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Whitelist Server CREATE the BEAST / Direwolf20 Modpack / Whitelist / 24/7 Uptime / 18+

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Synaxis, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Floodeagle

    Floodeagle New Member

    IGN: Floodeagle
    Age :24
    Location: England
    Why Us?:I'm looking for a friendly server to play some ftb on without the constant fear of being griefed. I was also hoping to find a friendly community and this server seems to have all of this.
    What will you do?: Just generally play Ftb to its full potential and hopefully become part of a friendly community at the same time.
    Experience with Minecraft:1 Year, 2 months. ( To be precise :D )
    Experience with FTB: Abut 2 months and another 5 with Tekkit.
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?:Usually about 3-5 hours a day, it depends on how busy i am.
    Agree to rules?: Yes.
  2. Scy

    Scy New Member

    IGN: Scythos
    Age: 26
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Why Us?: Looking for a new map that we can make some amazing creations on
    What will you do?: Play around with FTB machinery
    Experience with Minecraft: Played since Alpha, run my own server for real life friends/family
    Experience with FTB: None, yet!
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: Couple hours or more in the evening (EST)
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: Here's a few of my creations

    http://imgur.com/a/dUarT - A abandoned quarry I built for the MineZ server, it was added to the official map.
    http://imgur.com/a/WG3h8 - A floating island house and an airship built entirely on survival mode (took a long time!)
  3. JohnXL

    JohnXL New Member

    IGN: JohnXL
    Age: 21
    Location: New Jersey
    Why Us?: My Friends and I are looking for a server build some quality structures and gain some buddys along the way.
    What will you do?: Build up scale homes mess around a bit with the technology.
    Experience with Minecraft: I played since early beta.
    Experience with FTB: Not yet but I have play with a lot of the mods in it from tekkit.
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: When ever I feel like it usually after 18:00 or 6:00 pm (EST
    Agree to rules?: Yes
  4. Ondley1

    Ondley1 New Member

    IGN: ondley1
    Age: 18
    Location: New York
    Why Us?: Have been looking for a new server and after poor experiences with non whitelisted servers I thought that I would try a whitelisted one instead.
    What will you do?: I will build many aesthetic buildings and mess around with the mods.
    Experience with Minecraft: I have played since alpha and spent a decent amount of time playing tekkit.
    Experience with FTB: I have played many of the mods though tekkit and have also done some single player FtB.
    Ever been banned?: I have never been banned.
    When are you online?: I will mostly be on between 3:00 and 6:00 PM EST.
    Agree to rules?: Yes
  5. MPirious

    MPirious New Member

    IGN: MPirious
    Age: 28
    Location: Germany
    Why Us?: Browsing the list of servers, I was looking for one to begin my SMP career. ;) I chose a mature, whitelist server because I don't like people running around, destroying others work. I don't do it either.
    What will you do?: Would "play minecraft" be an appropriate answer? ;) I don't really know, since it's my first time on SMP. In SSP I usually try to automate as much as possible.
    Experience with Minecraft: Started playing in the beta, stopped playing, returned after discovering the possibilities of mods.
    Experience with FTB: I heard about it in Direwolf20's videos (Dec 2012, I think) and played with it since then. Since I usually didn't upgrade to newer versions, because I was too lazy to update all mods, this modpack was just ideal for me.
    Ever been banned?: No, first time SMP
    When are you online?: Usually in the evening (Central-Europe-Timezone).
    Agree to rules?: Yes
  6. Mael

    Mael New Member

    IGN: xmxaxexlx
    Age: 19
    Location: MN, Usa
    Why Us?: Looking for a server with a mature player base, Tired of having my items stolen, and work destroyed.
    What will you do?: Establish a house to live in, Mine, Have fun.
    Experience with Minecraft: Extensive, I have played since alpha.
    Experience with FTB: I have a decent amount of experience with the Ftb Modpack. I would not claim to be an expert by any means though.
    Ever been banned?: Never.
    When are you online?: Varies, Normally around 5pm on none work days I play for a few hours
    Agree to rules?: Yes.
  7. southernfriedbb

    southernfriedbb New Member

    IGN: southernfriedbb
    Age: 37
    Location: Tennessee, USA
    Why Us?: Looking for a small server that doesn't seem like a schoolyard playground.
    What will you do?: Build stuff. In all seriousness I'm not really sure beyond that. I'm not all that skilled/familiar with the stack o' mods in available in FTB.
    Experience with Minecraft: 3 months
    Experience with FTB: 1 month
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: Usually after 6 on weekday (M-F) and anytime on weekends
    Agree to rules?: Yes
  8. 8BitLoser

    8BitLoser New Member

    IGN: NowInTheWarzone
    Age: 19
    Location: Arizona, USA
    Why Us?: Looking for a server where people are respectful of other peoples belongings, structures.
    What will you do?: Build contraptions, and what not.
    Experience with Minecraft: 1 and a half years I think, Ive been playing since right after Beta 1.3 came out.
    Experience with FTB: Well since it came out, but Ive been using the mods in it for about 8 months.
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    When are you online?: Kinda randomly but frequently. I usually player everyday for a total of 4 hours but up to 8 hours on really lazy days
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: (optional!): I actually ran a server for about 5 months a while back, it was a decent sized server. So I know whats really frustrating to admins mods, and know how not to press admins/mods
  9. doobz

    doobz New Member

    IGN: Dooobz
    Location:Ontario Canada
    Why Us?: Was looking for a smaller direwolf server with a good community.
    What will you do?:A bit of everything, I really enjoy making complex sorting systems with buildcraft, however im getting into redpower and finding it much easier to work with.
    Experience with Minecraft: played vanilla for 2 years
    Experience with FTB:I've played most of these mods without the pack everything aside from xycraft and red power, but I'm learning red power quick
    Ever been banned?:no
    When are you online?:whenever I'm home, I play everyday.
    Agree to rules?:yep
  10. shadowslayer14

    shadowslayer14 New Member

    IGN: shadowslayer14
    Location:brixham devon uk
    Why Us?: you look like a mature server
    What will you do?: learn more about the modpack
    Experience with Minecraft: lots
    Experience with FTB: abit but i want to learn more
    Ever been banned?: no
    When are you online?: everyday after 3:00pm uk and nearly all day on weekends
    Agree to rules?: yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) none
  11. Blue79

    Blue79 New Member

    IGN: BlueAx
    Age: 33
    Location: Portugal
    Why Us?: Im looking for a mature server, and after reading your description and looking at the average age of the members aplying i decided to try you guys.
    What will you do?: I can only say what i would like to do, i would like to meet and talk to everyone on the server first and who knows make some good friends. Them try to find a hole to put my bed in and go from there building and helping others. Most important, to have a good time.
    Experience with Minecraft: Over 2 years
    Experience with FTB: Since its launch. Everything i know i learned by watching youtubers like Direwolf
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: Almost everyday at night for 3 to 4 hours, since i work, and a some long hours during the weekend.
    Agree to rules?: Of Course
    Extra notes: Well i love my single player world, ive spent alot of hours building and making it perfect like it is now, but its kinda boring to be alone.
  12. jayjay

    jayjay New Member

    Why Us?:been looking for a gd dw server n saw urs n read about it n seems a gd place to try
    What will you do?:to help others in need if needed,hav a gd laugh n gd fun with building n other things
    Experience with Minecraft:been playing gd 2 years
    Experience with FTB:since its lunch but i did play the maps they made both them n they were gd fun
    Ever been banned?:nope
    When are you online?:sometimes can be on for hrs upon hrs or sometimes about 3 or 5 hrs
    Agree to rules?:yep gd rules
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  13. warystarman

    warystarman New Member

    IGN: warystarman
    Age: 20
    Location: US
    Why Us?: Your the first server that looks decent :)
    What will you do?: Play, Have fun, Make a big Company/Factory And MINES
    Experience with Minecraft: 3 years
    Experience with FTB: 1 Month but ever scince dw20 started his Lp season 1 ive been using his mods
    Ever been banned?: My friend got me banned once but...
    When are you online?: For the next week 10+ hours But after that 3 hours+ a day
    Agree to rules?:Yes

    And if its ok I would like to apply for my firends as they dont have a FTB account

    IGN: battlewyrm12
    Why Us?: Same as my friend :)
    What will you do?: Do what ever wary says
    Experience with Minecraft: 2 years
    Experience with FTB: same as wary
    Ever been banned?: nope
    When are you online?: sane as wary
    Agree to rules?: yes

    Why Us?:same
    What will you do?:same as battle
    Experience with Minecraft: 2 1/2 years
    Experience with FTB:Same
    Ever been banned?:nope
    When are you online?:bit less then wary and battle
    Agree to rules?:yes
  14. ragnia1980

    ragnia1980 New Member

    Why Us?:Looking for a small server with friendly mature staff
    What will you do?:mine of course :) and build
    Experience with Minecraft:been playing since mc 1.2.5
    Experience with FTB:not much but i have about 6 months experience with most of the major mods
    Ever been banned?:nope never
    When are you online?:most days after 12pm CST
    Agree to rules?:Yeah
    Extra notes: (optional!)none
  15. Stocks

    Stocks New Member

    Server down? Unable to login...
  16. Avatar101

    Avatar101 New Member

    Has been down for about 8 hours... I sent a PM to Synaxis however see doesn't tend to appear for a few more hours most days.
  17. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member

    Server was indeed down. No clue why. Just restarted it and we're back up and running. Looking into what the downtime was about, but we're currently workin' just fine.

    Come on back!
  18. Hazdrubal

    Hazdrubal New Member

    When I try to join I get:

    Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server
    The mods and versions listed below could not be found
    They are required to play on this server.

    IC2: 1.112.184-lf

    I thought maybe you had updated to DW20 version 5, but that didn't help.
  19. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member

    We are now on VERSION 5!

    I repeat - VERSION 5!
  20. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member





    ...you are added!

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