[1.7.10][Twitch/Curse/FTB] InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night .8 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by EconBrony, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Acefox009

    Acefox009 Guest

    Are the chemistry changes intentional, or a side effect of GT++? Seems a lot of liquids are no longer craftable or usable in any way. Examples include Bisphenol A, Phenol, Chloroform, Hydrofluoric Acid. As well as recipes being simplified for Epoxy and Teflon (quest book still has the old uncraftable recipes in place for these).

    I can understand the removal of the different levels of cracking though. That was just annoying as hell :)

    As a side note though, loving the new GT++ multiblocks.
  2. ijustwantpics

    ijustwantpics Active Member

    Anyone still playing? Just started a new game after about ~6 mo haitus
  3. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    new update coming soon! Should be out within a week :)
  4. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Update .84 is up

    we moved to the latest released versions of GT++ and appliedenergistics
    we updated to the latest prebuild of gt5u

    The broken recipes for the BC autoworkbench and standard hull in Steves Carts has been fixed
    A few quests were tweaked
  5. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Hold off for a few on downloading the update, the client and server files have been swapped. FTB is working on fixing it
  6. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    The issue has been corrected. The FTB and Curse downloads should give you the client files now
  7. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    We are still having technical difficulties with the Curse download. FTB is working just fine though. I will post when the curse version has been fixed
  8. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Curse version is fixed and good to go
  9. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Open Modular Turrets is going to be added in the next update
  10. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Another update is coming soon, but only on curse since FTB has discontinued 3rd party support. If you are interested in a zip download to manually install, shoot me a PM.
  11. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    @Acefox009 someone told me you were working on a texture pack for this pack. Is this true? Also, are you interested in joining the discord?
  12. FOAA

    FOAA Guest

    Hi everyone, sorry if the questions were already asked, I looked through and haven't found it.

    I have 2 questions related to Thaumcraft:

    1. Can you break Aura nodes in this pack? (I have adventure mode activated..)

    2. Can anyone help me figure out a good source of Auram, because all I've found online doesn't seem applicable to this pack?

  13. Answer to question 2 run around exploring till you find a circle of obsidian with a chest in the middle, it has a wisp spawner under the obsidian under the chest. Build a room around it then kill wisps that spawn inside they drop essence that has Auram in it along with something else that is randomized.
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