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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by OneWolfe, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    I really like your pack so far! I would like to recommend Thaumcraft; it's a really good steampunk-magic mod, plus it adds support for Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power mod.
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  2. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    Yes it was a mistake. I was testing Infernal Drops and forgot to turn off the zombies before uploading the pack. I do apologize, I have been in a bit of a rush trying to get version 0.0.9 out so some of my friends could start testing it on their server this weekend, and there have been alot of bugs showing up in this version so far. I do hope to have most of them tackled before the next update.

    I really do appreciate all the feed back as it helps me make this pack better for everyone. :D

    Thank you,
  3. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    Thank you very much for the suggestion :D

    I have tested Thaumcraft and unfortunately it was incompatible with TerraFirmaCraft the last time I checked. For example, none of the TFC item contain any essence for research or crafting, and not a single aura node spawns in the world, so essentially you end up playing in a totaly dead world :(

    Thaumcraft and ArsMagica both have a very nice "Learn as you go" type of magic system that I think would really fit with TFC. Unfortunately TFC Changes so much of how vanilla Minecraft works that most magic mods become almost useless.

    However TFC has gone through alot of updates recently and things may have changed in the last week or two.
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  4. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    I'm actually currently testing TC out in TFP. I'll let you know how well it works.

    Also, I have plenty of other mod suggestions if you'd like them ;)

    Also, (I'm really talkative BTW) I think I have a solution to the problem you currently have with FSP & TFC with vanilla water. Perhaps make some Greco-Roman bath-like ruins with the Ruins mod. This would give players access to both vanilla water for FSP & quartz for building & decoration. :)
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  5. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    I would love to hear any suggestions, most of what is in this pack comes from player suggestions :D

    The bath house sounds like a cool idea. I have temporarily taken care of the water issue, so you will just have to wait and see what arises ;) (It's already in version 0.0.9)
  6. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    Well for starters, this modpack (from what I've seen) seems like a fantasy-hardcore-steampunk themed one, which I really enjoy. So all of these mods are going to (IMO) enhance that feeling:

    Shadow World
    Lycanite's Mobs
    Pchan's Airship Mod
    Damage Indicators

    Despite the first two mods add new dimensions, I'm assuming that if you do add them, you could just. Port the structures, mobs, etc. to the Overworld. Plus, some cool structures could be made; *cough* dwarf mines *cough*
  7. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    Cool, thanks :D

    I will certainly look into these. For Enviromine, TFC already does most of that so I really dont see a reason to add it at the moment.

    Pchan's Airships looks like it may be better than Archimedes but I will have to try it out first.
  8. EmyLightsaber

    EmyLightsaber New Member

    From what I can see personally, trying to get shadow world working in a Multiplayer Environment is out. I tried both the 1.3.3b and 1.3.3 versions for 1.7.10 and no dice.

    Wildycraft and Lycanites seem to work fine.
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  9. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    Thanks for letting us know that, EmyLightsaber! :)

    Also, I forgot to suggest two mods; Zan's Minimap & Damage Indicators. These are just two helpful utility
    mods that would help with survival. ;)

    Also, I noticed a bug; whenever I try to look at a recipe with 'R', it crashes my game.
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  10. Lapis_Lauri

    Lapis_Lauri New Member

    My first play through on the Terra Firma Punk Mod pack :)
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  11. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

  12. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    I just had an idea for how Thaumcraft could be implemented into this pack; perhaps various structures could have aura nodes and other things required for Thaumcraft! :D
  13. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    That would be an awesome idea, if the nodes were a placeable block. I will have to try using Silverwood Trees. They might be able to spawn nodes ...
  14. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    Hmm… I was able to place some aura nodes in creative. Odd.

    Perhaps Witchery would work?
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  15. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    Ok thats cool to know. Next thing would be to see if the Ruins mod generates them correctly.
  16. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    And if Thaumcraft doesn't work, AM2 or Witchery should work just fine. ;)
  17. Eggyplant

    Eggyplant New Member

    I found out Extra Utilities is compatible with Terrafirmacraft, I wonder how cursed earth is going to work with Terrafirma's own mob spawning system.
  18. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    Hmm… I may test that out in the morning.
  19. OneWolfe

    OneWolfe New Member

    Fields of cursed earth might be fun ;)
  20. spendabuck

    spendabuck New Member

    I don't know if this is a bug or not, but there isn't a version 0.0.10 for me :(
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