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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by OneWolfe, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. LameGirlyCurly

    LameGirlyCurly New Member

    We do have a smallish whitelisted community that has had this pack for few days now. Seems to run fairly well with no big issues even that the pack might be bit old. Lot of fun stuff to do and terrafirma-mechanics to make it more interesting ;)

    If someone wants to have a go, we're at www.dirthuts.com
  2. Tod Detre

    Tod Detre Guest

    Has anyone had a problem with too many bass spawning? Our server has started lagging so I used opis to see what was causing it and found over 40,000 bass. Even if I use the killall feature of opis, hundreds more spawn almost instantly and in a few minutes we have lag again with thousands of bass. Is there a way to just disable them?
  3. LameGirlyCurly

    LameGirlyCurly New Member

    IE excavator doesn't seem to produce anything on any of the "modified" veins - coal vein is the only one to produce anything as such. Only unbrok-- non-modified vein in the pack :p
  4. theluckyone17

    theluckyone17 New Member

    Ran into this issue this week as well. Wandered close to a couple deer, and at certain viewing angles, one of their bodies is superimposed over my character's head. Switch to external view, and the body clearly shows up (but again, only at certain angles). Move the viewing angle up or down, and the engineering pants I was wearing at the time get vertically reversed and show over the head as well.

    Kinda kills the moment o_O
  5. LameGirlyCurly

    LameGirlyCurly New Member

    Overall it's a very good pack, my favorite of the terrafirma "series". Could use few updates and possibly some small rethinking on its use in servers.

    Our players have liked it, but onewolf has disappeared from the world it seems :/

    We would love to see the pack being developed again <3
  6. dammitpogi

    dammitpogi Guest

    Full Album: http://imgur.com/a/0xWR0
    Server: TerraFirmaPunks.playat.ch

    The Seasons of TerraFirmaPunk Server
    I have been playing this mod pack now for 2 months on my private server and am now releasing it to the public. Server has been upgraded to withstand the demands of TFC Exploration for at least 3 players all exploring top speed on Archimedes Ships. I will pay all fees associated with the Server and will glady accept donations. Donations will NEVER be required to play. The atmosphere of this Server will be above all Friendly. I will not condone the stealing of other player's loot, but I will not forcibly disable such an ability. I do not expect Crime in such a community as TFC, but may implement a warrant and reward (bounty) system if such a thing runs rampant. Postal Services are provided by the Forestry Mod. I encourage the trading of Items and materials. Ask me about my Antique Atlas.

    Seasons have been expanded to encompass about a week IRL timespan.

    ForgeEssentials installed to allow Teleportation through the JourneyMap UI.
  7. NonanteSeize

    NonanteSeize Guest

    Hello there.
    A friend and I want to play together but we're getting errors when trying to connect.
    We first tried to make a server, I don't know if I messed up something so I'm gonna summarise.

    I installed forge to a new folder, copied the terrafirmapunk zip to a new mods folder inside, removed the zombie awareness mod from the zip (deactivated on the clients), started the server (eula accept) no errors on the server, all is fine.

    When trying to connect to the server -both locally and distant- the client crashes with this error:
    And here is the crash report:

    Server says:
    (the sentense "Existing connection closed by remote host" was translated by hand since my locale isn't EN)
    With the last bit ([Netty IO #1/ERROR]) looping a few dozen times.

    But after that, we tried to connect locally. (as in opening an SP game to LAN and using a VLAN software)
    The client does not crash but gets disconnected with the following error:
    And this message is in the output window of the client:

    I don't know if anything has been done wrong, we both have had no trouble playing singleplayer.

    I'd be thankful if you could help.
  8. nhyrum

    nhyrum Guest


    i apologize if this isnt the best/correct place to post this, but im having an issue changing chisel modes. the genereal default is M, and i see the default is C. am i missing something?

    Also, I saw that ftc core had an update, do i just replace the old ftc core jar file that is in the terrafirmapunk folder?
  9. Kitronics

    Kitronics Guest

    Hey I'm running a terrafirmapunk server with the current version and my players are saying that teir two and elite mobs are spawning on a normal difficulty surface overworld that aren't spawning in there single player games and I'm wondering did I miss a setting somewhere that is doing this?

    I'm asking cuz apparently the monsters that are spawning are vastly harder than the ones that would be spawning in a single player version
  10. DrSlime

    DrSlime Guest

    Hi I my game is crashing when I load my game, with this failur Code:" in attachment"
    can there anybody help?

    Attached Files:

  11. Redruzerkruzer

    Redruzerkruzer New Member

  12. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    A great idea. Unfortunately, unfinished and little covered. In addition, unfortunately, no more updates and dead.
  13. slarg1

    slarg1 Guest

    Anyone else had problems with certain recipes not working? the BC mining well and pump are listed in NEI and show up as valid in the crafting table but do not let me craft the items
  14. welchdrew

    welchdrew Guest

    If I may ask, how well does this modpack work with Lumy's Skin Patch and the Skinport mods?

    I'm just looking for a 1.7.10 modpack to play with my friend, but I still want to be able to see my 1.8+ Skin.(I use the alex model)

    Also this modpack looks like it would be a nice way to introduce myself back into terrafirmacraft, it's been forever since I played that mod.

    EDIT: Never mind, saw this modpack has smart moving, smart moving does not work with skinport sadly, a shame really. :s
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  15. Xuzo

    Xuzo Guest

    Hey guys, so no fix for the boiler crashing the game when placing it?
    This mpack is very nice, I really like the mix of dungeon and survival elements of it, it is a shame it was discontinued...:(

    That didn't work for me, still getting crashes from regular boiler.
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