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    I tryed to play ME^3 but the map has not load. I was in the normal minecraft map than i spawned. What can i do?
    I want to suggest Model Citizens.

    It's useful for dead people, or skeleton armor stands that don't need to be killed (and give back armor all the time)
    Lovin Anti-Material Energy. Not sure if its a quasi cheat but I did the quest to get black/red/yellow/green anti blocks by dying it and now just stumbled upon the colour change possible through chisel, am I cheating by now using chisel?
    I'm having problems with anti-material energy. Every time I try to get the recipe for something related to minechem my game crashes. I don't know if this is were I should put this bug but I figured since it is your modpack that I should tell you. I'm sure other people have told you this but if you can update me on this being fixed in an update I would be grateful.
    You need a fair amount of processing and RAM for minechem. As an example Hydrogen is very common so doing a NEI search crashes even my comp since there must be thousands of recipes with hydrogen in it. I find not searching majorly common items is the way to go. Stay away from C, H and O :)
    Your computer is probably crashing because it isn't fast/good enough. What processor are you using and how much RAM?
    I have some issues with a server , if i spawn in the Map, i am in a black room without any blocks on x1000 z1000 y30 and if i start a new world, there is the same problem. I looked hours of time in your forum page but there is nothing that helps me with my problem
    How do I troubleshoot a mod rejections problem when I try hosting a server?
    Figured it out. Mods weren't the same version.
    In ME^4 me and my friend have a server but all of the sudden the fps dropped to 0 for me, and my processor usage shot up to 90%, any clue why this is (btw playing with lowest graphics) and as soon as i close the game it goes down to 4% max, while playing i think its like 10% but after a while it just goes insane.
    In ME^4, you've got 2 bedrock rooms outside the sphere, one locked with melons, and the other with no apparent means of entry.
    I take it that the second one is important to the map in some way, but will I flat out break the game if an Ender Quarry digs through it?
    Oops, I managed to tp myself in there with the Travel Anchor Staff's short range teleport function.
    Good to know Mining through it won't break the game, though there are some interesting things in there :3
    Let's just say I'm definitely taking a button in there to push.
    Only if I could support your Patreon, well... might as well wait for Anti-Material Energy^1 (Or, maybe Material Energy^-1)
    Hey Parcel, I was just wondering, about how long did it take you to compile your first modpack, make all the quests, and finish the map? I'm just trying to get an average amount of time it would take
    I was wondering where I could post crash reports... There is an infamous TiC arrow crash that is a major problem. The game crashes whenever a player crafts an arrow in a tool forge. Thanks.
    Hey, can you tell me how to add user names to the whitelist for the server on ME^4? Its in a format that I don't understand. Just adding names doesn't work...
    idk if it works the same, but with other servers ive used, you can do it as a admin command from in game with /whitelist add
    hope that helps
    I'm having some trouble with ME^4, i cant get the polytool to accept any of the elements, is there something i have to do different to input them? I've tried clicking in the top-left box, the center where the polytool icon is, and on the rings around it. I've tried shift-clicking as well and nothing happens. I reinstalled the game and still no success. What am i doing wrong?
    Hey parcel, i was trying to create my own modpack. i was wondering, do u know how to solve a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError other than removing the mod completely? any ideas?
    How much ram do I need for a server for ME^4?
    Try 20
    20gb? what? what numbers should I punch into the serverstart.sh?
    note: I'm running on an ubuntu 14.10 laptop. I only have 4GB of ram to use (I'm going to be playing the game itself with friends on my windows PC)
    Hey when I try to load in my texture pack in stops responding for about a minute then goes back to the option menu and the texture pack isn't loaded is this happening when/if you try to load a texture pack?
    Hey, sorry to for the mindless post but my brothers been getting some major problems with lag, he had 3GB of 4GB of RAM, 1GB grap and a duo 1.68 GHZ processor (I've been in task manager too and it seems all the memory is used up, dispite my computer being the host) His java is up to date. His settings are also at minimum. I thought it was either the map until I saw your reccomendation of 1GB of RAM which seemed odd
    Not that you are to blame in any way, as it ran fine for me and I only have 6GB allocated
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