[1.7.10] Survival industry [rotarycraft based tech]

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would you like the modpack to grow bigger with new mod?

  1. yes, more magic

  2. yes, more tech

  3. yes, stronger mobs/other

  4. no, keep it as it is

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  1. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    I've beaten that game with Axton, Gaige, and Kreig. So... yeah, I got the reference. :p
  2. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    We shoukd play at some point borderlands 2 together :)
  3. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    Depends... Steam?

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  4. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

  5. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    It could happen. But let's save this thread for SI.

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  6. YuumeBlue

    YuumeBlue New Member

    Hi i'm interested in playing but i wanted to clarify about the flower fields? Does each ore have it's own flower or do flowers just mean ores are nearby? Also would like to know if flowers just generate without ores sometimes?

    Thanks for any information you can give.
  7. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    Very very sweet modlist inside. Very nice to meet new modpack with Rotarycraft main theme.
    Plz no magic, no Ender IO and Mekanizm.
    I vote for Galacticraft, Forestry and more Bees =)
    And if you add HQM and buch of quest about Rotarycraft and Reactorcraft you can easy become modpack of the year!
  8. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    so, first, each ore has a flower type. if the flower type is there it means that somewhere in this chunk there is at least one of this ore type.

    and on the second message: i don't think ender io will fit in this pack. about mekanism and or magic mods, we will only add them if they fit. i don't think galacticraft and or forestry will fit, but again, we will look into that. i think quests can fit as long as they are a tutorial and or just explain how to do things with no rewards. but the quest thing reteo will need to determine because he is the one that does the configs.
  9. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    Different flowers exist for different ores. If you're unsure what a flower identifies, then you can always pick it and look at its tooltip. Aside from this, you can get more information, and see a list, from the Reasonable Realism wiki.

    On a side note, Reasonable Realism is also the source of the seasons, animal/tree lifespans and animal-self-breeding/sapling-self-planting, through the "Harder Wildlife" mod.

    I honestly agree about magic... I might add ChromatiCraft as a disabled option to the pack, but I really don't think this pack should have magic mods in it, simply because it is a tech pack.

    Mekanism and EnderIO won't be in this pack, simply because they both contain machines that duplicate functionality from RotaryCraft, which undermines the RotaryCraft progression.

    I actually had Forestry (and all the bee mods) in this modpack for a while. However, after a while, it was taken out in one of my 'feature creep purges.' I'm still open to returning it to the pack (along with the appropriate bee and tree addons for other mods), but I'd have to look for a way to disable the bulk of the machines in the mod in favor of their RotoryCraft equivalents.

    As for GalactiCraft, I am considering it, but until I can find the dimension generator names for that mod's other planets, I can't really configure them to use the oregen I'm using for this pack. Additionally, I'll have to see if the powergen can be linked up with RotaryCraft, in order not to break progression.

    Finally, I'm not using Hardcore Questing Mode, because I don't want to "formalize" the progression, and because I don't want the player to be rewarded with anything other than what they themselves make. However, JeffPeng is actually working on an In-Game Wiki for this modpack which explains a lot of the content in the game, and it will be added as soon as he's done with it.
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  10. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    So. Reteo. Can you tell ftb on the update thread to change th description to your one and regenarate the modlist so that it is updated (no villagar noses) :D
  11. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    I will be home in 3 hours and then we should open a test server
  12. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    Thx for indicator flowers! I very like it after year of Gregtech packs with vein ore generation =)
    Sometimes in pack must be mode with long long purpose like Galacticraft with tiers of ores on other planets and awesome bases or Draconian Expansion.
    And here you got Reactorcraft! Look what you can build!
  13. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    Huh. okay, I'll make a request with FTB.

    As for the reactor, my advice is not to follow that video blindly; it's extremely out of date, and Reika has since added several things, including a coolant requirement to the toroids. But yes, what you are looking at is the Tokamak reactor, the largest source of energy in all of modded minecraft.
  14. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    Largest and biggest :p
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  15. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    To anyone interested, a question that is burning a hole in my brain: to those of you who have played Reika's mods in the past, feel free to answer this: should I enable or disable engine sounds in the default configuration?
  16. YuumeBlue

    YuumeBlue New Member

    Thanks for the information i'm going to start playing this today. Hopefully i don't die a lot like I usually do in a new pack XP
  17. reteo

    reteo Active Member

    Just avoid being out after dark, and you should be okay. If you get a blood moon in the first night, though, I'd recommend starting over.

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  18. Fortanono

    Fortanono Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a CHALLENGE! :p

    Seriously, this one I can get creative with. May do it later, I dunno.
  19. LoaTBaC

    LoaTBaC Member

    I'd say the sounds should stay enabled. If someone doesn't like them, they can just put wool over the engines to quiet them.
  20. onsp

    onsp Active Member

    Dont doubt about sounds, we have ExtraUtilities with Mufflers. Leave them on.

    Btw how about PneumaticCraft? I know its possible disable plastic flowers to reduce lag and make mod more hard (you still can make plastic from oil)

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