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    Do you have descriptions for them?
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    No. Pick a few you want descriptions for and I'll give you answers. I know what they are, I just don't have descriptions written down.
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    Shadow, Dark, Holy and Creation
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    Yay! I guess you like the setting then
    I'm guessing you're new to it so I hope you'll enjoy it :D
    I'll make sure to help you as much as I can and force kindly ask some of the more experienced RPers to give advice too.
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    Add Light, Summoning, and Animation to this list, I'd be interested to know how they differ. Also, any transformation magiks?
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    Commonly mistaken for dark magik, shadow magik is actually very different. As with most magiks, it is made up of three main abilities. These are:

    Shadow walking:
    The ability to become a shadow and move undetected.

    Shadow manipulating:
    The ability to change the appearance of shadows.

    Shadow wielding:
    The ability to use physical shadows with devastating force.


    In older times considered evil, now, there is no clear distinction between good and bad. It is separated into three main abilities:

    Dark resurrection:
    The ability to re-animate the dead. However, it does not heal them, just imbues them with life energy. Perfect for mindless slaves.

    The ability to place curses on items and people, imbuing them with strange and horrible effects.

    Runic warding:
    The ability to draw dark runes on to objects and people, which can protect or attack other things should they be activated.


    The complete opposite of Dark magic, Holy magic used to be considered good, but the lines have blurred. It is separated into three parts.

    Holy resurrection:
    The ability to resurrect creatures by healing wounds and restarting the heart. Resurrected creatures will still be badly wounded, but they will be healed just enough to carry on living.

    The ability to place positive blessings onto people and objects, imbuing them with helpful effects.

    The ability to mend various wounds, even birth problems.


    While creation could be separated into many categories, creating forcefields, blasts and weapons to name a few, creation is essentially one ability.

    The ability to turn magical energy into solid matter.
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    Transformation (shape-shifting) was absorbed by natural. The rest are coming right up!
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    Cheese, I'm considering a mostly-mundane individual from a magical perspective. A tinkerer of sorts, who specializes in steam-punky-type tech. Uses a compressed-air-reload repeating crossbow (3 shots?). Favours ranged combat.

    Dislikes and is fearful of magic and will maintain a "safe" distance from companions who use it. Bonus if I can incorporate an innate magical ability that I'm not aware of and that I can refuse to acknowledge. See AoE magical dampening thoughts below.

    Diminutive in stature. One eye: lost the left eye to a magical accident as a child. Missing two fingers on left hand for same reason.

    Wears special goggles: a special lens on the right eye provides enhanced depth perception.

    Not sure of powers. A suppression ability might be applicable. Good with locked doors. A means of protecting self from magic, or dampening/nullifying magic in an area or on a target might be appropriate.
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    Light, commonly mistaken as holy magik, is the opposite of shadow magik. It has three main parts:

    Light manipulation:
    The ability to bend and adjust light. Used for things such as partial invisibility.

    Light wielding:
    The ability to physically wield light as a weapon.

    Light enhancing:
    The ability to create physical objects on people's bodies, such as wings.


    Summoning is an extremely powerful magik. As such, there is only one discipline of summoning, as it takes so much concentration on its own.

    The ability to summon creatures of the Second Dimension to do one's bidding.


    Animation is an interesting magik, with an extremely uncommon two disciplines.

    Fast animation:
    The ability to give life to objects in the heat of the moment, giving them crude yet varied forms.

    Prepared animation:
    The ability to forge carefully planned golems, which can have much more powerful and specific effects.
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    So firstly, don't worry about ammo, this combat system doesn't account for ammo. Also, ranged fighting is no different to close combat. Only abilities can stop attacks against you.

    Secondly, he can dislike/fear magic, but everyone else will be using it.

    Thirdly, everyone has innate magical ability, so that would work yes.

    Finally, if you could be a little more specific I'll give some ability suggestions.
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    @LivingAngryCheese if my character used one type of magik in the past, but he has decided to stop using it because it wouldn't prove of much use in fights, I could have it in his backstory, but not as one of his abilities(and thus he wouldn't be able to use it), right?
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    Magiks:Shadow, Holy
    Appearance (picture or description):
    Personality:lonely, can't really control his anger, will defend people that are in great danger
    Backstory (You've always lived in Pert):
    Chuckington's family was pretty poor, they had to live in a cave. He has lost his dad when he was 6, he saw him getting killed by a giant bear-like monster. When he was 7 he found two very old(read: ancient) books, one was describing minerals and mettalurgy and the other was having the alphabet. When he was 8 he started school knowing how to read and some information about mettalurgy. He started learning magic, blacksmithing and fighting. When he was 10, he made himself a make-shift pickaxe and mined some iron which he made into a chestplate, altough he didn't only used iron he also poured some of his blood and the blood of the bear-like monster which he killed with a couple friends, as the monster was old, the chestplate was bound together using creation. The weapon of his choice was a giant hammer inspired by his blacksmithing hammer, to obtain it, he went in a forest and chopped an old tree that would have died soon anyway. The process of the creation of this hammer was very simmilar to the one of creating his chestplate. He has also made himself
    some leather and fur pants from the skin and fur of that monster. The creation of the mentioned armor took him 5 years. He decided to stop using creation as it didn't have any use for him in fights. Until he was 17 he has specialized himself in holy magik, but one day he found his mother dead in their "house", he tryed to use Holy Resurrection to revive her, but it didn't work. In that day he started learning Shadow Magik
    Equipment: a bloody iron chestplate, a giant bloody hammer, fur and leather pants, which are bloody too.
    Stats (25 total):

    Health: 4
    Magical skill:3
    Magical defence:3
    Magical abilities (3 total):

    Shadow walking:
    Chuckington uses a drop of his blood to allow him to go in the shadows, him not being able to use an attack this turn, and because the shadows enter his lungs and then his blood, he can regen 1 point of health. Cooldown 2 turn

    Shadow wielding:
    If Chuckington can't use his hammer for various reason, he will then create a weapon of shadows and use it to fight.(the attack is straight magik) Cooldown 1 turn

    Chuckington will give people in great danger the next buffs: +1 to strength, magic protection and magic skill. He cannot give them to himself, Cooldown 2 turns
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    I don't think cheese meant it that way.
    They were lore examples of how they work, however how the character used them (and thus what it would do) is something you need to think of yourself.

    For example, your character might have as ability Blessing of healing: Chuckington channels his magic into a powerful blessing, healing a character for 2 points for each point in magic he has.
    (Note: this is only an example and you probably shouldn't use this exact wording as with some more imagination it can be written down a lot better.)
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    No concerns from me on any of this. I'm a quasi-reluctant companion, gruff and separate. Building relationships is difficult for me when confronted with the difficulties of overcoming my fears and presumptions.

    Ability one: shut down a person somehow (Suppression) so that he's delayed for a period of time.
    Ability two: detect magic (goggles)
    Ability three: suppress magic in an area. I cannot target it or direct it at enemies only. I cannot predict the range. I cannot even predict with surety that it will happen. I just know that magic seems to sometimes shut down near me when I'm filled with particular fear.
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    So, some feedback. Lens is completely right, despite his horrifically op ability description
    What I described is lore.
    Secondly, magik defence 1? Anyone with a magik attack will wipe the floor with you.
    Finally, if you're going to specialise in more than one type of magik, you need a backstory reason for it. Your everyday guy doesn't just learn 2 completely different types of magik.
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    I've got ideas for these but I'm kinda busy rn.
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    As this RP combat system is based off of BtNS, here's an example of my own character from that for reference. Obviously your characters for this one would have less tech-related abilities.


    Redirect Power
    • User redirects power to and from a variety of high tech systems.
    • User reallocates all of their base stats.
    • If used during battle, 3 stat points are lost each time this ability is activated until the end of the battle.
    • Can only be used once every 4 turns.
    Neural-binding Nanostrike
    • User configures internal magnets to launch 'bullets' of specially programmed nanobots towards an opponent. These nanobots attempt to self-replicate towards the brain once inside the target's bloodstream.
    • User makes a magic-based attack against a target opponent.
    • If the damage equals or exceeds the target's current HP, no damage is dealt and the target becomes 'bound,' which persists after battle.
    • A bound target is unable to attack the user and those specified by the user.
    Nanobot Transfusion
    • User's internal nanobots are transfused into a target's body, restoring natural functions.
    • User may reduce any of their own stats by any number, which lasts until the end of battle. The chosen target is healed by the total number of collective stat points reduced.
    • A target healed from 0 HP in this way becomes 'bound' (see Neural-binding Nanostrike).
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    just give it a cooldown of 100 turns that even last after a battle. That would do :p
    (or ya know, cap it at the max health of the character so you can only heal wounds )
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    @LivingAngryCheese What magic would my character fall under? Also, vine whip should just use magic. My character will be able to do unarmed combat if needed, but that's undeveloped and she'd strongly prefer magic.

    At the moment, vine whip is rather unfocused. She can summon the vine and hurl it at an enemy, but can't do much beyond that. Over time, she'll devolop finer control for the vines and will eventually be able to effectively possess a vine, using it to scout ahead or look into a gopher hole or whatever. At the moment though, it's more flinging around dead weight. Other future abilities could be animate ent, which will be quite difficult to actually do, but will have devastating results. Another is a healing ability that I already have a story plan for. It doesn't work too fast as it requires magik boosted photosynthesis to actually work, but it should do in an emergency. It's more for when someone gets gravely injured as it effectively removes that player from battle for a while.

    EDIT: I just noticed the natural school in the list. Derp. I swear the first time I read that it wasn't there.
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    I will be doing the watchings and the thinkings from the sidelines, I'm reading over everything atm. But I might be interested!
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