[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Caigan, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. foxyfire

    foxyfire New Member

    Will that mean, that IC2 will be added again to the pack?
  2. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    No. It was an issue that came up with some mods shipping an incomplete IC2 API, or referencing it in certain ways when adding compatibility. It finally got worked out.
  3. killermen962

    killermen962 Active Member

    How do I disable the Special supply crate info thing? I shift click things around and its so annoying to see that box open and take up my entire screen
  4. logana60

    logana60 New Member

    I can't seem to turn in "Initial Research" the first quest. Pressing "Detect/Submit" does nothing. Any Ideas?
  5. killermen962

    killermen962 Active Member

    Soil samples? You need 5 dirt, sand and 1 gravel

    Edit: If your talking about "The Ferret Business" Thats not a quest but a dis-claimer I think
  6. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    This is getting fixed in the next update, which should be Monday or Tuesday. It was a bad UI choice on my part!

    The first quest, {Crackling Radio Transmission} has no objectives, its there for story reasons.

    Yellow lines point to red quests, which are the ones available to you.
  7. Wiremash

    Wiremash Well-Known Member

    I know about that, but I have a reasonably fast farm so it fills up within ~30 sec for each item and I don't want to keep clicking the redeem button. Oh well :p
  8. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Hm, I can probably do a larger quest or set of quests for them.

    Actually let me think on that, might be able to add more quests in that vein now.
  9. GhostVamp

    GhostVamp New Member

    Since you're doing quests, I might have found a nasty problem with Better Questing.
    It happened with 2 different worlds and a fresh install.
    When I do the Ferret Admin quests, the book bugs out meaning it doesnt allow me to complete quests that have a "choose one" option and i cant click on the arrows to check what are the needed things to complete the quests.
    Also, it keeps showing a popup about having completed the draconium ingots quest. And doesnt seem to stop.
  10. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Actually I've tracked down where it breaks, and its during the Draconic Evolution questline, not the Ferret Admin quests.

    Currently working on fixing the issue. It's extremely weird.
  11. svenmeys

    svenmeys Active Member

    Looking from a UX point of view :

    Must say that I already miss the original quest completion sound of HQM. The experience globe sound just doesn't have that much *DING* to it.

    Also, every time I open the quest view I have to navigate to the quest I was on. It would be so much nicer if it opens the same view you had when it was closed the last time. The full screen is also a bit scary because now I cant see stuff approaching and trying to kill me while I'm handing in a quest. I'm guessing those are better questing issues and not related to your pack.

    Realy looking forward to the release though!
  12. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Okay, I've sorted out the issue with the Draconic Evolution quests in the beta.

    If yours are broken, you can do a /bq_admin reset all [playername], or open up the Draconic Evolution page and highlight the quest with your cursor while holding Shift. It will list a number, and you can use /bq_admin reset [number] [playername]. Avoid the Draconic Evolution questline until release (I'm not going to upload a Beta D version at this point)

    I will see if I can use the sound in BQ as well.

    I'll suggest this to the Better Questing dev, along with a few other things.
  13. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    while we are talking about DE 2 questions/requests id like to ask : 1. how do you get the draconic flux capacitor there is no quest for that in the armaments tab (ive completed the draconic armor quest and staff of power quest and every other visable quest on that page besides dragon gate and round the world) and its tooltip accordng to nei says i get it from that page in the quest book
    2. Can we get a way to buy draconic cores in bulk sort of like how u can buy 9 draconium(the block) at a time , its very clicky buying them (to make the awakend core,draconic energy core or when doing wyvren cores in big batches ) even if u have all the vouchers u need for them in an arms reach
  14. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Whoops. Thought I had added the recipe for it, but apparently not. Recipe has been added for it now.

    Just added a 5x purchase quest for Draconic Cores.
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  15. Zoriac

    Zoriac Active Member

    Are there plans to add a bunch of other bulk orders as well? For instance: Glowstone?
  16. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Eventually yeah. I want to get the mechanics finally ironed out before I start adding a lot of stuff to both the Store and the Bulk Order system.

    And quests. Many more quests.
  17. logana60

    logana60 New Member

    well I can't select any other quests they all say they are locked until you complete the first one which I can't submit or get past :/
  18. Zoriac

    Zoriac Active Member


    I just wanted to add that this is by far one of my favorite mod packs, and right now it's the only one I'm playing. I can't wait to see how far it grows and I'm really happy that it's still in development and has someone that is so active in the forums leading it!
  19. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    That's...weird, I've tested multiple times from the start and not had that issue.

    Try doing /bq_admin complete 13 [playername] to register it complete, or /bq_admin reset all [playername] to reset all quests and maybe trigger it properly.

    If you are using the latest version of the Beta, this is what the initial research page should look like on a new world / reset progress.
  20. joshwoo70

    joshwoo70 Well-Known Member

    Caigan. Might as well just put a checkbox...

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