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Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Coldberg, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    Would love to invite a few 18+ year old direwolf20 players who just like tinkering about on their own and keep each other company. Post here if anyone is interested
  2. Scyther159

    Scyther159 New Member

    I'm interested in playing.

    Ign: Scythk
    Age: 20
    Info: I've been playing with mods since 1.8/1.9 beta, well knowledgeable with majority of the mods in the pack.
  3. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    welcome aboard, address: mc.2bits.in
  4. Acrid

    Acrid New Member

    Sure. Username is Hishotodo, I'm 26.

    Just looking for some casual fun with some added extras with FTB.
  5. r2range

    r2range New Member

    hi am interested in playing

    ign: r2range
    Age: 23

    i would like to play together with my cousin :

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  6. NadePvP

    NadePvP New Member

    I'm interested in playing.

    Ign: NadePvP
    Age: 18
    Info: I'm playing Minecraft since Alpha and i played Modpacks for about half a year, now after a break i wanna get into Modpacks again! :) I love to play together with others and share items, build stuff together :)
    Location: Germany
  7. wiseguy303

    wiseguy303 New Member

    I'd like to check it out.

    IGN: wiseguy303
    Age: 23
  8. Gamings

    Gamings New Member

    I'd also like to see this server.

    Ign: gamings
    Age: 22

    However I can only play for about a week.
  9. Nahaniel

    Nahaniel New Member

    Hey, I am looking for a small server to have a small break from my OP duties on another server :D

    IGN: Olfington
    Info: PLaying MC since 1.5.2 (yea, latestarter) and within the same time with modded!
    I will spend way to mucuh time for a normal person and i will mainly focus on the magic Mods (with a little Tech to spice it up)!

    So, when you are ok with it to be my "vacation" server i´ll be glad to join.
    Oh, and i improve my english everyday, so for mistakes :D
  10. Snooze_50

    Snooze_50 New Member

    Im interested in playing.

    IGN: Snooze_50
    Age: 21

    I've been playing minecraft for several years and started playing with mods heavily for the past two years. I've just been looking for a server with a good community of players that I can gain knowledge from and enjoy playing with.
  11. creepermitch

    creepermitch New Member

    IGN: loineyechris
    AGE: 30
    I wanna get on it

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  12. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    added all of you , address: mc.2bits.in
    though no submissions for now i doubt the server would hold all of you at once but we'll see
    please please please don't create myst worlds they kill ram at an enourmous rate
  13. Yurlos

    Yurlos New Member

    IGN: Germanko
    AGE: 22
    Looking for small WL server :)
  14. Julián Franco

    Julián Franco New Member

    IGN: HarelexJuls
    AGE: 18
    INFO: I've been looking for a nice Direwolf20 Server to play with others, learn together and have lots of fun. About my experience, I've played Direwolf20 back in 1.6.4 and in 1.7.10 I played Bevo Techpack, so I can defend myself pretty well in most of the mods inside the Direwolf modpack. btw, if anyone knows inside the community of the server, and is willing to teach me if I get accepted, I haven't ever been able to understand how does the AE Auto-Crafting works. :p
  15. derlYn

    derlYn New Member

    IGN: _derlYn_
    age: 28
    Hey, since the release of the dire 1.7.10 pack the secound server i played on went offline. since i dont want to continue this trend iam looking for a "long-lasting" server. maybee this is the one ?
    iam playing ftb since a long time now, and still enjoy it. i like to build tiny compact systems and also just building :p i would say iam well experiance in a lot of mods. i like to build my "base" alone but i also like the interaction with other players ( is it a big build together, building funny stuff, to just have fun together, or just help others where i can ).

    it would be nice to hear a bit about u and your server in terms of:
    how do u plan to keep the server running?
    are there activ admins? how is the server payed?
    how will it get paid in the future?
    do u have experiance in maintaining a server?
    where is the server located?
    how many slots do u want to fill?

    cheers, chris
  16. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    What do you mean how do i plan to keep it running ? I rent my own vps server as long as people dont get greedy with myst ages, it's all good
    I have one active admin that playes alot (hachepsuta) but there isn't much policing
    I use worldguard to reserve regions for people so they dont get griefed
    I don't reckon there will be alot of players playing all the time but it's mostly very small group of friends orientated kind of server.
    It doesn't cost a whole lot to operate at current resource usage about 28 euro/mo
    It's located in lithuania
    Up to smth like 5-10 people operating at any one time
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2015
  17. Skarate

    Skarate New Member

    IGN: SKarate
    Age: 24
    Info: Doing another server died hop :/ Trying to find one with staying power.
  18. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

  19. rroecker

    rroecker New Member

    I'm interested.
    Username is rroecker
    I'm 18 been playing with with mods for about 3 years have pretty good knowledge of all the mods in this pack.
  20. Xerocry

    Xerocry New Member

    I'm interested.
    IGN : Xerocry
    19 years. I've been playing minecraft for around 3 years, modded around 2 years. Love tech stuff, automation and magic.

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