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Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Coldberg, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    come in , the addres is mc.2bits.in
  2. sinnerr

    sinnerr New Member

    I'm very interested
    IGN : Somnolency
    19 years. I've been playing minecraft for around 2 year, modded around 1 year. Love magic mods, but i interesting in tech suff too).
  3. GamerNebulae

    GamerNebulae New Member

    IGN: gamerkeeperson
    Age: 17 years
    I've been playing modded minecraft for about 3 years and I am a commited player. I always love to play with several people and do group projects.
  4. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    come right in
  5. Vendetta

    Vendetta New Member

    IGN: vend_tta
    Age: 17
    Been playing around with mods since tekkit then moved onto FTB as it started up. Haven't played around with mods in a while would be nice to do in a small community
  6. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    Sure come by the server
  7. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    Whitelisting is temporarily disabled by the way
  8. Pgnshadow

    Pgnshadow New Member

    IGN: DemonicShadow89
    Info: I have been Playing MC for 5 yrs and al the FTB,At launcher Mod Packs FOr 3 yrs
    I will spend way to much time on the server Working with all Machines and Helping Other Players out, Iwas Also a Mod for a server for 2 yrs and Have Run and Ran MC Servers for 4 yrs
  9. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    Come in come in
  10. Ign: Halvor59
    Location: US
    Minecraft experience: 3+ years
    I have played FTB on an amateur level and would like to get more adept with the mods in that pack as well as play and collar with other people, thanks for the opportunity
  11. If y'all are still whitelisting:

    IGN: Orangehatkidd
    Age: 21
    I haven't been able to play on a server in a while. Just got burned out of gregtech on my single player world and I wanted to go back to the direwolf20 pack which is my long time favorite.
    I've played minecraft since 1.8 beta but I only got around to mods when redpower 2 was in it's prime. I'd like to play on a server that lasts long enough for me to get to late game because I progress pretty slowly

  12. TracK1ng

    TracK1ng Guest

    Ign: TracK1w
    Age: 25
    Info: I play FTB packs, i want to learn with people about a lot of mods.
  13. Hops

    Hops New Member

    IGN: hopdog
    30+ looking for a new server to call home, love tech mods and automation. coming back to MC so i have a few new mods to learn/relearn, Thanks for your consideration.
  14. Syndrogo

    Syndrogo New Member

    IGN: Syndrogo
    26 looking to play with a few guys. Been playing off and on for years
  15. GRUNKfist

    GRUNKfist Guest

    Hello, I'm interested in doing IC2 fully.
    37 years old. Plenty of time on my hands.
    skype: grunkfist
  16. takeryuu

    takeryuu Guest

    Just looking to see if I can build in peace on a friendly server.
    Used to playing tekkit but just came back to minecraft after a few years break.
    25 years of age.
    Nickname is Takeryuu.
    I have skype but really only use discord, vent or ts.
  17. oldsniper225

    oldsniper225 Guest

    I would love to join you! just got back into FTB and i am looking for a server

    Ign: oldsniper123
    Age: 18
    Info: I've played on many different small community based servers and i love them and I mostly play daily.

    oops this was 3 years ago
  18. mmmBoost

    mmmBoost New Member

    Sounds Like a fun server and i would enjoy hanging out.
    IGN: mmmBoost
    Age: 33
    Info: I've been playing modded for many years and I really enjoy mature people that respect others and their builds. I play almost everyday
  19. ProdigHD

    ProdigHD New Member

    Hej ther ! 27 years old play allot MC from Vanilla to moddet.

    Hopp i hear from you ;)
  20. Arttu Tuominen

    Arttu Tuominen New Member

    IGN: Surcostale
    Age: 22
    Info: Had break since 1.7 Modpacks. Started playing during mindcrack pack 1.4.7. Would love to start playing again on mature server and get back into modded MC.

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