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    Perhaps unintentional?
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    He could've said the incantations wrong.
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    Maybe the demon consulted with a seer and saw that the character was going to kill the demon so he turned him into a dragon to recruit him to the side of darkness. Unfortunately that backfired big-time.
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    You have a made him a favor(read: did the dirty work for him) or the demon was being lazy,
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    Well, the original concept was that he was a mercenary hired to retrieve samples of a terrorizing dragon that was sleeping at the time, and deliver them to a mage that was crafting a means of protection from it. Of course, it woke early and proceeded to track down and incinerate the mage (and surrounding area.) The mercenary survived by putting on the unfinished magical item, and... well.

    I could change this to be some uncovered cursed item dating back before all this hostilities started?

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    Do note that demons aren't necessarily evil. There is no side of darkness. This isn't the humans standing strong against the monsters, this is a slaughterfest where all races brutally wound and murder the others.
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    Anything else?
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    Only vs. magic attacks sounds fine to me. Maybe even a little underpowered.
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    Just to note, my magics are a result of my character. The magic she uses are a result of her character, her backstory. It looks to me that you cobbled a backstory together based on the magics you wanted. But here's a few notes:

    • I think you're mistaking creation for something else. Enchanting maybe. Creation is turning raw magical energy into solid matter. Binding blood to leather isn't creation, that's more like enchanting. Creation would be creating the leather armor from nothing. And creation has lots of combat potential. You can create a shield from nothing, generate spikes or poisons directly inside of enemies, create decoys to distract or intimidate enemies, and then there's the out of combat potential for making and repairing weapons and armor. There's actually a ton that creation can do besides just making gear.
    • What made your character want to be a holy mage? His equipment consists of bloody leather and a massive bloody hammer. I see no reason for him to want to be a holy mage. A dark mage sure, but holy? And what happened to the creation magic he was learning? He just entirely forgot about it and dumped it to the side? He dumps a school that's very useful for combat for holy, a school that's almost entirely useless for combat?
    • One doesn't just become a shadow mage in two years. Kids develop their art through decades of training in school. Look at lexia, she's 20-something and has been studying chloromancy her entire life, yet all she can do is summon a thorny bush and throw vines around. Two years and maybe you can make a shadow dance.
    • Furthermore, holy and shadow are on opposite sides of the spectrum. One doesn't simply dump 17 years of holy experience down the drain for shadowmancy. The transition would be quite difficult and take much more than two years of work.
    • On that point, switching from creation to holy to shadow would make you at most an apprentice of all three schools, and therefore way behind everyone else.
    • Note, shadowmancy isn't necessarily evil, just on the dark end of the magical spectrum. It's just controlling shadows, nothing evil about that.
    • Your character seems rather hodgepodge to me. I mean he's a blacksmith with bloody equipment and a giant hammer, then he can bless people with holy magic, and he can shift into shadows and create shadow weapons? The point of choosing one school to use is when you do that, you get a more unified character.
    My suggestion: scrap the magics. Scrap the description. Get your idea for your character in mind, then decide what kind of magic he uses and write the backstory based on that. Choose one school of magic and stick with it. Keep in mind that cheese's descriptions of the schools is describing their overall capabilities, not what a character who uses that school does.

    Look at cheese's description of creation and look at the abilities I described in that first bullet point. Each school has enormous potential With shadow, it's not just shadow walking and weilding. You could create shadow minions, control beasts by infecting them with your shadows, you could block magic by using the voiding properties of shadows. You could get shadowsense, and be able to see anything cloaked in darkness.

    What I'm trying to say is, get creative with your magiks. There's so much each can do that cheese just lists a few. Also keep in mind I'm not trying to attack you, just your character. Individual aspects of it are great, but put it all together and it's a jumbled mess.
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    Everyone look here before doing any more character stuff.
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  11. RealKC

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    Now if I think about it, I agree with you goreae.
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    That list was definitely not there before...
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    I think cheese slowly updated it. He started with a list of all the magic and an (incomplete) list of all the races that are found on the world. It looks like he now combined them
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    So, thanks to J, I have a proper magik system now. Thanks for helping me out with this J. Also, @RealKC take a break. If you keep on trying and trying and trying to make this character, you'll stop wanting to be part of the rp. Honestly, there's no rush, this rp is still in heavy development, and it makes no difference who gets a character out first. Take maybe a week or two off, then come back with a new start. Maybe we can help you keep your character, but have him keep creation. Your hard work doesn't have to go to waste.

    Now for the magik system.

    All life has life energy. It is a form of energy just like any other, it is used to sustain life. Upon the death of a living creature, life energy does not simply vanish, no energy is destroyed. Life energy seeks out a new host. It finds those worthy of it, and manifests itself as a magik that being is worthy of, whether it shadow, earth, wind, lightning or any other.

    Creatures die of old age if their life energy runs out, turned into other forms such as kinetic and heat. This caused legendary mages to exist in the past, living many times the length of a normal creature, as they would have the life energy of multiple.

    However, after the war began, death became extremely common. Everyone suddenly began to develop powers, the life energy with no host was rapidly increasing. It even reached the point where all intelligent species had some form of magik, and the life energy was forced to seek out more hosts.

    It tried to give its power to spiders first, as their beautiful webs made them the most worthy of nature magik, behind the intelligent races. However, the mistake was soon realised. The spiders, unable to hold the flooding of life energy into them, rapidly mutated, causing them to become huge, enough to hold the magik. The life energy was mostly used in this mutation though, and they did not receive magik. These creatures, which became known as crawlers, rapidly reproduced, becoming the menace they are now.

    After this, life energy sought out what used to be intelligent: the dead intelligent species. This is where all excess energy goes today. It is used to re-animate their skeletons, and it can sustain their life for a few months, up to 5 years for the very luckiest. This makes them very jealous of the living, and they seek to kill as many as possible, in the hopes that their victim's life energy may someday come to them. These are the bone-men.
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    lame, start again

    how about the magic of parapraphs you lazy sack of shit

    sounds great cheese
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    Ok, and thanks.

    Is this physics?
    Yep, physics :P
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    No, it's not
    That's not how physics works. Most good magic systems are based off of physics as I have been taught.
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    I SAW NOTHINK! /salute

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