[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

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  1. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    The main questing mod has changed to Better Questing. This means no matter what, everyone's questing has been reset.

    You will need to clear your HQM progress, which you can find out how to do at the Troubleshooting guide HERE. Hopefully, release will be the final time you need to do this. I expect at least one or two bugs to pop up during testing that will require a reset.

    One of the good things about Better Questing is you don't NEED the Quest Tablet (but an actual one IS provided, just because). You can bind a key in your Options menu to the Better Questing quest book.

    As well, before updating, remove any tools you have stored in a Toolbox.

    • Better Questing : A more robust and constantly updated questing mod.
    • Better Questing - Standard Expansion
    • Better Questing - RF Expansion
    • Better Questing - Questbook Expansion
    • Toolbox : This mod has some serious issues currently, and has not been updated in a year. Unfortunately, it needs to be removed for these reasons.
    • Questing has been split between the two questing mods.
      • Q.U.E.S.T. Tablet v2 : This is the Better Questing quest book, but is not required to do any questing. It handles all the major questlines, token turn-ins (shop, trader, voucher, coins), as well as the Large Contracts (1,000 item contracts) and the Researchology quests.
      • TFB Corporate Catalog : Previously the original QUEST Tablet. It now handles all the Shop and basic Supply and Demand quests.
    • Almost every quest has been slightly rewritten and updated. A major rewrite will happen in the future, due to the change in quest text structure.
    • A Shop Token system has been added, similar to the Trader Chits. This also means that automated purchasing of Ores will net you Trader Chits as well
      • To do this, another step had to be added to the Order Form system. Order Forms will now give you Sealed crates, which require an EnderIO SAG Mill to unseal.
    • Ferret Batteries are disabled, there are now direct RF Quests in the Large Orders section.
    There are a whole lot more changes than this. Be sure to check the changelog in my signature!


    This beta will go until at least Friday, but I will most likely hold off submitting it until Monday, giving folks time to poke and prod at it.
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  2. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    so does this mean we can directly hand in rf now ? no need for a secondary vessel
  3. Xakorik

    Xakorik Active Member

    You just need to input it into a block for the quest.
  4. Damien530

    Damien530 New Member

    Just out of curiosity will this new update finish off the quests, or are you still working on expanding the quest-lines?
  5. Wiremash

    Wiremash Well-Known Member

    Yay, turret camo will be fixed!
  6. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    There are still at least a couple hundred more quests that need to be written. This update was about transfering to a different questing mod, to hopefully fix a majority of the issues that HQM causes.

    I'm really hoping to get to resuming quest writing with the next update, but its a time consuming process.
  7. Damien530

    Damien530 New Member

    Alright! Was just wondering. I am excited to try out the new questing mod and see what it is like!
  8. IceLord

    IceLord Active Member

    I found a bug for infinite coins.
    So the 100k supply crate seems to register as a 200k supply crate in recipes, meaning I can turn it into 2 x 100k supply crates. Which in turn can each be turned into 2 x 100k supply crates. I can merge 2 fifties to an 100, but I can't merge 2 a hundreds to a 200k.

    Also many things when trying to crate, crate the whole stack instead. So while a thaumcraft shard is 7500 by itself, a stack will also just give 7500, meaning you have to do them individually, which is a bitch. A lot of ores are like this as well.
    The ferret business workbench doesn't seem to do anything for me, most things I have to do in my inventory.

    Otherwise, great mod, enjoying it!

    Edit: This is for v 0.1.4, not today's update
  9. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Unfortunately not. The issue returned and I've spent the last few hours trying to track it down and fix it. Placing down a turret base will cause the crash and make the world unplayable until you downgrade Open Modular Turrets.

    Unfortunately its a issue between Open Modular Turrets and Open Computers, and they are still in the process of trying to work out a fix. Open Modular Turrets will have to stay back on 2.1.9.

    Okay, fixed this issue.

    It unfortunately doesn't have an important function called giveBack (the function that gives you back an empty bucket when you craft with a bucket of water, for example)

    I'm surprised this issue didn't pop up sooner, as this is kind of a serious issue. Doing some testing, I've figured out exactly what is causing it.

    And its the giveBack function.

    This is a fairly serious issue so I need some time to figure out a fix.
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  10. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Nevermind that was easier to fix than I thought, thanks to my coding partner for helping me working out the issue. =)
  11. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    The fixed script files are HERE if you'd like to update your minetweaker scripts to fix this issue while testing other things. Just put these files in minecraft/scripts, overwriting the files already there, and do /mt reload if you are in game, or just load up the game again.
  12. seattleda

    seattleda Active Member

    Hiya! I've been hosting Ferret Business 0.1.3 as part of my HoneyWorld servers for a few months. Turned it off today and wanted to update to the latest version. Where do I find the server files for it? Also, sounds like you are actually almost ready for a new update - is this true and should I wait a few days for 0.1.5?

    EDIT: D'oh! Just read a few postings up. 0.2.0 is out for beta! I'll download that but let my players know it'll be wiped out next week.
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  13. joshwoo70

    joshwoo70 Well-Known Member

    Actually you could keep your worlds... should be alright...

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  14. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    No need to wipe. Just make a backup of the world before updating the server files is all. =)

    Will probably submit the pack on Monday and it'll be up within a day or two. This gives folks the weekend to test it out.
  15. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    The Ferret Business 0.2.0 Beta Update A


    Technically the links are exactly the same as in the original beta post, but I'm repeating them here for simplicity sake.

    I've updated a few files: OpenModularTurrets is downgraded to 2.1.9 due to the return of the IC2 Tile entity crash.

    This also incorporates the Supply Crate fix I mentioned above.

    This beta will go until Monday most likely, as I'd like to give folks a bit more time to smack it with sticks.
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  16. elcid534

    elcid534 Active Member

    you can keep the same worlds, the only thing that disappears is the toolbox, and HQM data should be removed (although it didnt screw my world going from 0.1.4 to 0.2.0), also i would wait until 0.2.0 is officially released, so your users can just use the FTB launcher to get the updated version, and any bugs that get picked up(to which there has already been a not so minor one) get fixed.
  17. GhostVamp

    GhostVamp New Member

    How should we get the draconic evolution stuff? The Better Questing doesnt seem to allow for repeatable quests and HQM doesnt have those options anymore.
  18. elcid534

    elcid534 Active Member

    better questing does allow repeatable quests....
  19. StormCrafter007

    StormCrafter007 New Member

    When I tried to open my world file for ferret business yesterday, I received the following:
    Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.58.15 PM.png

    when I click on Yes it doesn't do anything. When I click on "No" it sends me back to the Ferret Business Title Menu. The world file has worked fine for quite a while, but now I can't get past this screen which just showed up yesterday.
    I have no Idea how to fix this as I really don't want to lose/damage my world file.
  20. GhostVamp

    GhostVamp New Member

    Is there something wrong with this or what?
    This quest doesnt seem to be repeatable.

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