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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by SoartexFanver, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member


    Welcome to the fan continuation of Soartex, a smooth 64x texture pack started by Soar49!

    1.7.x pack:
    Custom Pack Downloads, Universal Pack Download
    (Updated: 15/11/2014)
    (Universal pack will support all FTB Packs)

    1.5.2 pack:
    Main Download
    Optifine enables HD skies, varied and connecting textures, randomized mob textures and much more.

    Mod Patcher
    How-to-use. Add more mod textures to your pack without the hassle!

    General Downloads
    Vanilla, Customizers, and more
    HD Texture packs were not compatible with Minecraft until 1.5. This means 1.4.7 and 1.2.5 Soartex for FTB require Optifine.

    1.4.7 packs:
    (Downloads are currently broken, these will be fixed soon!)

    Ultimate V1.1
    Magic World V7.3
    Tech World V1.3
    Lite V1.3
    Direwolf20 V5.3
    Mindcrack V8.3
    Yogcraft V1.2

    Delete /environment/lightmap0.png/ to fix discolored Xycraft bricks. This reverts light values to vanilla.

    1.2.5 pack:
    FTB Retro SSP/SMP


    Here's some pictures of FTB textures! Finally! Thanks cpsgames.
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  2. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk New Member

    This is my go to texture pack for almost anything
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  3. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    I'm still here, and I'm still contributing textures, but Kieron (Artdude) is now leading and compiling instead of me. I recently resigned from my position in the Fanver staff in order to pursue another Soartex-y continuation.

    Don't worry, I still have that extra bees machine in mind and that portal. ;)
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  4. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Awesome, looking forward to use this again once the new FTB packs are out of beta!
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  5. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    awesome as always :D
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  6. RedAyeee

    RedAyeee New Member

    Hey just a quick question, I was trying to download this texture pack on the Launcher texture tab but it says the texture pack isn't the right version for what i want to play which is Unleashed.
    Is there a way around it or would i need to wait?

  7. wildc4rd

    wildc4rd Well-Known Member

    For 1.5 versions, I'm guessing you will have to download the textures manually, the launcher it's set up for 1.6 packs now. (I think, lol)
  8. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    or perhaps there never was an Ultimate Soartex on the launcher, that's also a possibility
  9. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Honestly I don't think that ever worked. I always had to go to the site and download manually, which worked just fine.
  10. RedAyeee

    RedAyeee New Member

    Finally got it installed on to my Unleashed mod pack and i gotta admit.. in my opinion one of the top texture packs out there! Thanks !
  11. Gamingjg

    Gamingjg New Member

  12. RedAyeee

    RedAyeee New Member

  13. Gamingjg

    Gamingjg New Member

    1.6.4, Direwolf20 (v1.0.12)

    It started to download finally, tried it every 15 minutes until it did. *shrug*
  14. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member

    The download links should be fixed now, believe this my fault putting in the wrong urls. But should be all working now (I have tested and they are downloading fine)
    ~ artdude543
  15. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member

    FTB Lite download has now been added for people using that pack :)
    ~ artdude543
  16. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I'm wondering... what kind of shaders do you all like to use with modded Soartex? do you use shaders developer by someone else, or do you use a custom shader?
  17. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member

    I don't use any shaders personally and the only one I would recommend is Sonic Ethers shaders. But I am un-sure if playing with shaders is playable, as from my testing machines have lighting glitches and the lighting is funny with other blocks. But thats what I had found, I am happy to add pictures of Soartex Modded with Shaders.
    ~ artdude543
  18. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    well, shaders tend to give problems, but so do other things so it's often a case of caring or not for the problems.
    I used to use both soartex and mr sheep's shaders back when modded minecraft just started rolling for 1.6
    it was pretty nice combination, but I also didn't use alot of mods so it was playable, but I don't know about now with all the mods I now have :p
  19. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I have no idea if this is a Soartex issue or what. Getting rather confusing for me. But In FTB Monster using Soartex I am not getting connected textures on glass, as I would suspect. I know that in earlier versions we needed to have Optifine to make connected textures possible, but I understand that is no longer needed for 1.6+? Now I suspect that the fact that the mod Random Things replaces vanilla glass might have something to do with the problem?
  20. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member

    As far was im away vanilla glass does not have connected textures unless you have either Optifine/MCPatcher. There are mods that add connected glass like Tinkers Construct or MineFactoryReloaded try crafting up those glass blocks if you would like connected glass textures. Otherwise you could attempt installing Optifine on your pack. If your after colored glass then MFR glass will be the best option for the connected textures and cheap recipe :) (The current Soartex Pack does not have connected texture glass due to an error on our server, this will be fixed on a new version going to be pushed on Friday "07/02/2014")
    ~ artdude543

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