[1.7.10][Twitch/Curse/FTB] InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night .8 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

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  1. EconBrony

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    Aura Fury is proud to bring you InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night a Greg Tech balanced mod pack featuring the most up to date version of GregTech 5u with a fully updated questing line.

    This pack is for those who are looking for a challenge every step of the way in tech, magic, and adventuring.

    Put together vast processing line and gather enormous amounts resources and actually have a use for them all. This pack has tons of end game content and intriguing multibocks. However, resource production and gathering isn’t all you’ll have to do. Explore the vast amounts of biomes, mobs, and dimensions including Twilight Forest and Space!

    For more information on the pack, support, and official servers please visit aurafury.com. Don’t forget to support us on patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5024762

    The Quest Book is currently a work in progress due to the large chemistry changes in works by the Gregtech 5u team. More updates to the book to come :)

    The Aura Fury team would like to take a moment to say thank you to Jason McRay and the InfiTech team for creating the original InfiTech. They did an incredible job putting the pack together. We’d all like to thank Bloodasp and his time for his continued work on GregTech 5u and of course Greg himself for creating the Gregtech. We all appreciate the vast amount of work all of you have put into your mods/packs.

    To download go to the curse launcher and search for InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night or use the pack code in the Feed the Beast Launcher.

    FTB Pack Code: 04800

    Change Logs

    Curse Project Page

    Pack Teaser Video:

    Youtube Streams using the pack:


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  2. DigitalWino

    DigitalWino New Member

    So to get the Ore Generation book, I need an ore block. But when I break the tiny ore blocks (with a flint pickaxe), it just gives me dust. Is it just a matter of finding some non-tiny ore?
  3. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    You will need to find regular gregtech ores, so yes, non-tiny ores
  4. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Update 0.51 has been released. A server pack is now available through the FTB launcher as well
  5. DigitalWino

    DigitalWino New Member

    I'm trying to build a Thaumatorium, but it doesn't want to form. I have a crucible over file, with two alchemical constructs over that, a greatwood/silver wand with almost full vis (but more than the book says I need), but it's not forming. Is there something extra that needs to be done in this pack?

    Edit: Nevermind... I'm dumb. I forgot that if you don't have a particular type of vis in your wand, it doesn't display at all. So while mine looks full, it actually has no ordo in it.

    *sigh* After blowing up his base one night by playing with his IC2 nuclear reactor while drunk, my friend made a point of never Minecrafting drunk. I should probably follow that advise, lol.
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  6. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    If its a single player world, you just need to take a backup before playing drunk ;)
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  7. typhoonwes

    typhoonwes Guest

    I m searching this modpack but not found in internet why?
  8. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Out of respect for the mod creators and the agreements we as users have with them, the pack is only available for download through the locations we have permission to distribute their mods. So you can get it through the FTB launcher with pack code 04800 or download it through the twitch launcher by searching it by name. The instructions for this were in the initial post above.
  9. MarcNemesis

    MarcNemesis New Member

    So i was looking for the Advanced Miner II and i noticed i couldn't find it in NEI. After some searching arround in NEI, i stumbled onto what seems to be it's replacement "Oil Drilling Plant" (Lv 1 to 4.) Am i right in assuming that this is what replaced the Advanced Miner II but instead of being already at it's maximum strenght of 96x96, it is now layered as to not be too OP'ed right off the start?
  10. Ilirith

    Ilirith Guest

    You are very much correct :) although it is ore drilling not oil drilling ;)
  11. MarcNemesis

    MarcNemesis New Member

    Hadn't even noticed. I automatickly assumed it was Oil XD. Had I noticed that, i wouldn't of had to ask haha. Thanks for the info :)
  12. MarcNemesis

    MarcNemesis New Member

    I'm curious..

    With all the new liquids added, what is a decent source of Power aside from Steam. Back in Infitech 2 (original) we had the following options:
    Gas Turbine
    - BioGas (No use in FearTheNight)
    - Methane
    - Perhaps other i'm forgetting

    DIesel Engine
    - Ethanol
    - LPG (GT)
    - Diesel (I think..i was more of a BioGas guy.)

    Now most of the above don't seem too viable so I was curious.

    Edit: Never mind the above, i've just stumbled onto BioDiesel. Which unless i'm mistaken, based on a stack of 18 BioDiesel Cells (was the easiest way to round up every EU cost), it would yield 3283200 EU in a Basic Diesel Engine for a slim cost of 103448 EU for the whole process.
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  13. tsbardella

    tsbardella New Member

    ok.. I got my server running on MineOS on an old computer- I had a time of it because the server download is on the ftbclient not Twitch.. I like Twitch because I like the Microsoft Log doohicky.. anyway the server download went well copied over to my server using my favorite FTP client and then I had some block missing when I tried to connect.. well it took me a while to finally figure it out lots of old posts that led me to a mismatched config file - a couple of folders in the server download are mis-cased annnd Microsoft went ahead and just created a new config folder yeahhh Thanks Microsoft right..? Anyway alls is fine now. Looking at /AppliedEnergistics yes its /appliedenergistics in the download zip.
  14. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    The fuel value of Methane got buffed considerably, so it may also be a viable option.
  15. MarcNemesis

    MarcNemesis New Member

    I don't remember the maths i had done on it but it came out with aproximately 20k EU profit if i recall correctly. I might be a bit off by 10-20k though.

    While BioDiesel yield a net 2.4mil EU profit witbout a Distillation Tower.
    If using a D.Tower, you still earn a net income of 2.2mil at a much much faster rate.
    I already started this process and almost fully automated (still lacking a few tech items for fully automation.) I managed to go from LV and a tiny bit of MV using a 36LP boiler to using a Turbo Diesel Generator to power all of my base.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that the EU ammount i'm mentionning for BioDiesel is from using a Turbo Diesel Generator.
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  16. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    The .6 server file will have that fixed, thanks for the heads up. The file should be uppercase in the server download going forward.
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  17. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

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  18. tsbardella

    tsbardella New Member

    Thanks for the config fix. I am sorry I was so rambling and strange.. sometimes I get weird. Your stuff is amazing and I am always grateful for the hard work you put into this.
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  19. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    I got what you were saying, it was easy to follow. I'm just hoping my fix worked, the twitch launcher version seems to be, I've heard the FTB version is changing the mousetweaks config file for some reason though, might be a similar issue to what you found before.

    Thanks for the kind words :) Being in the modding and mod pack world usually just means hearing about whats wrong :p We do need to hear whats wrong to improve, but its nice to hear what people like too.
  20. MarcNemesis

    MarcNemesis New Member

    Just to clarify:

    While using FTB, the config file for MouseTweak was not altered and were as they should be. However, when launching the game from FTB, it wouldn't work as intended for some odd reason while working fine with Twitch.

    Edit: The same situation happened when I updated from V0.5 to V0.51. Although it somehow (dunno how) started working properly after a while of trying to change the setting back and forth multiple time.

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