[1.7.10]Running Red 2: Vampire Money[v1.2.0][Hardcore][Magic][RPG]


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Nov 24, 2012
Submit your bug reports here: https://github.com/PhoenixTeamMC/Running-Red-2-Vampire-Money/issues/

A boy and a therapist. A vampire and a world. Two stories, told simultaneously. With an ending up to you.

Welcome to Running Red 2: Vampire Money. Although not a direct sequel to Running Red, and although it is in no way similar, Vampire Money continues the story in an indirect matter. If Running Red was about depression, Vampire Money is about seeking help.


A boy has gone to a Therapist. When the Therapist asks him to write a story about how he feels, the boy responds by writing a story about a Vampire. The Vampire has a choice. He can go the easy way, and drink the blood of those things that will not fight back. Or he can go the hard way, and not drink the blood of those things, and return to being a human. But the best way is often the hardest. You play as the vampire. You have to decide what to do.
As the boy discusses his situation with the Therapist, the story of the vampire will grow and develop. The story (and quests) will be released in Chapters, as I create them.


Being a vampire isn't easy. There's no natural health regen, so you must get your health from Golden Apples and, later on in the story, drinking blood (if you absolutely want it now, it's /effect @a 25).
There are no ores beneath the ground. In fact, 60% of the ground is composed of Silverfish. The only way to obtain ores is by killing creatures. But don't worry, it's not the dull Minecraft combat. You have the ability to use a shield and dual-wield weapons, in order for better protection. Underground is an increasingly terrifying series of spawners, monsters, and traps. But as you venture farther downward, you will find better and better loot. And meanwhile, there's the usual system of Quests helping you along.

There is also a Music Pack featured in the latest update. It contains music by waterflame89, which, thankfully, is free for use, so you won't be getting any copyright issues with your streams/videos.

Complete list of songs:







  • ArmorStatusHUD
  • DirectionHUD
  • StatusEffectHuD
  • Technomancy
  • Mine & Blade Battlegear II
  • Applied Energistics II
  • Blood Magic
  • BloodUtils
  • Carpenter's Blocks
  • CharacterOnGUI
  • CodeChickenCore
  • Deadly World
  • Dynamic Lights
  • EnderIO
  • EnderStorage
  • Forestry
  • Gravestones
  • Hardcore Questing Mode
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Mantle
  • Minetweaker
  • MobDrops
  • Mob Properties
  • Natural Absorption
  • NEI Addons
  • NEI Plugins
  • NEI
  • OpenBlocks
  • OpenEye
  • OpenModsLib
  • OresPlus
  • Railcraft
  • Sanguimancy
  • Special Mobs
  • Spice of Life
  • Steve's Factory Manager
  • Tinker's Construct
  • Vampire Money Custom Mod
  • WAILA Harvestability
  • WaslieCore
  • What's This Pack?
  • Witchery
  • CreepersFire


I'd firstly like to thank @Strikingwolf , for putting up with me while I forcedasked him to make several mods for this pack.
I'd also like to thank, once again, @ThomazM , @Strikingwolf , @Qazplm601 , and @SatanicSanta for allowing me to join the original PhoenixCraft server, which gave me my first experience with Blood Magic, which led to all of this.
In addition, I'll thank @Lumaceon , @CaptPanda , and @parcel31u for making the original Jampacked competition (hey, still no results!) very enjoyable and a overall constructive experience.
And, I'd like to thank @PurpleMentat for being awesome and making some of my favorite videos on Running Red.
Also, @WayofTime for making Blood Magic, which has always been one of my favorite mods.
And last but not least, @Watchful11 and @tfox83 for putting up with my constant derps in updating for the original pack.



This pack is brought to you via the Feed the Beast launcher. Installation is simple - open the launcher, and look for the "Pack Codes" button. Press it, and input the code "RunningRed2VampireMoney". Then, look in the bottom of the Third Party tab, and you'll find RRII at the bottom.

You should generate your world as Hardcore for the best experience.

This release currently only contains Chapter One, however, more Chapters will be released in the near future.

Thanks for all the venom, and enjoy.

Changelog for v1.2.0:


  * Potions are now restored when damage is taken
  * Quests are no longer repeatable
  * Lifesteal effect given on spawn
* New Guidebook added, walks you through the ins and outs of Vampire Money
* Awesome new main menu, courtesy of Lumien
* Added Somnia
  * The world is now simulated while you sleep
  * You can now sleep all 24 hours of the day
* New Structures in the Nether
* Easier Player Revival
  * Filled Gintos are now given in the first quest
* Realistic World Gen added (Disabled by default)
* Sanity Changes
  * The Nether now takes Sanity slower than it did before
  * The Sacrificial Knife removes Sanity very quickly
  * Corrupt Fluix Crystals take Sanity as well
  * Pure Fluix Crystals add Sanity at a very high rate. One should be enough to negate most negative Sanity effects
  * Various items have Sanity values added to them. Think before you pick things up.
* Ender Zoo added
* Silverfish were given alternate drops to prevent exploits
* Dynamic Lights was added to help you see in the dark
* Auto-UHC lore added


* Ender Zoo added
* Dynamic Lights added
* Realistic World Gen added (disabled by default)
* Somnia added
* PhoenixMod added
* Silverfish drops changed
* Overworld drops rebalanced
  * Aluminium drops added
  * Nether ore drops removed
* Nether drops/quests added
* README.txt quest added
* Potion effects fixed
  * Each player now has their own "vamp" level
  * vamp level incremented every time the player completes a quest
  * Potion effects given based on vamp level when the player takes damage
* Health added to "list" scoreboard
* Blood Magic updated
* Tinkers' Construct updated
* Buildcraft updated
* Guidebook added
* Sanity rebalanced
* Last potion effect given changed from Strength to Night Vision
* Nether Structures added
* Merchants removed until I can figure out how to fix them
* Blood Moon rate increased
* Typos fixed
Changelog for v1.1.1:

* Update CoFHCore
* Update Lore Expansion
* Add Soundtrack
Changelog for v1.1.0:

Be Afraid of the Dark:

* New Sanity Mechanic is in place:
-Sanity drops during the night and around baddies
-Sanity can be restored by sleeping or hanging around flowers or other happy things
-Going insane can have *fun* side effects
* Darkness is now complete. Bring torches.
* Nights can sometimes be home to a Blood Moon
-Increased baddies
-Inability to sleep

Friends and Foes:

* Multiplayer support!
-Server version created
-Friends can revive each other for Hardcore play
-Quests are now repeatable so folks can play non-hardcore

* Vampires and Heroes now roam the land
-Powered-up Skeletons and Zombies have left the boss zone and are now out and about in the day! Look out!
-Travelling merchants now roam the land, looking for deals. But, you'd better reach them before the Vampires do


* Created Server Version (Wooo!)
* Disabled the OpenBlocks Gravestone
* Fixed key conflicts
* Fixed quest bugs
* Removed Halloween Quests
* Updated Blood Magic
* Updated BloodUtils
* Updated Sanguimancy
* Updated BuildCraft
* Updated RailCraft
* Updated EnderIO
* Updated CoFHCore
* Updated Applied Energistics
* Updated Special Mobs
* Updated Tinker's Construct
* Updated Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2
* Added Enviromine
* Added Random Things
* Added GenCreator

Aaand we are now on Github! https://github.com/PhoenixTeamMC/Running-Red-2-Vampire-Money/tree/master


Our server is hosted by the wonderful ProvisionHost! Use the code "PHOENIXTEAM" to get 15% off your server!​
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DF-type fun?
DF-Style fun is best described as "losing is FUN!" or "dying is FUN!", or "clunky ui in an era where shitty controls are not needed anymore anywhere but horror games where it makes you feel weaker in is FUN!".
In short, suffering is fun, if you like DF-Stle fun. DF of course meaning Dworf Fortress.
As opposed to Dark Souls level fun; insane learning curve that challenges you no matter what you do or how powerful your gear is, but dying is a annoying setback at most, usually.
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