[1.7.10] Void World HQM Map [270+ Quests|ProjectE|CustomNPCmod|Second place of JampackedII]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Storkman101, May 8, 2015.

  1. Trisscar

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    Lol, apparently it's shy and doesn't like you looking a tit, judging by the amount of GUI references. Btw, chain gives you very little steel for each piece, so it's not quite as much of a waste as you might think. I'd say just use a conduit/duct/pipe filter and dump it.
  2. Linda Hartlen

    Linda Hartlen New Member

    I was watching Biffa play this as I am finishing up my last few quests to see how he did things differently, and noticed in the technical+ tab he has a lot of jetpack quests that don't show up in mine. *puzzled* What unlocks those quests? I am almost done with everything so not sure what I have missed. And yes I checked that I am playing on the latest version
  3. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    Hmm do you miss the upper part or the lower part? The upper part should actually unlock after doing the NPC quest. the bottom part unlocks after you have done the fluxed ingots quest
  4. Linda Hartlen

    Linda Hartlen New Member

    The upper part, I got the three flux infused ones. And I did the jetpack quest for Leo and lara, but those other jetpack quests never opened (I am assuming that is the NPC quest you mean. I got 100% of the city done)
  5. Preaseth

    Preaseth Guest

    What is the pack code?
  6. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    second sentence of the front page. storkman
  7. akul7171

    akul7171 Guest

    Hey, I have gotten into your pack two days ago, and i just wanted to ask you," Y u no let me sleep?!?" Seriously, this pack is all i have been playing. So im just starting to put together emc farms, and my cobble gen is bottlenecked at the pipes. The extra utilities pipes are super slow, and the ender io ones arent much better. Ive actually started doing transfer node with six stacks of speed connected to a chest, connected to a transfer node with speed, to a chest, and so on. Is there a type of pipe fast enough to keep up with the production, as i dont want to have 32 energy condensers (one for each node)? Thanks for this amazing modpack!
  8. Trisscar

    Trisscar New Member

    If TE is in, the upgraded servos can do amazing things for transferring. Also, assuming you have the cobble dumping into a barrel or chest or similar, try using hoppers instead of pipes, as they are basically instantaneous while having the downside of not being able to go "up".
  9. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    I dont know which cobbelgen you are currently using. But if you are using the pipes just for transfering you can updgrade the transfer nodes with stack upgrades. This makes them pick a full stack out of an inventory per tick instead of just one item and with the enderio there are some upgrade modules which increases the amount picked with 4 each time up to 64. So you make make it they both do 64 per tick.
    Just for clarification:
    the speed upgrades make the transfer notes search faster for an inventory where it can put the item in the note in
    the stack upgrades makes the note pick 64 items at a time instead of 1(if I remembered it correctly)

    This one is also an option, but then it wont make the upgrade modules for the transfer note go to waste
  10. Nybik

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    The blank from thermal expansion crashes minecraft, when he filled with the magical wood recipe :/
    UPD: Crashes only with magical wood/flim flam books recipes - others are ok
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
  11. Nybik

    Nybik New Member

    Fix - of this crash - just update thermal expansion with core.
    BTW, why are you upping cost of blaze rod? It is so slow and in that thread, there was a very good generator - magical wood.
    Here is screenshot after 5-6 hours of playing with this abuse[​IMG] .
  12. vicic8484

    vicic8484 Guest

    why can't I find this pac in the ftb lancher ? (i'm sorry if this question is arealy posted i haven't read these 62 pages)
  13. Mythos123

    Mythos123 New Member

    Because you need to go to the 3rd Party Tab and click "Add Pack Code" in the top right corner and enter the pack code: storkman
  14. vicic8484

    vicic8484 Guest

  15. Foamp

    Foamp Guest

    game crashes whenever i make a new world and try to load into it. all normal settings except sound has changed. also have tried different versions (1.1.10 and 1.1.9)

    crash report: http://pastebin.com/5scieYZs
  16. darkness1744

    darkness1744 Guest

    i tryed to download the modpack but i can´t find anyway to add it to the curse lancher or get the original FTB lancher. if anyone can help me that would be helpfull.
  17. fedprod

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    3 posts above you...
  18. I've been looking everywhere and i can't find jason can someone please help?
  19. Furious_2014

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    Do server exist for this modpack, cause i would like to play on an stable server?
  20. Staltex

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    а тут есть русские?

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