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Whitelist Server CREATE the BEAST / Direwolf20 Modpack / Whitelist / 24/7 Uptime / 18+

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Synaxis, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member


    Create the Beast is a brand new FTB server running with the Direwolf20 modpack. Tired of servers with high member turnover? Want somewhere you can just settle down and play the game with a few other mature players? CTB aims to be that server, with a small playerbase that is regular and friendly. The server is set to survival mode, normal difficulty, PvP off. YouTubers are extra welcome to record on this server. All members are required to be 18 years or older. No exceptions, sorry.

    Disabled Mods and Banned Items:
    None. Let's keep it that way - if you abuse the privilege, it will change. :)

    1. Absolutely no griefing.
    2. Absolutely no stealing.
    4. Absolutely no begging.
    5. Generally don't act like an annoying twat.
    6. Machines should be turned off before you go offline.
    7. Ask before creating new Mystcraft ages.
    8. No asking for OP.
    9. Be respectful to all others on the server.
    10. Have fun!

    -Room for 50 slots - we only use 15
    -3GB RAM
    -No Lag! No! Lag!
    -PvP off
    -Normal Difficulty
    -Mumble server! Members only. ;)

    PLEASE NOTE - Whitelist is currently ON HOLD! You may apply but I will not get back to you right away!

    Why Us?:
    What will you do?:
    Experience with Minecraft:
    Experience with FTB:
    Ever been banned?:
    When are you online?:
    Agree to rules?:
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  2. hifufu

    hifufu New Member

    Why Us?:Looks like a fun Muture server.
    What will you do?:Abiut every thing i can in thr modpack
    Experience with Minecraft:Since 1.2.5
    Experience with FTB:5 o 6 months but and extended knoledge of the pack.
    Ever been banned?:No
    When are you online?:Almost every day after 4PM my time.All the time on weekends
    Agree to rules?:Yes
    Extra notes:Non
  3. Kyle Essex

    Kyle Essex New Member

    IGN: TheSaber
    Age: 17 (I know that you have stated you require all members to be 18, but maybe you could allow for a few exceptions?)
    Location: England
    Why Us?: You pretty much hit all the boxes for what I'm looking for in a server. A laid back atmosphere where people can chill and talk, sounds like my type of thing!
    What will you do?: Most likely I will work towards setting up an automatic system for pretty much everything. My speciality is growing and breeding with Forestry and Industrial craft. So I could be of some use!
    Experience with Minecraft: I've played mincraft since early Alpha
    Experience with FTB: I started playiong FTB as soon as it came out.
    Ever been banned?: Never.
    When are you online?: Pretty much everyday. The only times I'm off is because of College.
    Agree to rules?: Of course.
    Extra notes: (optional!) None that I can think of. - Oh but if it's any consolation I've been playing with mods for well over a year! I've also dabbled in the creation of a few :)
  4. WatcherInTheShadows

    WatcherInTheShadows New Member

    IGN: WatcherShadows
    Age: 33
    Location: Houston Texas aka Satan's Armpit
    Why Us?: I am looking for a place with no griefing and banned items. You know. Where the retards didn't mess things up for everyone else.
    What will you do?: Mine, build, and hopefully participate in a community of trustworthy peers. I also hope to start a SMP lets play on YouTube. I really enjoy watching Minecraft LPs to get ideas for builds. Hopefully I can give others a few good ideas.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've played Minecraft for almost a year now. All of it with various mods. I love modded minecraft!
    Experience with FTB: I play it almost exclusively now. I adopted it about, hm, a month or two ago?
    Ever been banned?: Yes, unfortunately, temporary ban. A admin whispered my base coordinates to a griefer. I posted his actions as a warning to others who don't want to deal with the possibility of this sort of abuse. He, in response, temp banned me as if I was going back. And posted my IP in this forum. So, yea, up to you if it was deserved.
    When are you online?: All hours. Not all the time. But, I play when I can. I am a fairly regular minecrafter.
    Agree to rules?: Overwhelmingly, yes. I do not find my fun in ruining others fun.
    Extra notes: I would really enjoy joining your server? :)
  5. Cypher

    Cypher New Member

    IGN: FanaticDog
    Age: 40
    Location: US
    Why Us?: Looking to get in on a new server to contribute to the growth of it and I like the idea of a more mature community.
    What will you do?: Still new to FTB so learning on my own and from the community will be a priority.
    Experience with Minecraft: 1 year
    Experience with FTB: 1 month
    Ever been banned?: Never
    When are you online?: Every weekday evening for 2-3 hours and as much as possible on weekends. Barring any family commitments (sports, school, etc.)
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: Thanks for your consideration!
  6. Cunane

    Cunane New Member

    IGN: Cunane
    Age: 26
    Location: UK
    Why Us?: I've been looking for a decent mature server to settle down on
    What will you do?: Mainly bees, magic and crops, my current plan involves building a farm and an observatory near each other
    Experience with Minecraft: Played for years
    Experience with FTB: I'm familiar with a lot of the mods and details
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    When are you online?: I work shifts so my play time tends to shift between AM and PM a fair bit, which is great get to meet more people that way
    Agree to rules?: All the rules sound great to me.
  7. mrbjorklund

    mrbjorklund New Member

    IGN: mrbjorklund
    Age: 30
    Location: sweden
    Why Us?: looking for a new direwolf20 modpack server and it seems like what i look for in ambition and maturity
    What will you do?: build a steady home nad hopefully have good connections with neighbours/server for helping and building bigger picture things
    Experience with Minecraft: several years
    Experience with FTB: since beta
    Ever been banned?: not to my knowledge
    When are you online?: gtm+1 18:00-22:00 or so weekdays, weekends depends on if I do stuff or not
    Agree to rules?: yea
    Extra notes: (optional!) lets have some fun!
  8. Rachel

    Rachel New Member

    IGN: azulaz
    Age: 20
    Location: USA, Virginia.
    Why Us?: I'm looking for a really cool server that isn't overrun by a lot of people, and I have taken an interest in yours. =)
    What will you do?: Anything and everything, seriously.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since release, all the time.
    Experience with FTB: No hands on experience, but i've been watching videos like crazy so I think i'd do ok.
    Ever been banned?: Never been banned before on any server i've been on.
    When are you online?: anytime i feel like hopping on some MC, which is all the time lol.
    Agree to rules?: Of course i do.
    Extra notes: (optional!) Don't be thrown by my experience with FTB, i'm a very quick learner and i'm up for the challenge that FTB involves.
  9. Squirrellie

    Squirrellie New Member

    IGN: Chortnee
    Age: 23
    Location: USA
    Why Us?: Small Group Server
    What will you do?: Help others as much as i can and try and learn stuff I don't understand yet.
    Experience with Minecraft: Been on minecraft for a very long time and working with mods for about 2 months.
    Experience with FTB: Only have experience with the direwolf pack.
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    When are you online?: 4-5 hours pretty much everyday
    Agree to rules?: Yes sir/ma'am
    Extra notes: (optional!) Really would love to join a whitelist small server so I'm not overrun with a huge population building all over. :)
  10. thekrazyfool

    thekrazyfool New Member

    IGN: thekrazyfool
    Age: 18
    Location: England
    Why Us?: Want a nice small community server
    What will you do?: Establish myself in the community and help out where I can
    Experience with Minecraft: Joined not soon after minecraft went into alpha
    Experience with FTB: Have been playing FTB for around a month and have a fair amount of experience with each mod
    Ever been banned?: On one server where server drama caused an admin to ban a large portion of the server
    When are you online?: 3-5 hours a day
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  11. Pure

    Pure New Member

    IGN: Pure
    Age: 18
    Location: England
    Why Us?: I'm looking for a smallish server with good folks, definitely of the mature type! :)
    What will you do?: Build, play, laugh. I've always wanted to get stuff done on a server, but have yet to find one which doesn't feel like a chore to play on.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since 1.0. I'm more of a technical builder than an aesthetic builder, but doesn't stop me!
    Experience with FTB: Ever since DW20's 1.2.5 series, I've been interested in mods. Tekkit introduced me to mods, but DW20 was the one who got me truly hooked, then I heard about FTB; though I still prefer to get the mods myself sometimes. ;)
    Ever been banned?: Nope! Let's keep that way, shall we? :D
    When are you online?: 1600-2200GMT, RL permitting, of course.
    Agree to rules?: Of course, wouldn't have wrote this post otherwise! :)
  12. Hazdrubal

    Hazdrubal New Member

    IGN: Hazdrubal_barca
    Age: 35
    Location: Canada
    Why Us?: I find small servers offer a better gameplay expoerience
    What will you do?: A bit of everything.
    Experience with Minecraft: 7+ months
    Experience with FTB: Since October
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: 11AM - 3 PM EST RL permitting
    Agree to rules?:Yes
  13. Tool

    Tool New Member

    Why Us?:looking for a good mature sever where i can play with more than myself
    What will you do?play minecraft ftb
    Experience with Minecraft:a few months
    Experience with FTB:about the same
    Ever been banned?:no
    When are you online?:anywhere between 9am-10pm eastern time
    Agree to rules?:yes
  14. Stocks

    Stocks New Member

    Age: 50
    Location: Colorado
    Why Us?: Looking for a good place to have fun and get to know others.
    What will you do?: gather / build repeat...
    Experience with Minecraft: 1+ years
    Experience with FTB: since beta pack A
    Ever been banned?:nope
    When are you online?: nightly for 2-5 hours usually
    Agree to rules?:always
  15. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member


    Declined. Unfortunately if I make one exception, all the pre-teens are going to show up demanding I make exceptions for them too.. :(


    You're in!
  16. greyjusticar

    greyjusticar New Member

    IGN: grey3345
    Age: 21
    Location: USA
    Why Us?: Been looking for a server that i dont have to worry about griefers and younger kids, no trolling, whinning, begging non stop for stuff.
    What will you do?: Build,Play,Help,Talk just all around.
    Experience with Minecraft: since beta
    Experience with FTB: just started using it today, few people helped me get the hang of it and now im liking it :)
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    When are you online?: Normally on at nights 1 to 5 hours, i think its 6pm-11pm eastern/mountain time
    Agree to rules?: All of them.
    Extra notes: (optional!) Just looking for more of a mature server, and seeing everyone that is whitelisted this is the server for me :)
  17. luca2849

    luca2849 New Member

    IGN: luca2849
    Age: 19
    Location: Wales, UK
    Why Us?: Because ive been looking for a good server to play on for a while now
    What will you do?: i could build a machine room for public use or a cool spawn area
    Experience with Minecraft: 2 Years
    Experience with FTB: since the 1.2.5 maps
    Ever been banned?:No
    When are you online?:Around 15:00 to 1:00
    Agree to rules?: yes
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  18. SKYHEX

    SKYHEX New Member

    Age: 20
    Location: Czech Republic
    Why Us?: I am very, VERY picky. Your server seems to fit the criteria I have set. Especialy the maturity and no nonsense with banning items because 'the members do not have the common sense and intelligence not to overload the poor server, thus we shall ban some very fun items'.
    What will you do?: I can build non-conventional spawns, fortresses and a wide array of machinery and traps. All that with an aesthetic touch. Also, I will probably experience FUN. Loads of FUN.
    Experience with Minecraft: Since 0.30 classic, baby
    Experience with FTB: Proficient with previous iterations, slowly learning the new one.
    Ever been banned?: Nope.
    When are you online?: Usualy in the evening, more so on the weekends.
    Agree to rules?: Yes.
    Extra notes: Cheese! Cheese for everyone! Also, lollipops. Don't forget lollipops.
  19. N8_Toe

    N8_Toe New Member

    IGN N8_Toe​
    age 18​
    location USA​
    why us? because I'm looking for a mature server​
    what will you do? build, experiment, maybe an under water base? and try to make a store or something involving comerce​
    Experience with mincraft, been here since early beta​
    FTB experience I'm relatively new but been playing with industrial craft red power and buildcraft since they came out and used tekkit for a long time​
    when are you online around 7-8 and late and alot during the weekends​
    agree to rules Yes​
    ever been banned nope​
    extra notes looking forward to playing with you guys​
  20. ElBartoME

    ElBartoME New Member

    IGN: ElBartoME
    Age: 24
    Location: Germany
    Why Us?: I want to play on a server with a mature community. Normal difficulty and no PvP is also great.
    What will you do?: I want to play online and share my knowledge with others and also learn from others. I plan to get settled and then build a power station and provide power.
    Experience with Minecraft: since the alpha days. It's been a while.
    Experience with FTB: Not that long, but I've been playing IC2/BC and RP2 for a while now. I have some experience with it.
    Ever been banned?: I only played on 2 minecraft servers, but no bans so far.
    When are you online?: probably in the evenings.
    Agree to rules?: Yes, of course.
    Extra notes: I always liked technical mods in Minecraft and the FTB modpack is just perfect. In Vanilla Minecraft I always played with Redstone, which was really a lot of fun, but terribly inefficient. But not with Redpower. Everything is much better with Redpower. I also like to play online with other players and build things for the community. I look forward to play on the server.

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