to your advantage, and saving your soul.
Instructions: (Use the book to manually submit xyz) First step: Mob killing detection. Second step: Manually detect. Third step: Crafting detection
Step, Requirement for step: First step: kill a demon. Second step: craft a Corrupted Demon Shard via Corrupted Infusion. Third Step: craft the Soul Corruption Crystallyzer
Further Steps: Have more stuff be done with Corruption, or something :D. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with :)
Reward: Soul Corruption Reader, Epic Reward bag. Choose between 64 sanctus, 32 ritual stones or 8 master stones.


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Dec 11, 2013
Quest Title: The beginning of the exploration
Description: You know you miss something, but you cant seem to find a way to craft this. There is no way to craft it, how can you do this? you have to figure it out.
Instructions: 1. Use the wand you created in the previous quest and right click a bookshelf. 2. This you do find a crafting recipe for... what are you waiting for??
Step and requirement: 1. Manual Detect: Thaumonomicon 2. Crafting Task: 3 Tables
Further Steps: More into the Thaumonomicon and most stuff that can be made in Thaumcraft
Reward: Basic Reward bag. Choosable: 10 Gold Nuggets, 1 Thaumometer and 1 Greatwood Sapling[DOUBLEPOST=1413967049][/DOUBLEPOST]I <3 Thaumcraft. Love making quests for it too :D[DOUBLEPOST=1413967111][/DOUBLEPOST]
It does now <.<

Submit in this thread.
Ty :p


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Witchery
Quest Title: Nightmarish Power
Description: Great Witches have been said to be able to manipulate the world with their dreams, creating things as they sleep to increase the potency of the craft. The tales you've heard also seem to suggest many nightmares manifested in front of them as slept before they mastered the art, and even the greatest witches whom walk the dream world face their nightmares sometimes.
Task 1: Preparations: Only the deepest sleep induced by special brews and enchanted apples seems to allow access to the dream world. Beware however, as only the most abrupt end to a nightmare, or the cold touch of an icy needle will wake you from such slumber. Detection task - 1x Brew of Sleeping, 1x Apple of Sleeping, 2x Icy Needle.
Task 2: Fighting Back: Your preliminary excursions seem to suggest that the sleep necessary to enter the dream world also seems to encourage nightmares to occur far more frequently than you ever imagined. Curiously though, you've noticed some scattered wisps of cotton growing where you've never seen such things in your regular travels. Maybe it could be collected and spun into some form of thread? Detection task - 1x Tormented Twine
Reward: 2x Tormented Twine, 3x Brew of Sleeping. Choice of: extra 3x Brew of Sleeping, 1x Brew of Flowing Spirit

I hope it's okay that I deviated from the template a little. I tried to follow the structure of the quest book itself as I was a little confused by the way the template was structured relative to the quest book. I haven't had much opportunity to play with witchery, but I do love the execution of its theme and have done a reasonable amount of research into it to try and understand it in preparation to work on modpack for a community competition in which it is somewhat central.
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Jul 29, 2019
Quest Title:Orbception!!
Description:Now after you finally got your Tier 4 altar yiu can complete the following quests=
Instructions: (Use the book to manually submit xyz)1. 2. 3. and 4. step craft a specific Item, 4.step manual detect and 5. Step manual detect and 6. step hand a specific Item in.
Step: 1. Craft 1 tier 1 orb
2. Craft 1 tier 2 orb
3. Craft 1 tier 3 orb
4. Craft 1 tier 4 orb
5. Manual detect 4 Netherstars
6. Craft 1 tier 5 orb
7. Hand in 1 tier 5 orb

Every step in a seperated Quest

Reward: 2 Legendary Reward Bags
1 Energy Bazooka
1 of every bound tool

Choose between :32 Rune of Augmented Capacity, 32 Rune of Sacrifice, 1 tier 5 orb

I really love this Mod *_*


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Jul 29, 2019
Quest Title: Friends on the Other Side
Description: The Spirit World is a hazardous place, but worth exploring. To the right Witch you can will the spirits to do your bidding.
Instructions(Use the book to manually submit xyz): Craft a Apple of Sleeping, and take a bite! When you arrive in the Spirit World you need to find Disturbed Cotton.
Step: Create Apple of Sleeping
Eat it, and find some Disturbed Cotton.
Requirement for step: Step One: Detect, Step Two: Detect. Step Three: Profit?
Further Steps: Making Fetishes, to protect against mobs, and if in a pvp situation against players.
Reward: Conjuration & Fetishes book, and Dreamweaver of Nightmares.

About this quest, I chose the Apple of Sleeping over the Brew of Sleeping because RNG. The second part of the quest requires Disturbed Cotton, and with the Brew there is a chance you'll have a good dream. With the Apple it is a 100% chance to have a nightmare. The rewards are useful, because this quest would lead into creating Fetishes to spook hostile creatures, and the Dreamweaver is for obtaining Wispy Cotton easier. I've also thought about throwing in the Brew of Sleeping for the rewards. Also, if your worried about people getting back, the nightmare will take care of that.

Witchery is amazeballs, just saying.


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Jul 29, 2019
Quest Title:The basics
Description: You hear all of these voices in your head they're saying things but you can't quite hear them. You must make a tool that allows some type of magical aura to unlock more powers.
Instructions: (Detection task, Having the item in your inventory is enough you can keep it :) )
Step:Craft 2 iron caps
Requirement for step:Craft a stick
Further Steps:Craft the basic wand
Reward:Basic reward bag.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Botania
Quest Title: Buquet Power
Description:To start your research into the mystical power of mana you first need a way to create it.Mana is a mystical energy that's all around us created by all the different plants in the world.Gathering some mystical flowers would be a great way to start creating it.
Instructions: Gather some mystical flowers and create a Daybloom.Creatng a book called "Lexica Botania" will help you with creating it.
Step:Step 1 Gather 1 Mystical Light Blue Flower
Gather 1 Mystical Orange Flower
Gather 1 Mystical Yellow Flower
Craft 4 Mystical White Petals
Step 2 Craft the Lexica Botania
Step 3 Craft a Petal Apothecary
Step 4 Create a Daybloom
Requirement for step: Step 1 Detection
Step 2,3 Crafting
Step 4 Detection
Further Steps:Creating a Mana Pool,a Mana Spreader and further improvements in mana generation and using the mana
Reward: Reward Bag(Good),2 Dayblooms
Choose 2 Mystical White Flowers
2 Mystical Red Flowers
2 Mystical Green Flowers
I have a lot of free time and know most of the mods so yea.


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Jul 29, 2019
Oh btw I have a lot of free time on my hands that I could dedicate to making quests :) I've got some experience with HQM although the quest I made is very basic this would be the first Thaumcraft quest.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod:Blood Magic
Quest Title: Giving Blood
The more arcane magics use the life force of objects and creatures. Because of this utilization of the spark of life found in all living creatures, it is considered evil and has been cast out of normal use. However, even though the magic does use this "Life Essence," it does not mean that every action used with it is inherently evil.

You will have to generate this Life Essence to become a stronger and more powerful mage. To get started with this you will have to create your blood alter. once you have done this place it down and then create your sacrificial orb.

Instructions: (This is a detection task. once crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
1. Craft a Blood Alter.
2. Craft Sacrificial Orb
Requirement for step: N/A
Further Steps: N/A
Reward: 1 Basic Reward bag, 2 Basic slates
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod: Thaumcraft
Quest Title: Harnessing Vis
Description: Vis is the Aura of the magical realm, harnessing this aura will supply great use for future Thaumic research
Instructions: (This is a detection task. once crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
Step:1. Create an Iron Capped Wand
Requirement for step: N/A
Further Steps: N/A
Reward: 1 Basic Reward Bag, 2 air, water, earth, fire, entropy and order shard


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Jul 29, 2019
i can do thau...crap already taken.
if theres Thermal expansion *which there might because theres COFH Core*
Mod:Thermal Expansion
Quest Title:The First Step of Power
Description: Power comes with Great Responsibility, and to Power These Machines.
Instructions: (This is a Detection Task. once Crafted the quest(s) will be completed.)
Step:1. Create a Leadstone Energy Cell
Requirement for step:N/A
Further Steps:N/A
Reward:1 Fully Charged Leadstone Flux Capacitor
Note:If TE is not on this list then im sorry it has COFH on it i am just confused okay? if its not on the list i will find a different mod...there has to be a second chance right?