[1.7.10] Void World HQM Map [270+ Quests|ProjectE|CustomNPCmod|Second place of JampackedII]

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    This pack has been awarded the second place in the jampacked II

    pack code: storkman

    Current recommend version: 1.1.10
    Current manual update version: 1.1.10
    Current manual server version: 1.1.10
    Current ftb launcher version: 1.1.10
    Current ftb launcher server version:1.1.10
    Hey guys
    I am Storkman101 and made this map Void World. I have invested a lot of time in this map and I really hope you guys like it. We are now a listed pack in the FTB launcher, so you can find this pack under the thrid-party modpacks from the FTB laucher

    Hello I am you, you probably want to know a lot of me but first I talk a bit about where I live now. I live in a city floating somewhere in space. The strange thing is that there is enough oxygen to breath. But to be sure we brought up a shield which seperate us from the outer space. It was a very lively but small society. But then on one day we were attacked. Everything was different after that day. We were attacked almost every day. The citizens died one by one. We could do nothing about it. Some of us were able to build shelters from the bombs but we are almost out of food, materials and we have no real place to live. I have to find the evil person behind those strikes and take him out so our society can live happy with no worries again.

    This Map is based of ProjectE, so you will get everything with this mod. Also you have to interact with custom made NPC's to get further in the map, this way you have to explore and talk to people (kind of like a RPG)

    Manual updates
    You can also do a manual update since the FTB guys are sometimes slow (and I am publishing new versions to fast sometimes or I am messing things up stupid me :p) see the spoiler below. This way you can always play on the newest version with the latest bugfixes
    Single Player V 1.1.10:https://www.dropbox.com/s/80fn0j1ln6eq9cu/Void World 1.1.10 - V2.zip?dl=0

    Extract these files and put them into your ftb void world folder. These will update the template (for if you start a new world), your config files to update the quests and some other config files, the minetweaker scripts and the mod folder. This should not damage your save where you are playing on

    Server V 1.1.10: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ft8otjefzzi667k/Server V 1.1.10 - V2.zip?dl=0

    Map/CustomNPC Resets
    Sometimes to implement new features of fix some bugs I need to change the blocks in the map itself so these fixes wont be in the map unless you do a map reset.
    Version list that acquire a map reset. It has only effect if you started the world on a lower version then the newest map.
    Sometimes You might have to update the map itself to play the pack to the fullest extent or to not experience any annoying bugs. If you want to do a map reset this is how you have to do it:
    First: Do not delete your old world in case something goes wrong
    Second: do not MOVE the files but COPY them so you can always play on your old world in case something goes wrong
    -Get all your stuff and put it in your player inventory, since you have to make a new world everything you want to take with you has to be in your inventory. A golden bag of holding can help you if you have not enough inventory space.
    -Make sure you close the world before you go further
    -Make a new world
    -COPY (if you just movethem you might loose all your data if something went wrong) all the files listed in the spoiler below from your old world to the new world(both can be found in your ftblauncher folder/VoidWorld/minecraft/saves.
    It was easier to list all the folders/files that dont need to be moved, otherwise they might make the new world corrupted.
    the AE2 folder
    the Aroma1997 folder
    the DIM folders (these store the dimension info so you dont want to copy these)
    The RedstoneEther, contains some dimension info
    the region folder
    the scripts folder
    any of the .dat files that are in the first folder, not in the subfolders
    If it didnt do it properly or you don't like it because some stuff got lost you can always use your old world if you COPIED the files to the new world, so you always can go back. If something didnt work with the map reset notice me and I will help you(I can react the fastest on my github page (see bugs for the link to that)
    If there will be a bugfix of the CustomNPC they are only fixed by doing a semi-map reset. This will only affect your CustomNPC's and might affect your progress with the NPC's
    First of all, update to the newest version
    Go to the Void World folder
    Go to template
    Copy the customnpc folder in the template folder
    Copy them to your world you are playing on
    All the CustomNPC's, dialogs and quests are updated, you might have to redo some quests/diaglogs to get back to the point you were

    Some features of the pack
    This map should be playable with all texturepacks listed in the FTB laucher and have a 1.7.10 version for it.
    The City

    Your starterbase

    Some NPC's

    Quest System
    Another One Bites The Dust
    Applied Energistics 2
    Big Reactors
    Chisel 2
    Custom Npcs
    Ender IO
    Ender Zoo
    Extra Utilities
    Extra TiC
    Fast leaf decay
    Iguana tinker Tweaks
    Inventory Tweaks
    Minefactory Reloaded
    NEI + NEI addons (intergration, not enough items, not enough recources)
    Perfect Spawn
    ProjectRed, with almost all the addons
    Redstone Arsenal
    Simply Jetpacks
    Solar Expansion
    The Twilight Forest
    Thermal Expansion
    TiC Tooltips
    Tinkers Construct
    Tinkers Mechworks
    Wireless Redstone
    Sadly none

    Bugs and Changelogs
    Mapbreaking bugs:
    -Pumpkins quest line is a bit bugged right now will be fixed later when i can play with SpiritofMC again
    -Capacitor problem
    Directly quoted from PiHung Liu in the comment of biffa's playthrough ep 31
    I'll just paste what I've said in a reply to a comment in ep.10 here: The Power Plant quest line has a quest that needs you to submit 64 Vibrant Capacitor with full power. Since it detects full power (ie. checks for NBT data) there's a chance that a full Vibrant Capacitor is rejected by the quest book. This is because whether the vertical power gauge is shown on faces (those shown when you place the Capacitors down) is also stored as NBT data and is not cleared when it is picked up. I finally submitted them by discovering that you can manually clear that by changing the face configuration one full cycle. This is also why at around 30:00 the "Submit" is not taking that charged Vibrant Capacitor, although it is fully charged. (Consume tasks accept partial completion, it will take whatever you have when you submit it in and tally up all it gets.) This NBT data problem can also be observed when all 64 tanks are filled up and you pick them up, they will not all stack together but forms a couple stack by their NBT data. What I said "change the face configuration one full cycle" is: place down the tank, using wrench to configure the face with vertical bar until it is back to "Normal" or whatever it originally was, except that now the vertical bar disappeared. When all faces are cleared it is ready to be submitted to the book.
    Issue Tracker
    Have you found a bug in my pack? Please list you issue here (https://github.com/Storkman101/Void-World/issues) you issue can fix problems in my pack which will help anyone who will play it. If possible put a [Version X.X.X] in your title so I can see which version you are playing on,
    In case there is a bug with the HQM book you can do /hqm edit *your playername* to get a cheat version for yourself so you can skip the bugged quests, but still plz report the bugs so I can fix them for other persons

    World got corrupted?
    Try a aroma backup and get one of the latest save which does not let you loose all your progress (some of it will probably be lost though). Currently it is set to make a backup twice in an hour
    You can find your backup in your FTB folder/ Void World / minecraft / backups
    Changelog Patch 1.1.6
    Version 1.1.6 The Reward Bag Update
    Main points of this patch:
    This patch I am focused around balancing and updating the reward bag system. Since especially in the early game luck is soo good since you can get a lot of emc in the start and you are settled for a while. Also I went through my mod list and updated all mods where updates were available to the newest (stable) release versions. At the same time I have been busy with the Storage and Storage + quests and they are almost finished.

    Bug fixes:
    -Fixed the bug where you had to craft instead of detect the proccesing units of AE

    Bug Fixes only implemented by map reset:

    Balance Changes:
    -Disables the confusion creepers. This is mostly because they can teleport the npcs around which makes you unable to find them. Now this should not happen anymore
    -Reworked a big part of the Reward bag system for more rewards, less luck in the lower tiers of bags and more in the higher tiers of bags. More tweaks are coming up in future patches with the chances which bag you get in which tier. Note, since the main point of the rewardbags are free EMC I am debating if I must have more different kinds of rewards (except in the usefull tool section, there are more items coming for that one). For a good balancing in the pack I need your feedback. But you cannot get as much EMC anymore with the lowest 2 tiers of bags and you have to be even more lucky to get a high tier reward in the third tier bag
    -Added more quests in the Storage and Storage + section. They are almost finished. Some quests might be changed and everything and I still need to make the big hoarding quests in AE2

    Balance Changes only implemented by a map reset:

    Mods Added
    -Added Equivalent Energistics to the pack. This mod allows you to autocraft items using EMC in your AE system. Expect mayor balancing in the future though.
    -Added Applied Exchange to the pack. This makes your AE system able to sort on more stuff like EMC value
    -Added Modtweaker to the pack. This will help me balancing items (their recipes) using certain machines and mods. Like you have to craft a certain items of thermal expension in the AE inscriber
    -Added Openperipheral for more computercraft control
    -Added MRTJPcore to the pack for better ProjectRed experiences
    -Added WailaPlugins for more Info in your Waila screen
    -Replaced ttcore for Endercore for better reliability

    Mods Updated
    -Updated Anotheronebitesthedust
    -Updated AE2
    -Updated AromabackupCore
    -Updated BiblioCraft
    -Updated BigReactors
    -Updated chickenchunks
    -Updated Chisel 2
    -Updated Codechickencore
    -Updated Collective Framework
    -Updated Enderstorage
    -Updated Endertech
    -Updated Enderzoo
    -Updated ExtraTiC
    -Updated ExtraUtilities
    -Updated FastLeafDecay
    -Updated IchunUtil
    -Updated Iguana Tweaks
    -Updated Inpurecore
    -Updated Inventory Tweaks
    -Updated Ironchest
    -Updated Journeymap
    -Updated Mantle
    -Updated Minetweaker
    -Updated MobiusCore
    -Updated NEIaddons
    -Updated NEIIntergration
    -Updated NEI
    -Updated NotEnoughKeys
    -Updated Openblocks
    -Updated OpenmodsLib
    -Updated Peripherals++
    -Updated ProjectE
    -Updated ProjectRed (and all her addons)
    -Updated SolarExpansion
    -Updated Tinkers construct
    -Updated TinkersTooltip
    -Updated Waila
    Changelog Patch 1.1.7
    Version 1.1.7 The small bugfix update
    Main points of this patch:
    This patch is mostly about fixing some small bugs and making an up to date server


    -Fixed too much power incompleteable since you couldnt hand in the capacitors
    -Fixed not being able to craft aluminium because of a chisel 2 update
    -Fixed an issue with the First Digital storage quest being asked to craft a 1k but you needed to hand in a 4k one.
    -Fixed The biofuel quest, should be completable now
    -Fixed the hotter than lava quest, should be completable now
    -Fixed the colder than ice quest, should be completable now

    Bugfixes only implemetned by a map reset

    Balance Changes
    -Decreased the cost of the Hotter than lava quest from 1 million buckets to 10k buckets
    -Decreased the cost of the colder than ice quest from 1 million buckets to 10k buckets

    Balance Changes only implemetned by a map reset

    -Updated ProjectE for fixing the height issue with dimenion switching and some other issues
    Changelog Patch 1.1.8
    Version 1.1.8, The First patch of the year
    Main points of this patch:
    Fixing some bugs I encounterd myself with my own playthrough which are less noticable if you don't know it is there. And fixing the storage quest line so it works decently. Plus I started looking at implieing the twilight forest into my pack

    -Fixed some quests appearing too early in the hqm book
    -Fixed some quests of the storage quest line not being able to be completed. I tested them, but still tell me if some are still not completable

    Bugfixes only implied with a map reset
    -Fixed old portal energy cells not draining (you can fix this yourself by breaking the clear glass in front of it and set the bottom side to an output
    -Fixed some quest gate blocks not appearing at the right time

    Balance Changes

    Balance Changes only implied with a map reset

    -Updated the custom NPC mod, which contains a lot of bugfixes in the mod itself. There might be some textures of people missing, so if you encounter that plz tell that to me
    -Updated ProjectE, which mostly contains some bugfixes in the mod itself and some little changes

    Other only implied with a map reset
    -Moved and simplified some redstone in the starting house so you have less change to break it when you rearrange the house
    Changelog Patch 1.1.9
    Version 1.1.9, The Balance Update
    Main points of this patch
    There were some complains about how grindy the end of the pack was and that you have to build MASSIVE strucutres to get the EMC needed for those quests. So I balanced the pack a bit, I decreased the cost of a lot of "grindy" quests and added a new feature to the pack which will be costy but also rewarding with an awesome bonus, see more in the complete changelog

    Bug fixes
    -fixed two trigger quests being visisble in the storage quest line.
    -fixed some quests being visible too early
    -Something got messed up with the story line books, some text showed up earlier then needed.
    -Something got messed up with some notes so there will be some changes to that.

    Bug fixes implied by map reset
    -Some dialogs and quests are changed of the customNPC's. See the front page and customNPC reset to apply these changes

    Balance chagnes
    - Removed a zero in lots of "grindy" quests to make them less grindy and less time consuming.
    -Canged the crafting recipes in the all questlines for a better experience. There are still some exceptions where you have to craft your items though. The cake is painfull man. With this it almost removes a big annoyance of the shift+click bug with the pack.
    -Changed the EMC of blazerods from around 1516 to 2304. Due to low cost of this EMCmachine. Now you have to invest into more EMCmachines to get the same amount of EMC as before.
    (From 2.5-3 stacks blazerods out of 1 stack to around 2 - 2.5 stacks blazerods out of 1 stack, in the most common used EMC generator)
    -Enabled the watch of flowing time. It will be a costy tool (around 78M EMC itself + pedestal of 45M a total cost of 123M EMC) to speed up your farms. As example, the current most used EMC generator (4 sag mills, with darksteel balls) the output is almost trippled (even after the nerf) when you put a watch of flowing time on a pedestal in the range of it. The power consumption, when the watch is enabled will be increased from 400 RF/tick to 1600 RF/tick.
    BTW,if you do this on a bigger setup you might want to get another condensor just for the sulfur to blazepowder since sulfur can backlog on bigger emc gen setups with sagmills.
    -Changed the recipe of the gem legging due to the now enabled watch of flowing time.
    -Added an EMC value to the rubber saplings, it is worth a gold ingot

    Balance changes implied by map reset

    -Added a message in the introduction quest about the shift+click bug
    -Updated ProjectE, due some fakeplayer bug
    -Added a message about the equivalent energistics mod in the book
    -Added two quests involving the projectE pedestal, these will show up when completed the rings of everything quest.
    -Removed the watch from the ring of everything quest due to his extremly high EMC cost.
    - Removed the final quest of the Enchanting done right due to bugs
    - Added a knowledge quest about the NPC quests, and where to find them
    - Updated journeymap
    - Updated the COFH mods

    Other only implied by map reset

    If you have troubles finding the notes see here what to do
    First of all, do a customnpc reset since this is based on changes made on V 1.1.9 or higher
    With this list you can find your notes:
    You get #1 from the questbook.
    Complete some quests to unlock the first journal quest and hand in the note
    You find #2 in the tower. There will be a better explanation about the note in the tower. This probably only will happen with a map reset, or customnpc file update, see the frontpage for this one. Then you give it to eldamore and you get a reward.
    Complete some quests to unlock the second journal quest and hand in the note
    Read the book, it gives you a hint where to find the next note
    You get #3 when complete the hint given in the journal
    Complete some quests to unlock the third journal quest and hand in the note
    You get #4 from the questbook
    Hand in note #4
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  2. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    Looks cool, trying it out!
  3. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    Haha. I posted it already under the modpack creation section no one really replied. Posted 5 minutes here I get an reply after 5 minutes. Man that is so cool. Remeber that only version 0.0.2 is on the launcher yet. I have not recieved an message yet that version 0.1.0 is uploaded to the FTB servers yet sadly
  4. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    I just found that the modpack I was playing had no extra utilities and my computer isnt the best- so here I am.
  5. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    Extra Utilities is a must havefor you or so, I don't get that exactly. Oh btw during the building of the map even with the 100 mods it used constantly around 1 GB of RAM. So it is not a real heavy modpack (because it is a void world)
  6. Awerick11

    Awerick11 New Member

    I went to get the leadstone energy cells and got killed by magic. What was it?
  7. Prometition

    Prometition New Member

    :) The version 0.1.0 is on the launcher.
  8. rousade

    rousade New Member

    Hmm i dont know if im buged but there are no quests on section The Beginning...
  9. Prometition

    Prometition New Member

    Read the signs, start the map and you will have quests on section "The Beginning" :p
  10. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member


    Nice touch with the bedrock below on the cobble generators but they could really take a few improvments!
    - Block below lava should be also bedrock so we dont break it by mistake.
    - The blocks behind the bedrock should not be there. If you remove those blocks, water will ball below instead going over the bedrock but lava will flow in the bedrock directions so lava and water will make contact and the stone is still created. With the water not flowing in the player direction, it gets less annoying mining stone since you will not be in water while mining the other stone and having your speed greatly reduced! I just mined it them out. :p

    Edit: It also allows you to be lean against the lava, without being burned and making sure you collect almost all the stone. With water, you are always pushed back and the water flowing does not guarantee that you will receive the stone block because stone could be generated and push the cobble to the lava direction or behind.

    Edit2: I choose both difficulties to hard and out of curiosity for what was happening I enabled the commandblock output. I should be playing in hard but chat shows this:
    [@: Set game difficulty to Hard]
    [@: Set game difficulty to Normal]

    It just reverts it back to normal... If it helps, I first finished the quest where you deliver the stone and only after that the one where you deliver the quarter of heart.

    Edit 3: The location detection in the nether is one block to high, more preciselly where the obsidian is, so you cant complete it.
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  11. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    Thx guys for all the input. I will try to fix the problems listed at the moment, because what was said that is true. And the thing killed by magic should happen later when you are back in your shelter and not during that quest. It is 10 pm for me at the moment. And because of my crappy internet it takes about 45 minutes to upload a new version to the dropbox. I will try to get version 0.1.1 out tonight so it will be available as soon as possible.

    Those are not appearing in the chat are they? They only should appear in the console, but I think I know the problem about that. Something probably messed up with the redstone controls behind the scenes.
  12. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    No they are not showing up. I changed the gamerule because I was curious :p
  13. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    Hey, I won't give you everything. Maybe I will get one or two from your improvements but the speed reduction is sort of intended.

    And i am busy fixing the nether quest. I edited my post a bit so that people know you can use commands like the /hqm edit command. This command is usefull if you cant complete a quest
  14. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    If speed reduction is intended, then place bedrock on the blocks behind so players cant cheat like I did :p
  15. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    That is supposed to be a strike. Also there should be a countdown so you know when you will get hit by magic. It should not kill you tho. I am fixing that right now. Problem is that it is difficult to balance, It is intended that random people gets the effects. I will change this right now
  16. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    I don't mind increasing the speed by yourself. Just that it is not setup for people. They need to think for themselves if they want to mine faster. Or read the comments :p
  17. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    So... 10 pm there? Germany? France? One of the 300 West European countries?
    Portugal here \o/
  18. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    The Netherlands. The ones who are the second biggest population who are using 9gag with our 17 million people :p (Or that was at least the outcome of the poll on 9gag in one of the posts) Only germany had a higher number using 9gag. Dutchies UNITE!
  19. Storkman101

    Storkman101 New Member

    The Netherlands. The ones who are the second biggest population who are using 9gag with our 17 million people :p (Or that was at least the outcome of the poll on 9gag in one of the posts) Only germany had a higher number using 9gag. Dutchies UNITE!
  20. OojamstrzoO

    OojamstrzoO New Member

    Hi, i've benn playing the pack for a bit and I've been loving it! However I am struggle to obtain any redstone, is there a specific place to get it?

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