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    So....because I just taught of 3 interesting abilities that I may want to use but haven't come up with a total character yet......(Well, I did but then I changed the abilities to this and he now needs a rework)

    Enter the shadows: at the end of each round {PlaceHolder} will enter the shadows, making him invisible for a maximum for 2 rounds (6 turns cool down which activates only after he got out of stealth , leaves stealth upon trying to attack). (This happens regardless if {PlaceHolder} did anything during his turn or not)

    Twin attack: Can only be used if {PlaceHolder} is in stealth. {PlaceHolder} will attack twice this turn(doesn't need to be the same target). Both attacks will gain potential boninesses from leaving stealth (6 turn cooldown)

    Casts Shadows: {PlaceHolder} won't attack this turn, instead his abilities that are currently on cooldown recharge by 1 and until "Enter the shadows" goes on cooldown it gives {PlaceHolder} an boost in Strenght of 1 for each time "Casts Shadows" was used before entering stealth. (No cooldown)

    This is only a very,very rough draft and I may or may not end up using anything like this. Things that I'm not sure about are the cooldowns and the bonus. Also to make it clear, Enter the Shadows doesn't happen on {PlaceHolder}'s turn but at the end of the round. Thus lets say combat begins then he will only go into stealth after the last character did its thing. Thus something like this

    char1->{PlaceHolder}->char2->char3->{PlaceHolder} enters stealth ->new round(Probably starting off with char1 again)

    I hope the abilities are clear enough, I also choose the long cooldowns so I could make real use of "Casts Shadows". However it may be that the current bonus is too small to be worth the effort (except for decreasing wait time on other abilities but as I put them high so I could make better use of "Casts Shadows" that isn't exactly what I hoped to archive with it.). I am also not sure if Twin Attack is balanced but as I already mentioned, I am very bad at making balanced things :p
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    @LivingAngryCheese how would the innate magical ability he decided for a character? Based on the backstory? And how would it activate?
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    Uhhh.. what? You choose your magik, but there should be some kind of reason in your backstory that you have that/those magik(s). For example, Lexia's family are farmers.
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    My first thought is that twin attack looks seriously op, but we'd have to test it.
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    No need to test. I can tell you that it's op as hell.
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    OK, I like the improved descriptions, but there's still a bit of work needed.

    Shadow walking, not sure why this heals him, but we could say that the shadows enter his wounds, stopping him from bleeding. For balance, the healing would be reduced to 1, or you could double the cooldown. This is your best description though, it can be balanced.

    Shadow wielding, well, you're misunderstanding the combat system here. You deal damage based off of your strength, and you don't just do straight up 'This is one damage'. Both people roll, to wound or deal damage it is strength vs. armour. We could replace this with him creating a weapon of shadows which he straight up magical attacks with. This would be 1 turn cooldown.

    Blessings, again, this is still too vague. If you say 'various effects' you're basically giving yourself infinite abilities that I have to balance on the go. It should be some kind of buff, like a buff to their stats or something.
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    Well, as I already said: I am very bad at making balanced things :p
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    What about an attack from stealth that is guaranteed to hit, but not to damage?
  9. lenscas

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    I guess that could work, also don't try too hard to balance it all yet. As it is very possible I will totally change my mind before anything gets done :p
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    So, gor, seeing as you're almost done, would you like to try to make an appearance? I would recommend the anime avatar maker on It may seem a bit 'meh anime', but it's actually one of the best avatar makers you'll find.
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    Meet your first NPC! His appearance is a WIP due to being on my phone. Improvement still going on.

    Name: Calhoun Reeves

    Age: 23

    Magiks: Fire

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: A bit of a wildcard, Calhoun has always taken almost sadistic pleasure in wreaking absolute havoc upon the battlefield. While not the most powerful of hunters, he likes to hurl a never-ending barrage of spells at his enemies. He finds fighting almost funny, and is bored by most things that don't involve fighting. He has no problems with sacrificing fellow humans to carry on a battle, and when wounded, instead of fleeing, enters a bloodthirsty rage, ripping apart his enemies.

    Backstory: The son of Nikolas Reeves, the owner of the battle school, he has grown up fighting. He literally lives in battle, it is both the necessity it is for everyone and the time when it is not necessary. Because of this, it's all he's ever known. He has tried other jobs, but working under his father is all he's ever enjoyed. He has various kills under his belt and isn't modest about them by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps the reason for this is the death of his mother by the hands of a weather being, 3 weeks after he was born. Because of this, he was raised entirely by his dad. His father, with no time for his son due to his extremely important job as the headmaster of the battle school, raised his son inside his job, raising him in the battle school. Calhoun has, therefore, been raised by battle. Really, he's no more sadistic than the next, it's just all he's ever known.

    A cloak with runic inscriptions to enhance his magik reserves.
    Twin daggers.

    Stats (30 total):

    Health: 3
    Armour: 4
    Strength: 5
    Accuracy: 3
    Magical skill: 6
    Magical defence: 4

    Magical abilities (3 total):

    Hail of flames: Loses 1 accuracy and 2 magical skill until 3 turns have passed, including the turn it is used. Each of the turns he has these debuffs, he makes a magical attack on a random enemy along with his normal action. 4 turn cooldown.

    Burning rage: On 1 health, Calhoun gains +3 to power, accuracy and magical skill

    Explosive fireball: Attacks 2 enemies with -2 magical skill. 4 turn cooldown.
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    Sounds somewhat OP to heal, AND to get stealth. Just think of someone like Sy in BTNS, his just gives him a bonus upon exit to power, but that's nothing compared to a heal.
    Healing should not be underestimated, just remember Elin's nanobots in the short circuit fight in BTNS. If she hadn't used them of Ina, then Sy would have killed her there and then. For a player character under the standards here, healing should be a dedicated ability, not something that gives also another unrelated bonus.
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    Uhh maybe

    Wee bit busy on that other rp..
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    I never said he got stealth.
  15. LivingAngryCheese

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    "Feel free to sign up now, and I encourage you to so that we can get your characters ready, but this will not start for a while, except maybe starting with long posting rounds."

    From the op.
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    Is this better, @LivingAngryCheese?
  17. LivingAngryCheese

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    For the blessing, just make it +1 to strength, magic protection and magic skill (or replace magic skill with any other stat, just not health)
  18. LivingAngryCheese

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    OK, here we go:

    Steam spray: Two enemies lose 2 accuracy until the start of his turn.

    Detect magik: When used on an enemy, gain 2 agility for rolls to dodge magik used by that enemy for the rest of the battle. 3 turn cooldown.

    Suppress magik: When any of these reach full:
    5 magik abilities used
    2 magik abilities aimed at him
    1 magik ability hit him
    Two enemies and one ally lose magik abilities for their next 2 turns.
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    Can you take another swing at that second one? I wouldn't use detect on a specific enemy; I'd use it to generally-locate magiks around me, emanating from objects or individuals. And then avoid them at all costs because magic sucks (it might also render me into a state of increased agitation or nervouseness. From an RP perspective, I wouldn't necessarily warn my team that there's magic nearby, I'd just start wigging out a bit)
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    What are golems like?

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