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Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HeffronCM, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    So, Ag Skies, have scented artificial hive, in a plains biome, surrounded with tons of flowers, and it always reverts. Am I missing something here?
  2. ljfa

    ljfa Too Much Free Time FTB Mod Dev

    How many times did you try? The chance is not that high.
  3. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Fair enough, I'll keep at it. I'm maybe too used to "do the thing, get the results".

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  4. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    Is there any way to get Galacticraft fuel without looking for oil (e.g. bio-fuel, oil synthesis, etc.)?
  5. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    There is quite possibly a Mystcraft page to generate it, there is for most other fluids.

    Failing that, Mystcraft makes it easy as hell to find oil.

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  6. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    How so?
    and also, is there any way to make the mystcraft page I want, and any way to use excess mystcraft pages?
  7. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Unfortunately, Mystcraft pages are always random. That's a good balancing factor though since it's such an incredibly powerful mod.

    As for the oil, it doesn't take terribly long to find an Oil-specific biome of some sort; deserts and Single Biome are best and easiest to work with. Once you can make an oil biome world, the stuff is quite literally everywhere.

    Even easier, if you're running a pack with QuarryPlus, run a Quarry+ and Pump+ and you don't even have to run around placing pumps, it'll pick up all the oil in the area you're quarrying. You'll have an absolutely silly amount in short order. To the point you're going to need Extra Cells to store it.
  8. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    Darn it, already made the change-over to Digital miner (no moving the miner every half an hour!)
    I'm unfamiliar with QuarryPlus (meaning I have never heard of it), how does the Pump+ work?
  9. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Quarry+ is an expansion to the Buildcraft quarries we all know and, well, that some love anyway. It expands the range by a factor of four, for starters. The PumpPlus is an attachment to a QuarryPlus that sucks up fluids (so you don't have to, say, add a water spawn to turn lava into obsidian) - with the right enchants on it and the right item you can make it keep those fluids and output them to the pipe of your choice. So when using one I usually try to specifically quarry an age that has useful fluids.

    As an aside, with the insane range of a QuarryPlus, there's no need to move it very often =P
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  10. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    But all the cobble! (it's worth it by the sound of it)
  11. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    It has an extremely high initial investment, but after that you really only need to run it once or twice to supply you for a very long time. Which if nothing else is valuable from a server load perspective.

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  12. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    Is there anyway to get ender pearls more easily than just camping out a night? (short of going to the end, I don't have the ender pearls for that!)
  13. loboca

    loboca Well-Known Member

    MFR spawner (but you need a mob farm and ender pearls for that).
    Ender Lillies, though they are quite slow.
    The Ender sword, gives more pearls per Endermen kill I believe.
    Looting on your sword.

    Early on, I hunt Endermen on plains / deserts, and try and make 2 block high overhangs to stand under, so you can aggro the enderman from a distance, and be safe under the overhang.
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  14. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Which pack?

    Most of them have ender lily seeds as chest drops, you can grow pearls that way.

    Magical Crops and bees are also possibilities. I know there's a Mariculture fish for it as well but I think you have to go to the end to breed it.

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  15. jordsta95

    jordsta95 Over-Achiever FTB Mod Dev Retired Staff

    Or if the pack has EE3 then you can make enderpearls from 4 iron
  16. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine Well-Known Member

    Why Fishing Rods? I can understand the rest.
  17. Eruantien

    Eruantien Forum Addict

    IDK. Perhaps it's the MFR one, or you're going to use it for crafting that rune of water and then it's used once, and is totally USELESS.
  18. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine Well-Known Member

    Oh, you're talking about the Dynamite Fishing Rod.
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  19. Dorque

    Dorque Popular Member

    Fishing rods can also pull stuff to you, which is so unsexy when you do it with a creeper you were planning to shoot from inside your highly-vulnerable infrastructure.

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  20. L0neGamer

    L0neGamer Active Member

    How do you do that without being interrupted by skeletons, creepers and zombies?

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