[1.7.10 | Unlisted] Obscurity - Jampacked 2 Winner


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey, just wanted to talk a little about your Quest balance. Your pack is great, don't understand me wrong. I spent days in it already and it still is amazing. One thing that bugs me is that some Questlines require an insane amount of Grinding, but the next in line is super easy. I'm specifically talking about the 6 Vibrant Capacitor Cells. This also happens in some others, like the Tower Defense or Forge lines. You make some basic Machines, which take like half a stack of ressources, and the next one is to make 6 Vibrant Capacitors. 6. That's like 2-3 Stacks of Iron, Redstone and a lot of Emeralds etc.. But the worst is GLOWSTONE. I know there is a way to create it, but before that, you need Sulfur for Pyrotheum, which needs Blaze Rods, which need a Spawner or Nether Gate, and the hole automation around it takes ressources and power as well. I was stuck at that Quest for more than a week, getting up a Vat Power, an ender Quarry and was almost near giving up, if i wouldn't have found the Villager selling Glowstone. The next Receiver thing was doable. Then the next quests, i unlocked like half of those automatically just for creating the Vibrant Cells. Like build 1 Inscriber. That's 5 Iron. It's just not comparable. I don't know if you care about that, but it really inflicts balance, and a little bit the fun of Questbased Maps, to actually finsih Quests. I would suggest to downgrade to the next lower Tier Capacitors. In the Tower Defense, it is like "Hey, you managed to get 5 Sugar Cane for Punji Sticks. Now... make a Interdiction Torch." Kinda unbalanced.