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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by goreae, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Sleepyscumbag

    Sleepyscumbag New Member

  2. duckfan77

    duckfan77 Popular Member

    Why do people forget questions?
  3. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    The reason that they forget answers to no questions - LOGIC! (No hostility meant to you duckfan :))

    Is LOGIC more powerful than CREATIVITY?
  4. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Logic is less powerful than creativity. Creativity can create something; that is the power of the gods. Logic, however, only concludes that gods don't exist, so nothing is created.

    Err, have I misunderstood people like Hawkings?
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  5. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara New Member

    IDK man, who are you talking about?

    Did he mean Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins? ... wait a second
  6. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Whichever one fitted best!

    Why can birds fly?
  7. Staxed

    Staxed New Member

    Because walking is too slow.

    Do fish drink water?
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  8. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Yes, and they pee.

    Can you detect a small amount of pee in a gigantic public water supply?
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  9. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Only if you were special goggles.

    Are leaves available in super markets?
  10. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Yes, look in the lettuce section.

    What attracts Lawbroken to the counting thread?
  11. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    He broke the law, he is a

    Why is @Lawbroken always breaking the law? And how come he hasn't got jailed for it? :)
  12. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    Cos the Law is number one around here?

    Cos Lawbroken is also Batman.
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  13. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member


    Why do many people pretend to be Batman?
  14. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    I'm Batman
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  15. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Why has Lawbroken broken the law of this thread by not asking a question?
  16. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member


    Why do pigs hide their wings?
  17. Staxed

    Staxed New Member

    Because they don't want people to know they are all batman.

    Why isn't batman more awesome than Spiderman?
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  18. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    Because of the power of spiders.

    Who's afraid of a bat?
  19. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Spiderman. Spiders and bats are like vampires and wolves.

    Why is Batman, Batman?
  20. keybounce

    keybounce New Member

    "Why is Batman, Batman?"

    Translation: Hey Batman, why is Batman?

    Only Batman can answer that.

    Now, if you meant to ask "Why, is Batman Batman?" -- as in, "Can anyone tell me why Batman has taken the role of Batman?", that's a different question. Equally, is the question "What makes the Batman the Batman -- not so much why he adopts the role of batman, but the more philosophical question of why is he who he is.

    Then again, there is the comic book answer: because the cave was not filled with opossums.

    Why am I watching a Hercules movie with Kevin Sorbo that looks like an extended TV episode? I mean I have much better things to spend my time on, so why?
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