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  1. Iskandar

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    Multiblocks and modular technology are the focus of this themed modpack. Create complex and wonderful machines as well as magical creations as you explore a different side of modded Minecraft.

    WARNING: Java 8 is REQUIRED. If you are running Java 7 and cannot upgrade you MUST remove Matter Overdrive or this pack will not run!

    Fastcraft is recommended, but not included.

    Pack Code: modularmayhem

    A themed pack without quests or achievements, instead a different approach to modded Minecraft beyond the single block solutions so common now. Several new mods, plus a few more familiar. Relax, have fun and try something outside of your usual experience.

    Applied Energistics 2
    Better Rain
    Carpenter's Block
    DrCyano's Lootable Bodies
    Engineer's Toolbox
    Essential Craft 3
    Extra Cells 2
    Extra Utilities
    Fancy Fluid Storage
    Advanced Generators
    In-Game wiki Mod
    Immersive Engineering
    Immersive Integration
    Inventory Tweaks
    Iron Backpacks
    Malisis' Doors
    Matter Overdrive
    Modular Armour
    Open Modular Turrets
    Router Reborn
    Silent's Gems
    Steve's Carts 2
    Steve's Workshop
    Storage Drawers
    Super Multi-Drills
    Tube Transport System

    There are a lot of new and unfamiliar mods here. NEI will handle most of your questions and the In Game Wiki covers Hydraulicraft, Open Modular Turrets, and Pneumaticraft. A few others have in game guides, Chromaticraft, Essential Craft 3, immersive Engineering.

    Out of game wikis and information:
    Advance Generators: http://bdew.net/generators/
    Engineer's Toolbox: http://spearmanstudios.com/mods/handbook/et-handbook-1.0.0.pdf
    Fancy Fluid Storage: https://ffs.lordmau5.com/
    Magneticraft: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum.../minecraft-mods/wip-mods/2294740-magneticraft
    Matter Overdrive: http://simeon.co.vu/Mods/MatterOverdrive/
    NuclearCraft: http://nuclearcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
    Silent's Gems: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/220311-silents-gems

    Release 1.15
    Chromaticraft 10d
    ExtraCells 2.3.7b176
    Hydraulicraft 2.1.245
    Immersive Engineering
    Immersive Integration 0.6.6
    Iron Backpacks 1.2.10
    Modular Powersuits
    Open Blocks 1.5
    Open Computers
    Open Modular Turrets 2.1.8-199
    PneumaticCraft 1.12.3-146
    Silent's Gems 1.3.7-151
    Storage Drawers 1.7.5


    You must set -XX:+UseG1GC in your Additional Java Arguments or some parts of Chromaticraft will be disabled!

    Release 1.11
    Extra Cells 2.3.2-158
    Iron Backs 1.7.10-26
    JourneyMap 5.1.1
    Malisis Door 1.12.2
    Matter Overdrive 4.0-170
    Modular Pwersuits 11.0.284
    OpenModularTurrets 2.1.6-187
    Silent's Gems
    Storage Drawers 1.7.2

    Catwalks 2
    The Tardis Mod

    Pneumaticraft Lubricant incompatibility

    Release 1.10
    Immersive Engineering 0.6.2
    Immersive Integration 0.6.1
    Galacticraft -WARNING! Potential breaking change!
    Magneticraft 0.6.0 beta2
    Malisis Core 0.13.1
    Malisis Doors
    Matter Overdrive 4.0-164
    Super Multi-Drills 1.2.0-19

    Zetta Industries

    Switched oil gen to mostly be from Magneticraft. Combined with the update to Galacticraft existing worlds may need to generate new chunks to find oil. Overall, however, this should make oil easier to find and more abundant.

    Release 1.9
    Bibliocraft 1.11.4
    Decocraft 2.2.1
    Immersive Engineering 0.6.0
    Immersive Integration 0.6.0
    PneumaticCraft 1.11.19-141
    Silent's Gems 1.3.04-144
    WAILA Harvestability 1.1.5
    WAILA Plug-in 2.0-23

    Release 1.8
    BiblioCraft 1.11.3
    Malisis Core 0.12.10
    Malisis Doors 1.10.1
    Mantle 0.3.2b
    Matter Overdrive 4.0
    PneumaticCraft 11.18-140
    Redstonic 1.4.11
    Router Reborn

    AE2 Stuff

    Biodiesel will now work in Advanced Generators' Gas Turbines
    More Ore Dictionary problems with nether quartz dust
    Added IE Crusher recipes for Certus Quartz Dust
    Release 1.7
    Hydraulicraft 2.1.243
    Matter Overdrive RC4-129
    Open Modular Turrets 2.1.5-184
    PneumaticCraft 1.11.17-139
    Refined Reloction 1.1.10
    WAILA Harvestability 1.1.3

    Fixed ExtraBiomesXL sapling spam
    Reduced Rainbow Forest passive animal spawn a bit more

    Release 1.6
    Ewy's Workshop
    Modular Powersuits
    Player API
    Open Computers
    Thermal Expansion (minus most of the machines, dynamos, caches, strongboxes, and satchels)

    MineTweaker 3.0.10B
    Router Reborn
    Silent's Gems 1.3.03-140

    Extra Utilities portals not working

    Added Thermal Expansion compatibility to all mods that can use it. Recipes for high tier items are now more properly expensive.
    Removed added recipes for Enderium, Signalium, and Fluxed Electrum now that the Magmatic Crucible/Fluid Transposer is now available

    Release 1.5
    Aura Cascade 557
    NEI Integration 1.0.13

    Reverted previous fix that pretty much borked everything else. Note: You will get missing blocks alert for Galacticraft for existing worlds. This can be ignored, retrogen is enabled to fix this issue. Any existing oil pools will move, however.

    Release 1.4
    Refined Location 1.1.4

    Forced mod load order to sort out fluid conflicts. Unborked PneumaticCraft Gasoline.

    Release 1.3
    fastleafdecay 1.3
    k4lib 0.1.55
    Pneumaticcraft 1.11.16-138
    Silent's Gems 1.3.02-131

    Release 1.1
    ChromaticCraft 9b
    DragonAPI 9b
    Fancy Fluid Storage 1.3.5
    PneumaticCraft 1.11.14-136
    Disabled Open Blocks grave

    Release 1.0
    ChromaticCraft 9a
    DragonAPI 9a
    Silent's Gems 1.3.01-122

    Beta 0.6 RC3
    MagneticCraft 0.5.1

    Beta 0.5 RC2
    Hydraulicraft 2.1.242

    Beta 0.4 RC1
    Aura Cascade (should have been added last version, oops)

    PneumaticCraft 1.11.11-135
    Silent's Gems 1.3.00-RC1-121
    Storage Drawers 1.6.2

    Fixed: Ore Dictionary on Nether Quartz dust on IE and Magneticraft so they work with AE

    Beta 0.3:
    Pressure Pipes
    Refined Relocation

    Bibliocraft 1.11.2
    Hydraulicraft 2.1.239
    Matter Overdrive 0.4.0-RC4-Hotfix1
    Silent's Gems 3.00 beta7

    My Let's Play series on this pack:

    Lensmanoz's Let's Play:

    Greasy Geek's Let's Play:

    BigTigerMC's Let's Play:
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  2. Brenn_

    Brenn_ New Member

    Looks interesting!

    I'm looking forward to downloading this & trying it out.
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  3. GerbShert

    GerbShert New Member

    This sounds like a really awesome pack!
  4. Eladkay

    Eladkay New Member

    I had tons of fun helping test this pack!
    I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I had! :)
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  5. Craig bruyson

    Craig bruyson New Member

    Another Iskandar Pack. I will be giving it a go,
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  6. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    ok everyone who installs this pack can you PLEASE read the first post? If you crash because you don't have Java 8 I WILL point and laugh.
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  7. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    +1, big like, because this is a clever and original pack idea.
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  8. Mirellie

    Mirellie New Member

    i havent really had long to test things out (5 hours) but i feel like AppleCore might be a nice quality of life thing to add. but deer god! the interactions between magneticraft, immersive engineering, engineer's toolbox!!!!!!!!

    things to look at possibly:
    unifying ores to have one of each type.
    adjusting spawn heights of aluminum.
    decrease drop rates from chromaticraft color trees.

    if i find more things note worthy ill update or post again.

    also nuclear monsters are scary!! great job on another fantastic pack!
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  9. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    The ores are unified, as much as they can be. There are a few duplicates to handle things not ore dctionary'ing correctly and to increase some resources without having to tinker too much with ore spawning. Aluminum comes in both aluminum and bauxite...which should cover most heights you need, as a for instance.

    And I can't do a thing with t e drop rates of the trees. However, you will notice only 25% of the dyes they drop are vanilla.
  10. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    And updated!
    Beta 0.3

    Pressure Pipes
    Refined Relocation

    Bibliocraft 1.11.2
    Hydraulicraft 2.1.239
    Matter Overdrive 0.4.0-RC4-Hotfix1
    Silent's Gems 3.00 beta7
  11. Mirellie

    Mirellie New Member

    is there a trick to finding sulfer? ive used 2 of the Router Reborn 5x5 pickaxes down at diamond level and have found just under a stack of it. ive found more veins of shiney metal than sulfer at this point.
  12. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Not really. It is y level 12 and below, and about 24 or so per chunk. And IE Crusher can get sulfur from blaze rods, at a 50% chance.
  13. Mirellie

    Mirellie New Member

    ah, so i just got bad luck with my nether. i spent about 30-45 minutes in there today without finding a fortress and i need to dig deeper for sulfer, fair enough.
  14. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Also, if you decide to silk touch a bunch of nether quartz you can also run it through the crusher for sulfer, but at 15%, so I'm not sure it is worth it.
  15. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member

    I'm going to warn other pack players about crystal pylons. If you die next to one, the pylon will continue to attack Cyano's Lootable Bodies. It will destroy the corpse and you will lose your items. Just fyi, avoid those. I heard there was a way to config them to spawn being broken and safer, but you need a fast pickaxe and some decent health. They hit for a heart a hit at least.
  16. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    That would be untrue. An empty body WILL get destroyed, but if there are any items still left it is invulnerable to all damage. It will get targeted, but can not be destroyed. And those pylons kind of need to be intact, they are the power source of Chromaticraft.
  17. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member

    Well, maybe its a config for being invulnerable. The body had a full set of vanilla stone tools, some cobble, and a half stack of sticks, but nothing else. Still got destroyed. Just saying. I admit they are invulnerable to other things, but I'm not sure about pylon damages. I have heard the lootable bodies are not entirely invulnerable with another pack.
  18. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    That...shouldn't have happened. They are set to not take damage from any sources and, despite that, have 50 hearts worth of health. That means, even empty, they take two or so minutes to destroy and being zapped does move the body about. I've been playing with both Chromaticraft and Lootable bodies and I've never had a problem recovering my stuff. Then again, I've also learned real quick that getting close to a pylon isn't the best idea. There is exactly one reason to get close to a pylon early game, to grab the unlock. Beyond that, you hear the hum, get away.
  19. Mirellie

    Mirellie New Member

    speaking of chromaticraft. is it that mod that creates a gravity/ wind effect near my base that stops jumping and slightly pushes me? and another question. are the super multi drills worth getting into? do they have an AoE that could help because the RR picks are very expensive for me right now.
  20. ZephyrWindSpirit

    ZephyrWindSpirit New Member


    ^ Here. Beyond Reality Divergence had the same issue, and its fixed now.

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