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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by SoartexFanver, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. zenkmander

    zenkmander Member

    Hey there, I posted an issue to the patcher github but figured I'd ask here as well. Version 2.1 of the patcher doesn't want to open on Windows 8 x64 with Java 8u5 64-bit installed. There are no errors either, the jar simply doesn't launch.

    I was also reading through the patcher info on your site and its github, and it seems like the new patcher is aimed more at particular texture artists for making their own versions? If so, will there be a version of the patcher like 1.2, where you can just select the mods you'd like to get Soartex textures for and it just builds a zip of that? Or should I just stick with 1.2 for now?
  2. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Well-Known Member

    Just did some general cleanup on the mod support, most specifically TE. All the TE GUIs line up now. ;)
    How about a tesseract?
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  3. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    New versions of all the modded packs have been uploaded! Enjoy :)

    ~ artdude543
  4. zenkmander

    zenkmander Member

    Is there a rough ETA on when the new patcher will be available/working? I maintain the Soartex pack for TPPI and I'd love to get those new TE textures in :)
  5. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Well-Known Member

    ^^ handled

    Also, Zenkmander added TPPI to the auto build pack list, so we now have a automatically updating download for it as well. ;)
  6. Marsupilami

    Marsupilami Well-Known Member

    @SoartexFanver Looks like all of the FTB packs have "_FTB_" in the links on the download page, but the actual file to download does not. So all of the links are broken as is.
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  7. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    Thats my fault forgot to update the file names after we switch server scripts :/ Thanks for letting us know about this bug! It should now be fixed

    ~ artdude543
  8. Morpheus0001

    Morpheus0001 New Member

    this Pack is buggy with Reactorcraft and Rotarycraft.
  9. SaintLucifer

    SaintLucifer Well-Known Member

    Well most of both Reactorcraft and Rotarycraft textures were not updated since like 3-5 months ago, so yeah it's very bugged and with lots of conflicts on it.
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  10. weedenbc

    weedenbc Active Member

    Hi guys. Currently playing Agrarian Skies and noticed that the front texture for TE pulverizers is broken - shows the purple/black texture when the machine is running. It was working fine a couple of days ago. I recently updated AS to 2.1.5 and the Soartex patcher (v 2.1) says I have the May 11 textures for both TE and TE Clean Machines.

    Did I do something wrong in the patching process?
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  11. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    Hey, not sure what could of caused this error but the texture is loading fine for me and im using the 2.1.5 of AS too and its showing. To be sure can you try out the download from here: http://soartex.net/downloads/modpacks/#ftb for AS to see if it fixes the problem. If it does and want the TE Clean Machines download the patch from here http://soartex.net/downloads/mods/#16x and add that to the your pack. If this does solve the problem then it could be the patcher acting up again and I will raise an issue with the dev team about it :)

    ~ artdude543[DOUBLEPOST=1400346813][/DOUBLEPOST]
    We are aware of the "bugged" textures, and this is on the list to be fixed so an update for that mod will be done soon.

    ~ artdude543
  12. weedenbc

    weedenbc Active Member

    I nuked the texture pack I was using (which was the one with ALL the mods) and just went with the AS pack. It works fine! I didn't try reinstalling clean machines, maybe that's where the issue is. But thanks!
  13. Internuntius

    Internuntius Well-Known Member

    Is there any where a completely finished version of Textute package? (for example, for TechWorld2 or Direwolf20)

    So where ALL trees, animals, machinery, grasses, etc. have a Texture

    If so, where can I find them please? The from the launcher it's not and the one from soartex.net isn´t it too.
  14. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    Asking in a rude manner but okay... Soartex Fanver does not have 100% modded support we don't have the large workforce as other packs to get all the textures done for each mod, so it takes time to get them done. We are always looking for people to help pitch in with the support all our repositories are found here. We do try hard to get the "100%" support done for mods but we do also work on other things in Fanver so time is not always on our side. Sorry if this is causing any problems for you but we can't rush making textures as the quality would then be lost. We work mainly on the quality than the quantity.

    ~ artdude543
  15. CeaRinZ

    CeaRinZ New Member

    How to fix this error ? Every one ?
  16. Internuntius

    Internuntius Well-Known Member

    Have the same Problem... (Graphic Card Radeon HD 6670) - Take an other texture pack, then you haven´t this error.
  17. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    Hey there, this is a problem with your game set up or your graphics card. As quoted from another texture pack thread;

    So what I suggest is look to add more RAM to your instance as the Soartex Fanver pack does use a fair amount of RAM with modded packs due to the textures and the animations. If you can't bump your RAM or you already have a fair amount allocated, then I can only guess it would be your graphics card which is your problem. But try adding more RAM to your game if the problem persists then I don't really know another fix for you.

    ~ artdude543
  18. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam Well-Known Member

    I added an animation to the pulverizer in clean machines. If normal TE patches over clean machines, then the pulverizer has one frame with a leftover animation .mcmeta file- which breaks it. I can probably tweak that mcmeta file to not break if it tries to animate the single frame standard soartex pulverizer.

    Otherwise, just going into the TE machines folder and deleting the pulverizer_active.png.mcmeta file would work too. I don't like sending people in to do manual fixes of their pack, though, so I'll work on a fix.
  19. Internuntius

    Internuntius Well-Known Member

    Have been a problem today in the presentation of "steam" from RailCraft, this is suddenly a "rail" and represented no more than "steam" .... I have absolutely nothing changed on my PC / System, there was also no Windows Update or something ... The Texture has just suddenly changed ... What can I do?
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  20. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver Active Member

    Hey, What you can try to fix this is have the Soartex Fanver pack as your selected resource pack on the game. Then close it and re-open this game about 50% this fixes this bug, another fix could be to allocate more memory to your game, as the Fanver pack uses a fair amount more RAM on your game. So try adding some more RAM to the game and see if this fixes it. Low RAM on the game during the loading phase can cause some textures to not get loaded in. If any of these two don't fix it let me know what pack you are using and which Fanver download you are using.

    ~ artdude543

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