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Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Coldberg, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. ign: countryboy2327
    age 25
    info: just want to play with a small amount of people
  2. augmaster1

    augmaster1 Guest

    i would like to have fun and just learn with friends
    ign: AugMaster
    age 18
    from france
  3. Cpt_Bloodoc

    Cpt_Bloodoc Guest

    I'm Interested
    IGN: Cpt_Bloodoc
    looking for a group to help me out, i just got the mod pack and ive never used it before. I'm 20
  4. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    IGN Moryse
    im 20 years old and im trying to get back into Minecraft DW20, i prefer small servers of tight knot communities
  5. protexxi

    protexxi New Member

    Love to Play With you all!
    IGN: Protexxi
    22 been playing mods since 1.2.5 OG FTB map! Tech Guy magic mods? what magic mods?
  6. Megagmat

    Megagmat New Member

    Hey, sounds like a great server, would love to be a part of it.

    IGN: GM19
    Age: 22

    Pretty mellow person, I like cracking jokes, breeding trees and just general silliness.
  7. Surrealnirvana

    Surrealnirvana New Member

    Ign: Surrealnivana ( yeah, nivana not nirvana. Way back when Minecraft was still unknown I mistyped it during registration and Mojang would never let me change it. I was far too lazy to buy another account. )
    Age: 30

    Looking for a stable server with mature players to record a new Minecraft series for my (small) youtube channel. I'm pretty chill.
  8. Teki

    Teki Guest

    IGN: Ijemima (me) and Sm0kingTurtle (friend)
    Age: 18(me) and 16 (friend)
    Been playing since around 2012/13
  9. jurgenroo

    jurgenroo New Member

    love to join
    ing mcdreamer1
    45 years. playing past years minecraft almost fultime lol, love to play on a community server. because of server stop i have to change ,so im looking for a new home

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