[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

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  1. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    I found a Dungeon while out scanning nodes & for something to do have started searching it but its very hard going, but like above its a very lonely pack, need something to do to break the boredom of harvesting crafting ores.
  2. Start thaumcraft, you won't be bored for a while. And trust me the feeling of having little living golems running around and harvesting it's undescriptible!!! Just makes you smile like an idiot.
  3. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Started TC aint got to golums yet but do have a tiny spud, not gonna say what it looks like to me, stubby little pink guy :), been thinking of starting a villager breeding setup, the one thing that is boring me to death is the amount of crops needed & the harvesting, not sure that golums will be able to harvest from from crop sticks & if they do not sure if there is a way they can replant (if they break sticks), lots of stuff to test as I go, really good pack, if I can find better ways to automate than BC I will be a happy little camper.

    I am even considering installing some form of mod just for basic automation of crops alone, that way & can get the foot print of the huge farm down to something reasonable, dont want to break the balance of the pack so waiting & looking at some mods to see if any fit the bill better than adjustable chests.
  4. Once you have all the crops it's really not an issue, I barely even harvest unless I need it. I think someone mentioned the golems do harvest crops, I'm going to try tomorrow anyway, I'm just finishing to upgrade my fire essences, I'll tell you if it works. Don't stay stuck on the grind part at the beginning it sure is tedious but as I said after you just don't mind anymore. My farms are 3 wide buy 5 long nothing too huge or too small just perfect.
  5. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    Golems with a harvest core work great with AgriCraft. They harvest without breaking the Crops so no replanting needed. Keep in mind that golems with a harvest core only harvest 4 blocks away from where you put them. (9x9 block area) The book says otherwise, but it is only a 4 block radius. You can upgrade the golems for an extra 1 block radius with, i believe, a water upgrade. You can either use another golem to pick up the drops or use a hopperhock.

    In case anyone doesn't know, you can reduce the grind with AgriCraft crops by making parent plants 10/10/10 before cross breeding them. Once they are 10/10/10 and you cross breed to get different kinds of seeds, the child seeds will also be 10/10/10 so you don't need to work on improving them.
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  6. Davs

    Davs Active Member

    Does this work with crops, that are created with botania 'infusion' ?
  7. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    If you mean that if, for example, you cross breed a 10/10/10 Poppy with a 10/10/10 Red Tulip will you get a 10/10/10 Mystical Red Flower? Yes, you will.

    Edit: Ok, I think I understand what you mean. Creating seeds with the runic altar. I used 10/10/10 essence seeds but only got back 1/1/1 seeds, so no. That doesn't go through the normal AgriCraft mechanics. So, my suggestion only helps with vanilla and botania crops.
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  8. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    I crossbreed my created 1/1/1 seeds with a 10/10/10 sugarcane: the sugarcane doesn't spread on dirt and has no mutations with the magic crops, so I only need 4 generations to get from 1/1/1 to 10/10/10.
  9. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a bug. You shouldn't be able to improve a 1/1/1 seed with a 10/10/10 seed that doesn't have a mutation of those two seeds.
  10. Davs

    Davs Active Member

    How do I get mutandis extremis? Based on NEI I'd have to get it by throwing netherwart and mutandis into witches oven when its boiling, but it;s not working..It took the items, the water is now greenish and bubbling. What do I do wrong?
  11. keksemann6

    keksemann6 Active Member

    Is there an tutorial on how i can install this modpack on my nitrado server ? because apperently i'm doing it wrong because this custom dead world isnt spawning it's only spawning a normal vanilla world and i cant craft these mod items (sry for my bad english)
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  12. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    You need to have an altar with enough power in it close enough to make the mutandis extremis
  13. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    I don't know if it's a bug, but it definately feels too easy. I only played Regrowth, perhaps with weeds on, it's harder to get everything to 10/10/10 so fast.
  14. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    I put it as an issue on the AgriCraft github. We'll see what InfinityRaider has to say about it. Maybe it's intended, maybe not.
  15. Rubik842

    Rubik842 Active Member

    Hi, enjoying the pack, playing SSP for a bit of practice before getting on a server. I've set myself up in a Hobgoblin hut close to spawn which was a good hideout until I built a bed.
    I'm just about to get into mariculture and I'm thinking I should move my base to the ocean 200 blocks away before I build too much, but on the other hand 400 blocks in the other direction is a witch circle with 2 spawners under it which I could farm.
    Any suggestions on which location would be better?

    Questing mode: My quests seem to work fine, AM I supposed to open to lan enable cheats /hqm enable or anything? Have I been missing out on the reputation points? I just downloaded, opened and started playing.

    Not sure if it's intended or not, I found some green grass growing out of the cracked sand near the ocean which didnt look quite right with everything else dead. What might be undesirable is there was an occasional vanilla dirt+grass block in the same area too.

    Edit: I'm on a bit of a rise and I just watched the most impressive sunset I've seen in minecraft, the wasteland and the hills - you've done an excellent job on the custom biome.
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  16. Avalonzo

    Avalonzo Well-Known Member

    Personally I would head towards the ocean and make a bookmark of the spawner in your atlas if you have one that is and the reason I say ocean is likely better as its a giant water source and lots of squid for ink and food just be sure to wear a snorkel when going underwater to have a longer time underwater. You don't need to turn cheats on for the quest book its working as intended already & the odd few grass blocks could be intended the last few remnants of the disaster which would tie in with the story/questing of the pack
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  17. Raoul S.

    Raoul S. New Member

    Hey everyone,

    every time i wanna make a multiplayer server with hamachi and i unpack the server zip with win-rar 64bit and i wanna start the server it says:
    Error: Unable to access jarfile forge 1.7.10-
  18. Summit

    Summit Well-Known Member

    I recently got new internet so I've started streaming this pack. If you are interested I stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/summitx2
    I am also hacking up the streams into bite-sized chunks and sticking them on my YouTube page. This first video can be found here:
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  19. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    InfinityRaider is going to change this, possibly give lower stats a higher weight.
  20. d1ng0d0g

    d1ng0d0g Active Member

    I have dug through the threads but only cursory. Are Thaumcraft and Blood Magic opened as part of the quests, or should I just begin with those mods ?

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