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  • Hey parcel, I'm making my own modpack and I was wondering how you got Quadrum items to not have a name that starts with item. And ends with .name?
    I cant get on, I finnaly got to the main screen but when i tried making a new world it just brought me back to the main screen and wouldn't make the world. I hope you can fix this because I was really looking foward to playing ME^4
    K it crashed 3 min in, the game froze all the blocks turned a different shade of plan grey and than the window closed on its own. Is this a planed feature? ITS STILL REALLY AWESOME THO GOOD JOB!!! k second crash, it says "this block can only be edited by parcel31" and than it crashed. STILL AWESOME!!!!!
    This is due to an issue, it is not intended by parcel31u.
    2:35 PM EST: turns on computer, looks at FTB private packs, sees ME^4, Screams and runs in circles. passes out, wakes up 5 min later and writes this post. THANKS SO MUCH parcel31u I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT. YOUR THE BEST, LIKE ACTUALLY. THANKS SO MUCH, IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! THANKS!!!!!
    How are you controlling Mob spawns in ME^4, since MSC2 doesn't work for 1.7.10. I want to make an HQM map, but I don't have any idea how to set mob spawn locations or create custom mobs. Since I mostly want to work with Zombies. Can you point me in the right direction please? ^^
    Parcel for the compressed cookies what food value would you want each one of them to have?
    compressed: 1
    double: 2 hunger
    and so on
    do you mean bars or points,cause if you mean bars a regular cookie recovers 2
    Hello, I have severe OCD, and I know many people do also, but we still love your pack, So I was wondering if there is a way, I can rebuild the map and if you like it add a choice to pick OCD or normal map. When I build it Do not Worry I will include all components needed for proper gameplay. So what do you say?

    P.S. Do not worry I know how to build properly. ;)
    I know I shouldn't ask this here, but I really am wondering... How would I go about using Me^3 for a server, like step to step. My friends and I have been having trouble with setting it up. Just wondering
    Download the server files, click lauchserver.exe
    Ok, I think my friend did that, but for some reason his server only runs for a time and then stops, before anyone else can get on.
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