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Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by HeffronCM, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. asb3pe

    asb3pe Forum Addict

    EDIT: I went into their Discord channel and got my answer directly from the modpack developer: Titan and Kappa modes will be released when they are ready to be released, that's the official statement. The unofficial opinions I received in the chat is that neither mode is anywhere near close to being finished yet. No idea how long it will be, but it will not be anytime soon. That's just the way it is, I don't want to criticize anyone, after all, modpack developers aren't exactly getting rich for all their hard work. So all we can do is wait I guess. At least I got my answers.
    I know it's not an FTB pack... but good grief... how long does it take to release the Kappa mode for Ozone 3?
    It's like a cruel tease to have to sit and wait for weeks before we play it. I put so much time and effort into a pack when I play it, that's why I won't play the regular basic mode just to "learn the pack". I'm not gonna play the modpack twice. Does anybody know how close they are, when it will be released?
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  2. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to get a breakdown of what entities are in an area (such as '30 chickens, 875 spiders, 2 horses, etc.)?
  3. wrightrj

    wrightrj Active Member

  4. SevenMass

    SevenMass Well-Known Member

    BoP doesn't have any 2x2 trees. (You may be confused with Extra Biomes from mc v1.6 and prior)

    BoP does have 'plus' shaped big firs, but I'm not sure if those grow either...
  5. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Or Natura. I think Natura firs are 2x2
  6. wrightrj

    wrightrj Active Member

    Odd, the Fir trees I found in game were all 2x2 trees for the most part, and the Biomes O' Plenty wiki shows the trees as 2x2, so do they just spawn as 2x2 but can't be grown in 2x2?

    EDIT: Nevermind, you guys are right. https://i.imgur.com/vEQGT7j.jpg
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  7. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member


    This is a lie, I'm the only one on the server who hasn't found one yet. I am using a custom map, so it's probably normal that they're rare there, but I also cannot find them in the Aroma mining world or the nether, with nether ores and netherex installed. Do diamonds spawn in the nether naturally? Do they spawn in the Aroma mining world? What am I doing wrong?? lol

    Edit: I've gone through 35 unenchanted iron pickaxes in the 5-11 range between all three dimensions.
  8. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    Can you power a block with an insulated redstone conduit from ender io? As in, you run the conduit into the block, set the conduit to out put a strong signal, and a piece of redstone dust on the other side of the block would be powered. I thought you could, but I haven't been able to make it work in my world (Infinity Evolved, 1.7.10)
  9. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    There should be an option to enable Strong signal in the conduits UI. You can also just have the conduit IN the block and slap a facade on it. then the conduit would connect directly to the redstone dust.
  10. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    Yes, it will transfer a signal to redstone dust, but can it power a block? If you point a repeater into a block of cobblestone and put dust on the other side, the dust will light up when the repeater is powered. It seems to me like there is a way to do this with the conduit, but I'm not figuring out such a setup. I figured just checking the strong signal box would do it, but that alone doesn't seem to be doing it. I set up a mob spawner earlier with embedded lamps between the levels, and I had hoped to just loop the signal through the lamps to continue the signal. But for now I've just routed loops around each lamp to keep it going.

    I'm not sure if it's a question of the version, but maybe that's something I did in 1.10 or something and it just doesn't work that way in 1.7.10? I suppose I could be mis-remembering it and I never did it in any version.
  11. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Maybe the lamps do not propagate the signal? Have you tried the strong setting with a regular block?
  12. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    Yeah, I tried fiddling with cobblestone for a bit without success bc I wondered the same thing. I suppose I could look to another mod for a wall-mounted repeater-ish item. That would stink not hiding it in a facade though.
  13. Brand9kh1

    Brand9kh1 New Member

    Can you list most Armour in sky factory 3 to worst to best please.
  14. Brotuulaan

    Brotuulaan Active Member

    I don't have a full list, but I'm pretty sure the best armor in that mod pack is the draconic armor from Draconic Evolution. It's been a few years, but iirc, I went from diamond armor straight to the DE armors. I didn't look too heavily into the options at the time, so I may have skipped a few tiers between.
  15. quantum_star

    quantum_star New Member

    Is there a way to teleport RF in FTB ultimate realoaded?
  16. asb3pe

    asb3pe Forum Addict

    Might as well just change the FTB name to "Feed The Bored" since apparently there won't ever be any more modpacks that use the Overworld. Because, you know... skyblock is just SO much more exciting and interesting. sigh
  17. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    When all available options out there don't appeal to you, it's time to start your own pack. Anyone can do it.
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  18. LordPINE

    LordPINE Well-Known Member

    Also, that's untrue. Interactions, which releases in a week or so, has a normal overworld (though it does technically start you in a skyblock, there is nothing forcing you to stay there, and you need to leave it for progression anyway)
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  19. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Yup. That's what me and Pine are doing!
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  20. Drbretto

    Drbretto Popular Member

    Yup, I wasn't trying to be snarky, either. I keep looking for the perfect pack, and that just doesn't exist, so I make my own. There are so many packs out there that there's no chance anyone has played them all long enough to get bored, so the issue isn't the packs. It's the player's expectations.

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