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Whitelist Server CREATE the BEAST / Direwolf20 Modpack / Whitelist / 24/7 Uptime / 18+

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Synaxis, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. kojiinari

    kojiinari New Member

    IGN: kojiinari
    Age: 21
    Location: Seattle, WA, USA
    Why Us?: I'm looking for a friendly server to create stuff and have fun, with a mature community. This place seems to fit the ticket. I also have a friend who is on the server already, who loves it.
    What will you do?: I want to explore some of the fantastic packages FTB offers. I've some experience with machines, but I want to build automated factories and expand into some of the other mod packs. Most of all, I want to have fun with other people. Singleplayer is not fun if you can't share your accomplishments with others!
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing minecraft for several months, have built super-structures with my roomates on a LAN hosted map. I also love working with redstone.
    Experience with FTB: have the basics down, and am learning a lot of the FTB mods. I'm currently really getting into RP2, IC and railcraft. I also enjoy making bases out of volcanos. Unfortunately a lot of the servers I've been trying to learn more on have griefers, resulting in a lot of lost work and items, so I have not experienced end-game sort of gear, yet.
    Ever been banned?: Yes, I was banned from a server after getting into a disagreement with one of the mods. The server allowed items to be taken if they were not locked with a /lock command. A few players located a base that was completely unlocked, and began dismantling it. I took a couple items since the place was going down anyways. Later that day the admins went and looked through every chest on the server, and since I suddenly had a solar array they banned me without warning. I was the only one punished in the fiasco.
    When are you online?: Mostly every day for hours at a time. Usually 4-6 hours a day.
    Agree to rules?: Rules sound fair. I agree to them.
    Extra notes: (optional!)

    I'm friendly and play online for the community. I have experience playing competative games, as well as being a guild leader and server admins for other games. I love helping people and working with others to achieve awesome things. I like being a help to a server, rather than a hinderance.
    Refered by JohnXL (I think that's his username. I'll update if I'm wrong.)
  2. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member

    Added! Welcome!
  3. redevil5k

    redevil5k New Member

    IGN: redevil5k
    Age: 27
    Location: Croatia (GMT+1)
    Why Us?: I like te no lag bit ;)
    What will you do?: Build, build, and build big!
    Experience with Minecraft: Since beta
    Experience with FTB: Some. I'm still learning.
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: Mostly after work (5PM-10PM my time)
    Agree to rules?: yes
  4. etopsirhc

    etopsirhc New Member

    IGN: etopsirhc
    Age: 24
    Location: gmt-8
    Why Us?: u seem like a nice small server with a good community
    What will you do?: well i have this one epic size build in mind, but havent ever been able to complete it for various reasons
    Experience with Minecraft: since beta 1.7.3
    Experience with FTB: since it came out
    Ever been banned?: not that i'm aware of
    When are you online?: i'm a ftb addict, so any time i get a chance , including like now when its 2am XD
    Agree to rules?:mostly, theirs only one i have a slight problem with ( see below )
    Extra notes: remember that build i mentioned, the first phases of it is all done by turtle ( a 256x by 110z by 113y area) witch would take ages if i have to turn off the turtle and not let it build while i'm at school or asleep, as well as the farm to get the 84k wool blocks needed :/ that said though i build machines that handle over flows properly as well only keep the minimal chunks i need loaded. the other phases are all done by hand but thats only cause turtles dont know how to properly place microblocks.
  5. Wh1tef4ng

    Wh1tef4ng New Member

    Age: 30
    Location: England
    Why Us?: i like the fact that its a mature 18+ only with a possible friendly and respectful community also nothing is banned with the exception that it doesnt get abused
    What will you do?: mostly what i always do build something creative once ive got setup
    Experience with Minecraft: over 2 years
    Experience with FTB: a few months
    Ever been banned?: no never done anything to get banned
    When are you online?: all hours of the day/night
    Agree to rules?: yes
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  6. Psych Production

    Psych Production New Member

    IGN: Psychfan54
    Location: classified
    Why Us?: Well i know im not gunna get whitelisted but i rather give it a go and you are not that important, i mean why you? really?
    What will you do?: well i will do my own thingy as in build a house and if i wanna work alone than i will
    Experience with Minecraft: Minecraft if way different from FTB
    Experience with FTB: not alot, since i kinda just started
    Ever been banned?: No i have not I checked McBans
    When are you online?: Depends
    Agree to rules?: Yess
    Extra notes: (optional!)

    Too Many Questions just to get whitelisted
  7. Ziibez

    Ziibez New Member

    IGN: Ziibez
    Location: England
    Why Us?:I have been playing on a Mindcrack server but I have been watching more and more Direwolf (Don't worry, I've watched him since season 2 so I've not just jumped onto the bandwagon). The 18+ age limit also appealed to me as sometimes I can say something that's a little crude and may offend younger people and I also enjoy the mature atmosphere that an age limit brings with it.
    What will you do?: Mainly keep my projects and buildings away from other people as sometimes I'm paranoid but I also like to work on things myself and not rely on others for help. I love to hoard items and create large storage rooms, wealth is something I like :D.
    Experience with Minecraft: I have played since Beta 1.3 and explored every feature of each release. I got bored pretty fast with vanilla and started to play around with mods, just single mods at first and then the first modpack I tried was Technic SSP (It ran horribly on my laptop which is why I now play SMP to reduce load), then I started playing Tekkit.
    Experience with FTB: Around the same time that Tekkit Lite was released I actually moved over to FTB, I heard Direwolf mention the pack a few times and as I have played the FTB insanity map and loved it I decided to give it a go. I fell in love with it straight away and haven't stopped playing since. I have alot of experience with IC2 (Except the farming side, that still confuses me so I play around with it as much as I can and learn the ins and outs.) and Buildcraft. I have a good understanding of Redpower and enjoy the additions it makes to redstone and the tools it brings to aid sorting. I have learnt alot about Thaumcraft and I love the research side of things, I am the sort of player who likes to hang around in his base and make things which makes Thaumcraft perfect for me :D.
    Ever been banned?: Not on any server other than Deathban PvP servers. I stick to rules and use common sense when something isn't mentioned in them.
    When are you online?: I am online anytime from 9am-2am (the following morning) GMT.
    Agree to rules?: Of course.
    Extra notes: I am a fun and helpful player who likes servers with a welcoming community and a mature player base. I like to keep myself to myself at times but if you get me talking about something you may need to tell me to stop :D I love to play survival and also enjoy the automation aspect that FTB brings to the game. I have been gaming for atleast 10 years starting of with simple playstation 1 games and other consoles and then as I've gotten older I have begun to enjoy the more relaxing side to gaming.

    ~Zii :p
  8. Prawni

    Prawni New Member

    IGN: Prawni

    Age: 21

    Location: Sweden

    Why Us?: I've played around some with FTB singleplayer but i really miss the multiplayer part. That's why i decided to look for some nice, mature & friendly server that might accept me into their community. I looked through pretty much every server on this forum and something about this one caught my eye!

    What will you do?: I will probably build myself a nice tidy base inside a hill/mountain and fool around with all the new FTB stuff.

    Experience with Minecraft: Started playing back in June, 2010 (1.0.01) when we had regular "secret" Friday updates.
    I have played vanilla to death and beyond which is why i started looking at mods after about a year and a half.
    First off i tried Industrialcraft which was refreshing after playing vanilla. Then i moved on to Tekkit/Technic.
    And before Christmas 2012 i found out about FTB which looked quite interesting with all the mystcraft & Thaumcraft thingies.

    Experience with FTB: I am quite familiar with the Tekkit mods, Buildcraft, Redpower, IC2 etc.
    And for the mods i do not know, I am no stranger to looking up info on the internet so i will not pester anybody about help! :)

    Ever been banned?: Nope. I really don't see the point in being an ass. Everyone will have a much better time if we are friendly towards each other!

    When are you online?: Anywhere between 13.00-03.00 GMT+1.

    Agree to rules?: Of course.

    Extra notes: (optional!): I am a helpful, fun and a bit crazy guy and i sincerely believe that i would be an excellent addition to this community! ;)
    I've also been admin on a Swedish server with about 40 active players, So giving less experienced players a hand is nothing new to me.

    Thank you for your time.
  9. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member



    To everyone else: Sorry, rejected.

    The server is now closed, I will not be considering any apps posted after this until further notice. Thank you!
  10. xavier

    xavier New Member

    IGN: neji1245
    Age:13 ( mature for my age)
    Location: U.k
    Why Us?: my old server I use to play on miserably failed at getting donators so now I have to look for new servers tried to get people to donate
    What will you do?: thaumcraft buildcraft twilight forest pixel art rail craft
    Experience with Minecraft: early alpha
    Experience with FTB: about 3 months now
    Ever been banned?: no
    When are you online?: all the time
    Agree to rules?: Of coarse!
    Extra notes: (optional!) I watch anime I am completely random I know you said 18+ but hopefully you can see the jubilant future
    that you can have with me around. unlike most little kids htat whine and thorw tantrums when theydont get what they want Im not about that sh**
    if I want something a work for it , if i need anything ill get up and do it my god da** self i don't consider me a child i think of me of someone who will
    fuck you up if you mess with him and if you leave him be he will do alright ifyou don't white list me i under stand because of my age at leasti didn't lie like some people will do to try to get on your server
  11. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member


    I also find it hilarious that you felt the need to self-censor the words 'shit' and 'damn,' but not 'fuck.'

  12. scarfaces69

    scarfaces69 New Member

    IGN: Scarfaces69
    Age: 32
    Location: Portugal
    Why Us?: Im looking for a mature server, hoping to find a friendly community and this server seems to have all of this
    What will you do?: Find a nice place to live, mine and explore some of the fantastic mods that Direwolf20 pack can offers. and above all have fun with other people
    Experience with Minecraft: About 2 years
    Experience with FTB: At least 3 months, I'm still learning, following several youtubers like Direwolf20 series
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: Almost everyday at night after work
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) I am a sociable person and enjoy helping others in complicated goals.
    I would like to help this community grow, since in my single player that doesn't have to many people to talk XD
  13. Anavastia

    Anavastia New Member

    IGN: Anavastia
    Age: 32
    Location: USA
    Why Us?: Looking for a server with a mature community where I can enjoy FTB. I like there is no pvp and I'm a very creative individual.
    What will you do?: I would like to build a castle that has murals on the inside.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since alpha days lol, i believe thats a little over 5 years its' hard for me to remember it's been that long.
    Experience with FTB: I've played it since it came out on single player and hosted a lan line with my kids and have enjoyed ever since so about 3 months i believe.
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: I get on in the morning for about an hour and then in the evening for about 3 to 4 hours around 5 or 7
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) I'm more of a creative player type, but i also love the mechanics of many mods and discovering new things. I have a pretty good knowledge of a lot of mods but am open to advice from others and opinions. I've loved minecraft since the day it's come out. I am fairly shy with new people but eventually i open up and try to be helpful to others if they need me. I do have one thing where i don't like people to give my stuff when im new because i like to work and find my own things, it makes the game more enjoyable for me knowing i got it on my own.
  14. Timelord_Jax

    Timelord_Jax New Member

    After looking at that post, i could almost fix that and make it readable with a heavy dose of punctuation. Add a few words and remove some there, and Vuala! we have a comprehensible sentence. more or less.
  15. HDdexterity

    HDdexterity New Member

    Age:13 please dont decline me for my age because i am pretty mature for my age
    Why Us?:i choose this server because it has no disabled mods or items and becuase this server sounds very friendly and i am a friendly person myself so i think i would be a great fit for the community
    What will you do?:i will be helpful to others as much as i can and i will try to be as nice as i can
    Experience with Minecraft:ii have been playing 3 years and i am a great builder and a awsome miner
    Experience with FTB:i have played ftb for a month but i have played tekkit for a year and tekkit is alot like ftb
    Ever been banned?:no
    When are you online?:2 or 3 pm
    Agree to rules?:yes i agree to rules because i think they are reasonable and i think there some of the greatest rules i have ever heard
    please accept me i have been waiting for a very long time to join a ftb server it would mean alot to me if you accepted :)

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