[1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Caigan, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Damien Darkside

    Damien Darkside Active Member

    I believe an alternate terrain generator has been decided. However it won't have the impact that BoP has. That is fine by me though, I hated BoP.
  2. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Realistic World Gen, which can be disabled by folks if they don't want to use its terrain generation, since no quests will rely on it.

    Right now I use the FTB pack to Curse auto transfer thing us third party pack devs can opt into. I might look into it for alpha testing branches later.
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  3. Raetac

    Raetac Well-Known Member

    /me waits patiently
  4. TheOramgebananna

    TheOramgebananna Active Member

    hey Caigan, i may have found sort of an exploit. you can pay coins to turn them into vouchers and turn the vouchers into coins. if you do this and repeat, you can get to max shop loyalty rank somewhat easily
  5. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Wait, what quest lets you convert vouchers back into coins directly?
  6. TheOramgebananna

    TheOramgebananna Active Member

    sorry. that was me being a dummy :p
  7. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Okay I fixed out the bugs I was having issues with (script goofs, partially on my end). I also kind of got sidetracked today working on, well...


    The new Power Provider system. It's...not going to be super friendly for the initial release, but I don't have time to clean it up yet. I've already delayed the pack enough as it is, so I need to wrap a few things up tomorrow morning so I can submit it. I'm super sorry for making everyone wait @[email protected]

    Also, I've fixed the Forestry NEI recipes not showing up (the disabling was due to Forestry 4.0, which is too new for us to use, as multiple other mods that rely on Forestry aren't updated to 4.0 yet)
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  8. Raetac

    Raetac Well-Known Member

    All good things comes to he who waits
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  9. Busi

    Busi Active Member

    Any chance you can sneak Extra Utilities update in the pack?
    I really really reallllly need fuzzy item filters :D only sorting system that can ignore meta data, i can find that can manage a mob farm other than AE
  10. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    The update has now been submitted to the Third Party team. No we wait.

    The pack download will not include the Changelog and Mod List PDF's as usual, as I"m in the middle of rebuilding those both.

    Extra Utilities 1.2.11 update is in the pack.
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  11. Busi

    Busi Active Member

    I love you!
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  12. Fousicek

    Fousicek New Member

    I would be happy if you could keep Magical Crops in the pack. But you can make the price for the seeds bag very very high so unless you really have a toons of vouchers,(maybe higher tier vouchers as the trading chits) you can purchase those bags and still have the random pick in it. It would be very great to see something like that and also you can put inside the fluix crystal 2 but i am not very big fan of those. (they could be in the mid game , so player can foucus only on nature gathering resources).

    Thats so far what i came up with.

  13. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    You are free to add it back into the pack as you like.

    With how its changing and the issues it causes via other mods (which is why its not updated in 0.1.1), plus the difficulties in balancing it (especially vs flux crystals 2) and inability to add new seeds (as far as I can still tell), I wanted an option that was better overall. I've spent a lot of time just trying to keep a balance with Magical Crops and all the cross-mods that can utilize it, and simply increasing the start cost I feel wouldn't solve the problem in the long run.
  14. Fousicek

    Fousicek New Member

    I would definitly add it into the pack , but i play on server which uses FTB settings for players using the FTB launcher. Thats why i asked.

    And OK i am just asked. i am not any good at making packs.

    Still i would love it if it could stay in the pack somehow. :-D
  15. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Okay, a few notes about the update I just realized, which aren't very big issues and the update is already in the queue for the launcher :

    • Project Zulu animals will not drop Research items yet, because I didn't sync the right files
    • The main screen will still say BETA in the background, because I forgot to update the graphic.
    This update is dubbed The World Update, for note.

    The next update I have decided will be called The Balancing Act Update, which I'll focus on recalculating and rebalancing the current Production Contracts, balance some of the SLIGHTLY out of wack things like magical wood TiCon tools, balancing out some of the oregen amounts due to the new ores added by mods like Project RED.

    I will also try to get at least one major questline done for it as well, though I'm undecided which will be the primary line. My thoughts are ComputerCraft + OpenComputers (since adding OpenComputers, I've had a very big idea on the questline being a 'competition' between the two), Witchery, or Thaumcraft. Each one of these sets is a VERY big quest line, as each mod is fairly deep and complex.
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  16. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    I would go either witchery or thaumcraft unless your gonna add books and that on with the computercraft since its confusing otherwise.
  17. Busi

    Busi Active Member

    Have you though about setting up a Trello for idea's, Bugs, Improvements, where you can add stuff on and set them into categories

    So people have a nice and easy way to come up with ideas, add bugs, and you have somewhere to manage it all and have it all listed and the players follow the progress?

    This is one for a game I'm following a lot https://trello.com/b/m8udgXeV/forced-2-main-board to give you an idea what i talk about

    Also makes it really really reallly hard to forget anything :)

    Also edit the starting FB quest with the book to inform about enchiridion Library about most books can be accessed at any time from there
    and add your own book into it too?
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  18. Caigan

    Caigan Popular Member

    Got one already =). I thought I had added it to my forum signature at some point, but apparently I didn't!
  19. GravityLens

    GravityLens Member

    I am officially super excited.
  20. Raetac

    Raetac Well-Known Member

    Yay it's up!
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