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Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Coldberg, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Sanedwyzane

    Sanedwyzane New Member

    IGN: Sanedwyzane
    Age: 35
    I am actually looking for a home for me, my brother, and a friend. We've been running a private server on Creeperhost for about 6 months now. We are just wanting to get into some bigger servers and seeing other builds and designs in action. We are so used to seeing each others builds now. Between the three of us we cover a lot of different areas of FTB. Each of us take on a different mod and implement into our builds. It seems to work well for us.
  2. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    someone broke the server, investigating startup crash : (
  3. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    server's back up , players added
  4. Wongger

    Wongger New Member

    IGN: Wongger
    25 years old, been playing FTB for about a year, so I know lots about most of the mods! Looking for a nice friendly server!
  5. SixyKyon

    SixyKyon New Member


    Age: 19
    Info: I've been playing with mods for a long time now. I have no personal prefference of mods, i like to experiment with all and new mods to find ways they can interact with each other.
  6. Khelbyn

    Khelbyn New Member

    I am but a refugee looking for a new home.

    IGN: Khelbyn
    Age: 20
    Info: I've been playing since a few months before beta 1.7, the piston update, starting playing FTB because of the Mindcrack server, and started on the Mindcrack pack, then moved to Ultimate, Unleashed, Monster, and hope for a Direwolf one now.
    Ever been banned?: I have not been.
    Type of player I am?: Most of my time I'm off and about on my own, or exploring (I LOVE exploring), and most of the time I just like to get myself going mod through mod and after I get done with all the mods I want to, I get to building. Most of what I do is usually aesthetically pleasing to some extent, but I'll admit, I'm not the greatest builder ^.^
  7. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    I'v disabled whitelisting for now , anyone that want to join , just join mc.2bits.in
  8. Silvi

    Silvi New Member

    I'm interested.
    IGN: Blueivyy
    21 years old I've played minecraft since alpha and really enjoyed it and am looking for a small community of friendly players to enjoy the modpack with!
  9. Daniel_Kool

    Daniel_Kool New Member

    interested aswell
    IGN drwkool

    36 y/o Dutch guy
    enjoying DW20 pack for 2 years now and looking arround for new adventures
  10. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    please come in
  11. xBad_Ass

    xBad_Ass New Member

    Age: 22
    What is your knowledge about mods/ftb:very little, im new to pc minecraft mods as ive been playing xbox minecraft, so i would like to learn
    How often will you be online: 1 hour a day weekends more as i work loads :)
    Extra:i hope if there would be someone i could work with or gets peoples advise if i dont understand.
  12. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    please come in mc.2bits.in
  13. arranms96

    arranms96 New Member

    IGN: iOnlyUseMyFists
    AGE: 18
    Experience: I've play feed the beast a lot and have experience in many of the mods including thermal expansion, AE2
    Favorite mods: AE2, Thermal Expansion, Ender io, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic
    How often will i be on: 4+ Hour a day maybe more just a ruff idea.
    Played alot of other server but they either changed pack or server went down, im looking for a small community.
  14. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    come in , but eh we seem to be having some crashing issues so sometimes it might be down
    i get it back up as soon as i can
  15. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    still open (remind you the address mc.2bits.in)
  16. RyanJames

    RyanJames New Member

    I would like to join.

    I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years and modded for around 2 years possibly longer id say im above average just not in to the magic side.
    My group of frineds dont play minecraft so i tend to play by myself witch can get boring after abit.

    IGN: RJHx
    Age: 18
  17. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    welcome RJHx
  18. wendictive

    wendictive New Member

    Hi coldberg
    where is the server located? if its outside europe it laggs me :) btw ur server sounds cool
  19. Coldberg

    Coldberg Active Member

    it's in luthuania (inside of europe)
  20. wendictive

    wendictive New Member

    well ill give it a try if u would like having me around
    ign: wendictive
    age 42 female
    from denmark

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