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Whitelist Server CREATE the BEAST / Direwolf20 Modpack / Whitelist / 24/7 Uptime / 18+

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Synaxis, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. MergRedEye

    MergRedEye New Member

    Location:VA, USA
    Why Us?: I am looking for a community to join and your post looks very well put together. This makes me think that you take the server serious.
    What will you do?: I'm mainly interested in Thaumcraft 3 but I have fun fiddling with IC and Buildcraft
    Experience with Minecraft: I've played off and on since release and have only recently started dabbling with mods.
    Experience with FTB: I started up FTB about a week ago and I can't seem to stop
    Ever been banned?: Never
    When are you online?: Whenever I can but mostly Thursday-Sunday nights.
    Agree to rules?: How can I not? They are more than reasonable.
    Extra notes: (optional!)
  2. coldblood629

    coldblood629 New Member

    IGN: coldblood629
    Location: us eastern
    Why Us?: would like a mature place to hang and play with some kool people
    What will you do?:first see if i can make my own age were i can have peace and quiet secound get mining and third make a base of epicosity
    Experience with Minecraft: several years love the game i consider my self pro
    Experience with FTB: since it came out i have played i also had played technic and tekkit
    Ever been banned?: nope
    When are you online?: from noon to 7 o'clock eastern time
    Agree to rules?: yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) nothing relay i'm a YouTube commentator thats about it
  3. Flux

    Flux New Member

    IGN: TheTrueDozer
    Age: 14 years old. But my age is misleading, since people find me more mature then most other players.
    Location: Belgium - Central Europe
    Why Us?: This seems like a fun server with great mature players, which is what I am looking for.
    What will you do?: Just the regular stuff at the start, but once fully working I will be a "factory designer" which mostly includes me making factories where things (mostly machines) will be created constantly and that could be used for mass produce of any kind of material.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've went in depth about the latency system in Minecraft, the PvP system (pretty fun, but not what I'm looking for), expert at alchemy (brewing), bow master and more.
    Experience with FTB: Haven't been playing for too long but I have figured out how to be most efficient and
    Ever been banned?: Nope, not on this server.. (hihi)
    When are you online?: Mostly after school, 4PM~ish. (GMT+01) But when I am online I usually play for a long time.
    Agree to rules?: Yes, of course!
    Extra notes: (optional!) Not really any.. Except for the fact that I am a blazing machine that will advance very fast in the technology from Forestry, Industrial Craft² and Thermal Expansion. :)
  4. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member




    Declined. I'm sorry, I really cannot make exceptions.

  5. zippinus

    zippinus New Member

    IGN: zippinus Age: 22 (23 by the end of the month)
    Location: Florida (AKA the nether)
    Why Us?: This server really seems to try to limit the griefers. Some of the servers I've been on have claimed that, but I'd log in to find myself robbed anyway.
    What will you do?: A lot of mining, some crafting, often helping people with the mods that I know well.
    Experience with Minecraft: About 1 week before Minecraft Alpha 1.2
    Experience with FTB: How long has it been around now?
    Ever been banned?: Not that I am aware of.
    When are you online?: Usually between 4PM and 12AM Eastern Standard Time
    Agree to rules?: I had better hope so. It would be annoying to write this if I diddn't
    Extra notes: Nothing that I can think of at the moment
  6. bloodkeeper9

    bloodkeeper9 New Member

    IGN: bloodkeeper9
    Age: 15
    Location: United KIngdom
    Why Us?: I was looking around on google and found your server and it seemed good
    What will you do?: I will try and build complex contraptions that are functional and aesthetically appeasing
    Experience with Minecraft: I have played since 1.6.6 and am manager of a server
    Experience with FTB: I have played FTB since it came out from retro and through till now
    Ever been banned?: Never been banned
    When are you online?: As much as possible but in exams at moment so won't be on as regular as normal but as much as i can fit
    Agree to rules?: I agree to the rules and will reinforce them if i see someone breaking them
    Extra notes: (optional!) I do youtube videos so i may occasionally be recording
  7. swemoney

    swemoney New Member

    IGN: swemoney
    Age: 31
    Location: Chicago Suburbs
    Why Us?: 18+. I've been running small servers for a couple of friends for a while but would love to get involved in a nice community of Minecrafters.
    What will you do?: Whatever comes to mind. Explore. Mine. Build up an awesome base with lots of tech.
    Experience with Minecraft: 1.0 beta? I don't remember exactly. At least a year or so before it was officially released.
    Experience with FTB: Since the FTB Beta A pack was released. Also, plenty more experience with Tekkit when that was relevant.
    Ever been banned?: Never banned. I play nice.
    When are you online?: All times of the day. I work from home so I don't really have many times when I can't play.
    Agree to rules?: Yup.
    Extra notes: Can't think of anything.
  8. coldblood629

    coldblood629 New Member

    could u please say y we were declined
  9. sicfacade115

    sicfacade115 New Member

    IGN: sicfacade115
    Location: USA
    Why Us?: You have all the mods not blocked and I really like the no griefing and 18+ because i'm sick of immaturity on servers. It looks to be a small fun server that I can build peacefully on
    What will you do?: I'll build nice buildings and help out those who don't know all the mods. I like helping and talking with the server community.
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since beta and been moderator on multiple servers
    Experience with FTB: I've been playing with mods for around a year now and really like what FTB has done. I'm up to date with all the mods and moderators.
    Ever been banned?: No
    When are you online?: between noon and midnight central time with periodic brakes for practice and school.
    Agree to rules?: yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) I hope to make this my new home since my last two servers have been shutdown.
  10. bizzmode

    bizzmode New Member

    IGN: bizzmode
    Age: 32
    Location: Canada eh
    Why Us?: I feel confident that I can build something to be proud of and not worry about it being destroyed or looted :)
    What will you do?: I can do just about everything... I do lots of CGI stuff so I feel i have a good eye for building ( do have pics of my worlds) also I play lots so I would be great for big projects
    Experience with Minecraft: 4 years and helped and run my own local 5 slot server
    Experience with FTB: since it came out but very familiar with tekkit... will transfer over well ;)
    Ever been banned?: NO
    When are you online?: noon until 2 am PST... on and off
    Agree to rules?: YES
    Extra notes: Looking forward to having a easy going and fun time playing with new people... I'm sure will turn into friends! that's what makes it so fun for me to join.
  11. Avatar101

    Avatar101 New Member

    IGN: Avatar1x0x1
    Age: 24
    Location: Philippines (I am Australian)
    Why Us?: A mature age server with no banned items or lag whats not to like?
    What will you do?: A little bit of everything I actually enjoy helping other people out usually once I am reasonable established.
    Experience with Minecraft: Been playing for years since early beta.
    Experience with FTB: Played it since it was only a map, been playing with most the mods for years.
    Ever been banned?: No.
    When are you online?: Whenever the boss is not looking :> and most time between 10pm - 7am Philippines time (+8)
    Agree to rules?: Umm... Yes.
    Extra notes: (optional!) Can't wait to get on and hope to discover a new home server.
  12. st753m

    st753m New Member

    IGN: ST753M
    Age: 22
    Location: USA, Michigan
    Why Us?: I'm looking for a server to stick with for a long time, where I can get to know the others I'm playing with and build in a place I feel is secure. I also like that none of the mods are disabled.
    What will you do?: After making a house, I will help with any large community projects or buildings.
    Experience with Minecraft: Around four months, since 1.3.2.
    Experience with FTB: I started with Magic World, and moved to Direwolf20's pack on the day his season 5 LP started. Most of my knowledge is in the magical mods and Forestry's bee breeding.
    Ever been banned?: No. I've always gotten along well with my fellow players.
    When are you online?: Usually between 5:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST.
    Agree to rules?: Yes, all of the rules are reasonable.
  13. zStretch_

    zStretch_ New Member

    IGN: zStretch_
    Age: 19
    Location: Ohio
    Why Us?: Seemed organized, looking for a new mature server.
    What will you do?: Anything, will mess around with everything sooner or later
    Experience with Minecraft: 2 Years give or take
    Experience with FTB: Couple months, but have known about some mods before FTB.
    Ever been banned?: Nope, never been on a Server before.
    When are you online?: All hours, This week, after 11pm. Weekends, all the time. If not on here, probably on LoL.
    Agree to rules?: Yeeuupp. I treat people how I want to be treated
    Extra notes: (optional!) Very friendly, quiet, not loud. Would like to build a community if we would.
  14. Timelord_Jax

    Timelord_Jax New Member

    Age: 20
    Location: America, michigan
    Why Us?: Looking for a server that tends to the more mature player group. i also happened to click on this one and it looked nice
    What will you do?: Well... most likely build a home with sorting systems and the such. i most likely will work on a factory or two.
    Experience with Minecraft: i have been around since Beta 1.6 or so
    Experience with FTB: i have been playing ftb since a little bit before october of 2012 and i know most of it except bees, idk how to run bees.
    Ever been banned?: Yes, once recently which one, was false and if you wish to know the details PM me, and then early 2012 on a tekkit server for accidentaly blowing up my own base and not magically fixing the landscape.
    When are you online?: usually after school and whenever i have time at home.
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: Well.. i can mine with a turtle, and effectively to. if that counts.
  15. HatterofMad

    HatterofMad New Member

    IGN: TwoPi
    Age: 28
    Location: Kansas
    Why Us?: I am looking for a server that is free of griefing and has a mature enough community that I am not worried about some one stealing all my stuff
    What will you do?: Mine and Craft, build, expand, trying to see how much I can use the mods.
    Experience with Minecraft: 1.5-2 years of playing
    Experience with FTB: Been watching it since Direwolf's first video about it, been playing with the mods longer then that.
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    When are you online?: Evenings (Central Time) I work full time so I am gone during the day, but might be in the mumble when it is up.
    Agree to rules?: Yep
    Extra notes: I have been looking for an awesome modded server since Nearby's server went down, and would love to find one that wasn't full of griefing and thieves. This sounds like it might be it.
  16. ElRoacho

    ElRoacho New Member

    IGN: ElRoacho
    Age: 25
    Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
    Why Us?: The small member base of regular users was the first draw. I was convinced once I saw you actually enforcing your mature/18+ admission requirement. (Seen too many servers that will bend the rules for a few)
    What will you do?: Well, I'd say I have a plan but half the fun is stumbling through my builds. Mostly I'll be looking at what the SMP FTB has to offer compared to the lonely SSP FTB experience I've had.
    Experience with Minecraft: 2+ Years on and off, but the last SMP server I played on was shut down a year ago.
    Experience with FTB: Been working on a SSP world with DireWolf pack for 2 months or so. Before that I used Technic for a couple months, so I have a good handle on most of the mods.
    Ever been banned?: Never
    When are you online?: Evenings and Weekends mostly. Occasionally on for a few hours during the weekdays.
    Agree to rules?: Yes
    Extra notes: (optional!) Jellybeans Banjo Candy Store. Polka-Dot Backpack, Microphone
  17. Firstprice

    Firstprice New Member

    IGN: firstprice
    Location: Norway
    Why Us?: I've been looking for a server with a low number of active people. That's were Minecraft itself is most fun. This seemed like a mature community, and I'd like to join it.
    What will you do?: Recently got interesting in the bee aspect of the mod, so that's the first thing I will focus on when it comes to the mod. Other than that, I'd love to support the community and enjoy FTB with others.
    Experience with Minecraft: Since Indev/infdev
    Experience with FTB: Still learning, mostly played the Mindcrack modpack version.
    Ever been banned?: No.
    When are you online?: Flexible, but usually close to American Timezones, ( almost ) contrary to where I live
    Agree to rules?: Yes, I do.
    Extra notes: (optional!) I hope I get accepted and can have a good time with fellow beasts!
  18. Nybbles

    Nybbles New Member

    IGN: Nybbles13
    Age: 18
    Location: Alberta, Canada
    Why Us?: I'm looking for a small, mature community to play with. (Feed the beast is awesome, it's just better with more people.)
    What will you do?: I'll mostly build machines that help the community as a whole. (Like a public nuclear reactor powering a small set of basic machines.)
    Experience with Minecraft: Been playing since just before the end of Infdev, however I stopped playing when 1.2.5 was released and just took it back up a couple weeks ago.
    Experience with FTB: Well, I've been playing with FTB since Co and Avidia started playing it, but due to all of direwolf's videos I'm fairly familiar with all of the mods.
    Ever been banned?: I have not. And I want it to stay that way too. :D
    When are you online?: Sporadically. There are some days I could sit here for 12 hours straight, but there are also days I'll only be able to pop in for an hour or so.
    Agree to rules?: Yes.
    Extra notes: The mod that's my favorite in this pack is IC2 without doubt. I've spent days and days making factory rooms with IC2.
  19. Killerrooster

    Killerrooster New Member

    IGN: killerrooster
    Age: 19
    Location: USA
    Why Us?: I am trying to find a server that generally has no block lag.
    What will you do?: I might invite a friend to join me, and build a friendly base
    Experience with Minecraft: I have been playing minecraft since Alpha.
    Experience with FTB: I watch direwolf's videos every day.
    Ever been banned?: Yes, from a friends server, but it was just a joke
    When are you online?: I am usually on at 5 Eastern time.
    Agree to rules?: Yes, they are what I'm looking for anyways.
    Extra notes: None
  20. Synaxis

    Synaxis New Member

    Declined. 18+, no exceptions.

    Added! Welcome!

    To potential members: Any applications posted on this thread going forward will not receive an immediate response. I would like to see how many active players will be on the server regularly with the whitelist I have built so far. Inevitably, people are added to the whitelist who either never log on or log on twice and disappear forever, so applications are still welcome.

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