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Jul 29, 2019


Come one, come all and join our ever increasing band of fearless adventurers on a fun filled romp thru a desolate hostile environment with treasures, traps and challenges galore.

Go solo or bring a fiend... err friend, or even a fiendish friend.

The main thing is to get on board now and you could be the first ever to finish this awe inspiring unbelievably ingeniously designed quest that we've shackled together using nothing more than a few safety pins and half a roll of duct tape.

PACK CODE: Marooned

Apparently the FTB launcher is moving to the Curse launcher and have placed the pack under what is now called
legacy launcher link
Welcome to Marooned, the game where your primary goal is to make your way to the winners circle to claim your prize and more importantly, to stay alive longer than the last contestant. Along the way you'll be presented with challenges galore and rewards to match.

You'll be flown first class to a paradise island filled with waiting attendants who will fill your every whim. Oh wait, that's where we send the winners of this competition, or would do if any had ever made it that far.

Anyhoo, you will be flown somewhere quite different to a paradise island and certainly with no attendants, unless you call the hoard waiting to tear you limb from limb attendants, lol.

If you love starting with very little and gradually building an empire while completing well thought out challenges designed to not only test you, but also to help those new to adventuring with great hints and advice, then why not try your hand at this latest survival quest. Who knows, you might even learn a few new tricks along the way.

We've attempted to make the early stages of this quest different to the regular get wood, make tools, sift blocks to get ores and bam, you're up and running. Instead you'll still be getting wood, but not the regular stuff. It'll be some time before you gather enough material to even make a sieve, so growing ores will be the order of the day. All will be explained once you start playing the game.

The important thing is that you get started right away as other contestants are already hard at it trying to get their grubby hands on the magnificent trophy that we were hoping to give to you when you eventually reach our paradise island.


Have you ever wondered what you're meant to do to get through that wonderfully made Twilight Forest? You have? Then you'll love it when we send you there with a full double page of quests designed to guide you all the way to the end of the forest and the waiting Winners Circle.

Never bothered going back to the Nether due to a lack of interesting things to do? Really? Well we've designed an entire page of special quests for you to complete while you're there. Intrigued? Well I should hope so. But first you'll need to survive long enough to find your way into one of the cleverly hidden Portal rooms we've scattered around the planet. Don't worry though, we'll give you a hint or two along the way so you don't get too lost.

Have you ever played a land based pack and wondered what it would be like if it had a sky platform as an optional world? Impossible you say? Perhaps, but then if it was, how could we have designed our latest 1.5.4 version with exactly this option included? Its ready and waiting for you to try out today. Be the first to meet their doom in this entirely new take on a platform world.


We have moved to the Minecraft Forum and renamed Marooned to Shanghaied due to another developer using our name for their totally unrelated pack on Curse. you can check it out at this link:


Food is a requirement for survival, but not to the point where you spend the first few weeks on the brink of starvation and have to spend every waking moment in the pursuit of yet another morsel to stave off death. Instead you'll be able to progress through the challenges at a steady pace until you eventually become established enough to want to automate some of your growing number of daily tasks.

Most of Pam's Harvestcraft will be available to you but not in the usual way. Rather than getting seeds that multiply at a rapid rate to the point where their only use is to hand in a massive crop of 50,000 or more of one item, you will have the opportunity to earn garden bushes that slowly spread across your garden patch and return various random crops when harvested. If you're thinking you can simply then turn those crops into seeds for planting you will be sorely disappointed as that ability has been removed. The same goes for ALL fruit trees. You can earn them, but you don't get to duplicate them. On the positive side you won't have to hand in prodigious amounts of food to complete quests, just a small proportion to give you a reason for growing them in the first place.

The regular minecraft crops are alive and well and yes you can grow and multiply them in the usual way. This is a good thing as there are optional quests where you can earn magnificent rewards for handing in your surplus produce.

We've also added Agricraft for your mutating pleasure. Enjoy the power of growing 2 crops to mutate an entirely new crop. Get those much needed fruit and veggies through the power of cross crop mutation, bwaa haa haa.

Did I mention the optional recipe treasure hunt? No? Well perhaps its best to leave you with a few surprises to look forward to hey?

In this game you get rewarded for killing mobs, in fact its a requirement so if you prefer playing on peaceful, you'll find you can't progress much further than the first few challenges. This is not to say you'll be spending every waking hour defending yourself. Its a relatively small part of the game, but necessary as there's no point in having mobs if you're going to spend every night hiding away from them.

You might be wondering what I mean by optional. Well an optional quest is one that you don't need to complete to win the game. Although completing the final quest on the Winners Circle page is your primary goal, there are many more you can complete to get that 100% 'I done did the lot' bragging rights that every good completionist wants to have. The final page will only open after you have completed specific quests littered throughout the book. The trick is finding out which ones are required. As if that isn't difficult enough, there are multiple possible random endings so playing it twice doesn't guarantee you'll have to complete the same quests as before.
Lets think about how we get ores. Although its possible to get to the waiting ores below the layers of bedrock that are only 9 blocks below the surface, its not something you should concern yourself with early in the game, especially as it'll be some time before you are able to make tools. The good news is you can grow ores until a better option becomes available. Oreberries are a big part of the early stages of your adventure and best of all, you can simply hang them on drying racks and wait until they turn into nuggets. Of course if you'd prefer to smelt them instead, that method is still available.
The reward bags have been specially designed to help improve your lot in life. They can help you immensely, or just a little bit. It might be food, it might be a better weapon to help take down all those mobs. It'll probably be something else entirely. How useful a reward is often depends on how advanced into the game you are when you receive it.

If you're really lucky you might get a food reward that is also one of the hidden treasure recipes, so be sure to check the HIDDEN SECRETS page every now and then to see if you've accidentally 'discovered' a secret recipe.

So what about when you band together with other adventurers to form a pack? Well I thought you might like to decide for yourselves whether you share just the one reward bag for completing quests, or whether you are greedy sods and want one bag each.

Think we might run out of bags to give you? No chance. We've added a new tier of reward bags, linked them to every other tier with the minimum 1% chance of being awarded. This ensures that reward bags never run out as the 6 new reward bags in the new tier are set to unlimited. Most reward bags are also cross linked one level up/down to each other to give a small chance of a different level reward to expand their range. This means for example you have a small chance of a 'Greater' reward bag giving you either a Good or Epic bag or a tiny chance of a 'Reserve' bag instead of the Greater reward.
There are heaps of ruins scattered randomly about that may or may not contain hidden treasures and of course not so hidden adversaries. Some ruins may look rather innocuous on the surface but underneath could be lurking a dungeon filled with treasures, if only you are brave enough to risk life and limb to find them. Most treasures to be found in ruins are also randomly generated so finding an identical ruin doesn't mean the mobs or the treasures will be the same.

There are 5 pre-made worlds to choose from, each with a different biome to allow you to play under different conditions. Want even more variety? No problem, you can use the 'Create New Game' function to make a 6th world that is actually a skyblock based world for a somewhat 'different' type of challenge. Each world has a number of unique ruins that will only spawn in their particular biome. There are also ruins common to all land based worlds but as they only spawn when you explore further, no saved world will be the same beyond a certain area from the spawn point. So in essence your world will be like a box of chocolates, all melted and gooey. No that's not right. Its you that's likely to be all melted and gooey . But every world will have different ruins once you get far enough from the spawn point, so the differences are endless, so to speak.

That Winners Circle is your primary goal. Can you reach it?
It all starts with the first page and moves on from there. NB: Larger buttons are repeatable quests.
Can you progress all the way through the book? PS: You'll have to play the game to find about about the rest of the quests.

The latest Main Menu where you'll start your adventure now shows 100 mods. Use your mouse to discover more...
Looking for honey? Or perhaps crawling through a spider infested spire is more your style?
Interesting leaves, wonder what it means? It'll have to wait though as that oasis looks good enough to eat.
Well well, what's that in the distance? Something totally safe to explore I'll bet.
Snowy Volcano.png
Finally, somewhere warm enough to toast my marshmellows.....

Do's and Don'ts.
Do read carefully each challenge as there are many hints thrown in to help the newcomers.

Don't just assume the recipe you used in your last game will be the same here as there have been heaps of changes, mostly to allow the flow of this game to work as intended and some simply because I thought they made more sense.

Do download it and try it out today. You won't know if its any good unless you actually play it.

Don't worry about the multitude that have already panned the game. What do they know? They're just a bunch of heathens anyway.

Do be an an individual and make up your own mind whether you like it or not. But not until after you've been playing the game non stop for at least 3 years....

Don't give up if you die on the first day. Sometimes you need to play a game a few times to get an idea of which is the best tactic for you to employ.

Do be prepared to experiment when you start a new quest by trying out different shelters and tactics. Each world offers some unique ruins you just won't find elsewhere. Perhaps try a different biome to the last one you were mercilessly slain on.

This game has been exhaustively tested by our extensive team of one and was unanimously voted as the best FTB survival game bearing the name Marooned ever played, this year.


It is likely you will not be able to play previously saved games when playing a new updated version, if that version contains 'new' pre-made saved worlds.

Versions 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.3.1 ,1.4.0 and 1.5.0 contain 'new' pre-made worlds.

NOTE: I've had to move the above 2 spoilers to a post below due to space limitations on this post.

Version 1.5.4 is now available for downloading.

You can checkout the new features in the Changelog.

Thanks to everyone who has posted here with their thoughts and suggestions.

A special thanks also to Elder Sign for his helpful suggestions and ongoing advice during the update phase of this game.
His videos have been instrumental in many of the changes we've been able to incorporate into the game.

1: Fixed the Art Décor quest so that it now opens when required in quest line.

2: Decided to add an extra layer of sand in the Ice Plains and Swampland biomes to bring them more closely into line with the other biomes. This now adds the potential for players to make surface tunnels in the Ice Plains for safer travel.

3: Made adjustment to SPUD to put the surface elevators in line with rest of dugout so player can simply walk onto the elevator in a similar way as all the other lower level elevators. Also added an extra area on the surface of the SPUD for any players who want to take advantage of it. You can read more about it in the disclaimer which now has a double page explaining some of its uses along with the existing mention it gets earlier in the book.

4: Changed stone saw to use raw aluminum in place of aluminum nuggets.

5: Changed recipes for pot, saucepan and skillet to mostly aluminum since iron is already used in many other recipes. These items cannot be smelted down to their constituent materials like the bucket.

6: Removed fiery and knockback from level ups on weapons.

7: Added quest to allow player to swap their rapier for a new one that has either auto-repair, fiery or knockback already added to it. It opens after the First Blood quest is completed since it is the main weapon most will be using for awhile. Removed the choice of a Rapier in the EYE'LL STRING YOU ALONG quest as it was too far along the quest line to be useful. It was originally a last minute addition and I thought at the time it was better than nothing.

8: Removed crafting dead bushes into sticks and made it so that they now drop 0 - 3 maple sticks when broken. They can still be sheared to get the bush.

9: Fixed Eureka cobblestone pipe part image not showing properly.


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Jul 29, 2019
NOTE: These are the mods used in the latest version.

Earlier versions may contain different mods.
You can find out which ones are used for each version on the main FTB page.

Apple Core
BuildCraft Additions
Chicken Chunks
Code Chicken Core
Code Chicken Lib
Cooking Book for Blockheads
Creeper Collateral
Custom Items
Custom Loot
Ender Storage
Extra Utilities
Fast Leaf Decay
Forge Multipart
Hardcore Map Reset
Hunger Overhaul
Iguana Tinker Tweeks
InPure Core
Iron Chest
Lunatrius Core
Mine Tweeker
Mod Tweeker
NEI Addons
NEI Integration
NEI Plugins
Not Enough Items
Not Enough Codecs

Open Blocks
Open Mods Lib
Pam's Harvestcraft
Simply Jetpacks
Small Boats
Special Mobs
Spice of Life
Storage Drawers
Thermal Expansion
TIC Tooltips
Tinkers Construct
Tinkers Mechworks
Twilight Forest
Waila Harvestability
Xaeros MiniMap

1: Introduced new optional Skyworld biome that is accessed via the 'Create New Game' feature. It has an ocean below it instead of a void. It has 2 platforms. The top level is the worldrespawn area designed to be expanded. The lower level is slightly larger and contains the Nether gate. It also contains an enclosed area that is only accessible via a quest gate which unlocks the Dragon portal if the player chooses to take that route as their finale to the game. There is an elevator to allow travel between the 2 platforms. There is a small island below the bottom platform at sea level with a chest containing enough blocks to allow player to build back up to the lower platform a couple of times in the event the player falls into the ocean.

NB: If the player dies in either biome, they should re-spawn on the top platform in the Skyworld. Its always possible the game will manage to re-spawn them either on the lower platform or even in the water.

2: Made new ending for the game to give players choice of either submitting a few items or doing battle with the final minecraft boss.

3: Made new early game quests exclusively for the new Skyworld biome that requires visiting Nether to gather materials first in order to progress in the skyworld itself.

4: Changed Hopseed door recipe to use Darkwood planks to allow doors to be made from either bloodwood or darkwood planks in the first new Nether quest. Re-coloured it to suit. The reason I chose the hopseed is due to its description when highlighted. It says 'Ascended Glitch' which I thought could explain why its a different recipe and colour.

5: Added recipe for quest book to make it easier to replace for players who lose their book.

6: Changed TNT recipe so some materials won't be available until later in the game due to its being able to blow up high end ores in the nether.

7: Replaced the dual 'Lucky Pick' quests with a single TNT 'blow' up the ores quest after a really big dude who shouted non stop kicked my door down and said everyone would rather blow up ores instead of making picks to mine them. He was very persuasive.

8: Removed natura wooden kama and sword recipes as they were too overpowered for their easy accessibility early in the skyworld quest. Made recipes for the quartz Kama and sword recipes that for some reason were never included with the original mod.

9: Added HardcoreMapReset mod to save players having to keep backups of new games. To start a new game the player now must first click on the 'Create From Template' button and select from one of the six land based saved games that come with a brief description below their world names. They can give it any name they choose. After that their chosen game will be showing whenever they click on the LoneWolf button from the main menu. This leaves the original saves intact and ready to be used again if required.

To start a new skyworld biome, the player simply clicks on the 'Create New World' button. This takes them to another screen where they can choose a name, and click on the second 'Create New World' button that will have appeared.

NB: The 'Re-Create' button does NOT re-create the world you have highlighted. It will ALWAYS create a new skyworld biome instead. When you want to re-start a particular biome you must use the 'Create From Template' button instead.

10: For land based biomes, there's a new Spawn Point Underground Dungeon [SPUD] that has 4 different quest gates that open after certain quests have been completed to allow players increasing access to the lower levels of the world.

11: Added new intermediate layer between the bedrock in regular worlds that can be accessed directly via the Wells and the SPUD. This area is designed to allow players to create tunnels or quick access train lines between areas of importance. Some other ruins may or may not be accessible via these tunnels.

12: Relocated the Twilight Portal to the SPUD. Its now located on the intermediate level and is locked behind quest gates. They open after a certain quest is completed. This quest requires handing in a portal key among other things.

13: Added treasure chests that can be found in various ruins scattered around the world. They contain either nuggets or a key fragment. Key fragments can be crafted into portal keys or hung on drying racks to make vibrant alloy nuggets.

14: Changed the hand in of a Flint and Steel to a 'Taint'. Taint's cannot be crafted and can only be found hanging above nether portals in temples. All nether portals are now inactive allowing player to choose whether they wish to activate and use an existing portal or make one of their own. Even though it was always possible to make a gate anywhere, it wasn't possible to always come back via that gate.

15: Re-introduced the Flint and Steel recipe using a steel ingot.

16: Added 2 new quests relating to making train tracks etc that become available after access to the intermediate level in the main bunker is granted.

17: Added a dual quest to give payers the choice between making either the crescent or wrench. Upon completion the ignored quest becomes the Dolly making quest.

18: Added recipe for reinforced watering can. Re-instated clay bucket recipe.

19: Removed crooks due to their ability to double any solid bush that is removed using them.

20: Decreased leaf decay from 5-10 to 3-5 second delay now that crooks are gone.

21: Removed silkworm requirements for quests.

22: Added maple sapling as reward in TAINT NUTTIN to compensate for removal of crooks.

23: Updated Creeper Collateral and increased retrieval chance of blown up blocks to 90%.

24: Added a couple of quests to allow players to 'swap' unwanted oreberry bushes for a variety they need, to reduce possibility of a bottleneck.

25: Increased garden drops from 4 to 5 to speed up early crop requirements.

26: Added alternative way to make dyed candles.

27: Made dual GETTING BUGGED and HONEY SWAP quests to reflect the difficulty of getting materials in the Skyworld compared to the land based worlds. They are triggered by their own exclusive quest line.

28: Added an extra chance to get a bed or sleeping bag via an advanced quest. There are now 3 quests that offer these items.

29: Replaced Quadrum mod with Custom Items mod

30: Added recipe for the Sea Lantern that comes with the mod.

31: Added very early quests that reward a shovel and hatchet to help remove the tedium of digging and chopping early game.

32: Gave each biome their own specific coloured sand. The Savanna and Ice Plains still retain the red sand.

NB: This now adds a greater difference to each biome as the new sands do not support growing plants on them. The Cold Taiga, Jungle and Swampland still have the same number of possible sugar cane plants growing around the environment, however only the Cold Taiga has regular sand beneath them. This means the cane and cactus gardens in the Jungle and Swampland can spontaneously become detached from the ground at any time. The new Desolated Desert has no cane growing in the environment so the player will have to either find it in ruins, reward bags or wait until they have completed the Ore-Inspiring quest. Additionally the desolate sand takes longer to harvest.

33: Made sandstone blocks along with slabs and stairs for each environment's particular sand. This also includes the red sand biomes.

34: Added compressed and double compressed coloured biome sand similar to existing white sand but with increased blast resistance. Included a new early quest to explain its features.

35: Made biome specific 'Salt Ore' scattered around the surface that can only be mined using a shovel to let players gather it earlier in the game.

36: Added a Mysterious block that can be found in certain ruins. It requires a 'shovel' to mine and when broken gives a qty of various early level treasures. It looks similar to its surrounding blocks so player needs to be alert to find it.

37: Added a pinata block that can be broken open using a shovel to reveal higher level treasures.

38: Added 2 new quests to allow player to trade dirt/sand for a seed they have been unable to obtain through sifting.

39: Added 6 new food recipes to expand the use of crops that previously had little or no use.

40: Also changed multiple recipes to increase use of little used crops and others to add balance to game.

41 Swapped the spawn chances between brutish and giant zombies to increase chances of getting free early game flint.

42: Re-introduced hungry and plague zombies but with considerably reduced spawn chances.

43: Removed all requirements for wither skeletons and their drops due to special Mobs sometimes replacing all of them with regular skeletons.

44: Made multiple minor tweaks to a number of quests.

1: Changed ocean biome to plains biome to allow passive animal spawning.

2: Added random ruins to the Skyplatform biome to add greater diversity to world.

3: Changed boat recipe to discourage players exploring ocean too early in the game.

4:Added boats as rewards in repeatable FLAVOUR SAVOURS quest and also the BACK TO THE NETHER quest.

5: Added a one off silkworm reward to the MAYBE MAPLE skyworld quest for players who might want to make ghostwood fletchings for arrow making. For those that don't they can always cook and eat them instead.

6: Removed desolated Desert biome as it doesn't really add enough to the game to warrant remaining.

7: Remodelled the SPUD to make it even more versatile to use.

8: Added Salvage Chest that is made using Treasure Chests.

9: Changed oreberry bushes to trigger after Shear Ability and Saw Point to help remove possible bottleneck of having to wait for bushes to grow just to get a needed oreberry.

10: Changed Taint Nuttin time delay from 8 to 6 hours to speed up oreberry and bush production.

11: Changed Imp Stew recipe to use mango instead of plum.

12: Added Custom LootMod and changed chest rewards to more suitable ones for the pack.

1: Replaced the Nether 'Trigger' quest with a regular one so it will always open when its required.

2: Replaced the 'Trigger' for the early main line quests [eg: Taint Nuttin'] to an item that will be used constantly in the early game to ensure it always opens for both quest lines.

3: Adjusted some of the quests to make room for the addition of oreberry rewards to existing quests rather than having separate ones only in the land based biomes so that players can get a needed oreberry type in every biome. This also makes them available sooner in the quest line than before.

4: Used the vacated oreberry quests to split the existing Kitchen Skills/Half Baked Ideas into 4 quests to make them easier to complete and made them open sooner than before in the quest line.

5: Made the 4 spice saplings automatic rewards along the regular quest line to allow players to start growing them much sooner.

6: Changed the linking of certain quests so that they either open in unison or at a more appropriate time in the game. Also changed the wording of some quests that had been altered and no longer entirely matched the actual quest.

7: Adjusted chance for weapons attributes to make them more evenly balanced. Reduced chance for Fiery from 45 down to 1.

8: Made some more adjustments to the SPUD to increase its flexibility.

9: Added some information in the disclaimer about the SPUD.

10: Added a new craft-able block called clonemarine that looks the same as prismarine. It also makes matching stairs and slabs. All can be harvested using any level pick.

11: Added new quest that introduces the new clonemarine block in the land based biomes. Also a new quest that brings forward making Glowstone glass that can be used to help infiltrate the SPUD. They both open after certain exclusive land based quests on the first page have been completed. They also have an optional reward choice of a castle rune brick for anyone wanting to replace one blown up in the SPUD by a recalcitrant creeper.

12: Installed SMALL BOATS mod for skyworld players who would prefer to have a larger boat that is much sturdier than regular boats and can also carry goods and even passengers. Also added counterbalancing quests for the Skyworld that involve swapping food for boats. Removed previous boat reward quests. Included new recipe to make boats.

13: Introduced new NINJA SKILLS quest where players can choose imp leather as their optional reward[in the event they can't find any imps in the Nether] or a boat so skyworld players can get enough std boats to make a PUNT, which is the first level of the new boats or if none of these are needed, a 1/4 heart.

14: Added Pear and Plum Fruit Juice recipes. Also changed Gummy Bears recipe to more easily obtainable dyes.

15: Removed the sword swapping quest as its not really required considering players can make their own better swords within a reasonable time after getting their second flint sword. Also removed the Aquarium delights quest as its just another way to get more arrows.

16: Made the string and eye swapping quest that offers a new shortbow into a repeatable quest so players can offload their excess strings and eyes throughout the game. It now automatically gives 50 arrows and offers a choice between a shortbow or a qtr heart.

17: Linked both the bow swapping quests to FIRST BLOOD so that they will become available much sooner in the game.

18: Added block of regular sand as reward to the jungle and swamp sands quests to compensate for lack of usable sand in these biomes.

19: Added cane seeds in two skyworld quests to compensate for reduced ability to find them in ruins.

20: Fixed the main bat cave island near the sky platform so it now has the cavespider spawner it was meant to have instead of a sponge, duoh!

21: Changed the mini islands in the skyworld so that all of them have a random chance to have either a treasure chest or nothing.

22: Added optional reward choice of saddle in the GRASS AT LAST and ANCIENT! quests for anyone that would like one. This is mainly aimed at players in the Savanna biome.

23: Added optional reward to give players a chance to get birch or spruce saplings in THE GOOD WOOD quest.

24: Modified the Main platform ruin in Skyworld to make it possible to run elevators from the top platform right down to the very bottom of the ruin to give the player easy access to ALL its levels.

25: Changed bucket recipe back to using iron since discovering that smelters can't be prevented from smelting them back into iron ingots.

26: Introduced new Machine Panel to give aluminum more use.

27: Removed the coloured compressed sands and increased the blast resistance of regular, smooth and chiselled sandstone blocks to make them more useful for building with. Also changed some of their recipes to reflect this change.

EG: A new chiselled sandstone block uses 16 blocks of sand and has 33% more blast resistance than the previous double compressed sand block that required 81 blocks of sand.

NB: Although its still possible to play an existing 1.5.? save, any biome specific compressed and double compressed coloured sand blocks that you've made will disappear from your world. If you had any in a chest and try to open that chest it may crash the game as well so I'd strongly advise that you remove any from chests before updating and convert all compressed and double compressed coloured sand blocks back into sand before updating if you don't want to lose them.

NOTE: I've had to move the spoiler below to a post below due to space limitations on this post.

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Jul 29, 2019
Could you add some pictures of the premade worlds and ruins? it would really help to get a feel of the modpack, and would probably add some more interest to the post. you might also want to hide some of the tips and stuff under some spoilers. the pack really sounds interesting and i hope it's as good as it sounds.;):D


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Jul 29, 2019
Added missing file which locks world.
1: Fixed punji stick recipe so that 'saw' continues making them in damaged state.
2: Added recipe for making leather out of zombie jerky to compensate for previous removal of mod that made leather by smelting rotten flesh.
3: Changed position of 'Lone Wolf' button on main menu to prevent possible 'overlaying' when video is set to default and game isn't maximised.
4: Added grains and nuts as additional recipes for the 'Food Bank' quest.
5: Added new quest to allow player to swap some of their unwanted surplus for a reward. Moved an existing quest to make room for the new quest.
6: Made cosmetic change to the HQM book since the update was required anyway.
1: Introduced more variety in the saved worlds by varying the depths of red sand from 1 thru to 5 levels. The number of the saved game indicates its sand depth. This requires replacing the existing 5 saved games with the new ones, hence the reason for the major version increase. Making your own world gives you a depth of 3 sand blocks.

2: Varied cane spawn likelihood for each world. The higher the number world the easier it should be to find. Cane can now be found within 500 steps in all worlds.

3: Changed some reward bags to include cane seeds as a possible reward.

4: Added some new ruins.

5: Discovered you only get a reputation increase once on repeatable quests, so adjusted reputation rewards so they total the maximum 80 possible points.

6: Changed diminishing food values history to reflect value of food rather than quantity.

7: Added 4 new optional quests, 2 each in Killing Fields and Location Vocation.

8: Made minor cosmetic colour change to HQM book to make vertical slider and selected reward stand out more.

9: Added textile garden bushes as very early quest reward so players can make wool from woven cotton if they want to make a bed.

10: Added Inventory Tweaks for its AutoFill feature.

11: Added a 4th choice of flint tool/weapon for completing first challenge..
1: Updated Twilight Forest to version 2.3.7 and added extra HQM page with comprehensive quests for the linear progression the twilight requires.

2: Updated HQM quest to version 4.3.3 as it seems to be the most stable version to date.

3: Added recipe so that Disclaimer book will make Quest Books while still being retained by player. Made mention of this fact in the very first quest and also wrote a more extensive explanation in the Disclaimer book itself.

4: Added SuperCraftingframe mod and created new challenge to make it. Also added new matching recipes using maple sticks so players don't have to wait until they get other wood.

5: Added 'Storage Drawers' mod and made new quest using it.
Changed Better Barrel recipe to use planks instead of logs because Logs would be too costly to use compared to drawers. Spruce planks being the closest colour match to barrels have been chosen as the only wood able to make them as a trade off for the less costly recipe. Also changed the sieve to use spruce so that player can obtain planks for the Draw vs BB's challenge and make their sieve by growing just one type of wood. Changed the acacia seed reward given in the Ore-Inspiring quest to a Spruce seed.

6: Added Agricraft to give player an alternative way to grow new crops. Added a couple of quests to help player get started on how it works. Changed some recipes so players can make associated tools for Agricraft earlier.

7: Added Cooking Book for Blockheads mod and included a free recipe book as part of the reward for completing the Busy Bee challenge. The 'advanced' crafting ability of the book is also mentioned in the first food recipe challenge in Hunger Buster.

8: Changed Royal jelly recipe to use juicer instead of pot to speed up the progression of the bee keeping part of the quest. also removed empty bottle requirement from it.

9: Changed Food Bank challenge to only accept fruits and nuts. This should encourage players to use the agricraft to increase their fruit supplies so they can get the new Healer reward on offer. Its designed to take a long enough time so that the player will spend a reasonable time dealing with 'diminishing' returns for food but can eventually dispense with it by the time they get to the Twilight Forest so they can better concentrate on enjoying the quests therein rather than having to scrounge around trying to establish gardens etc while there.

10: Ruins: Added oasis containing fresh water along with more deserts, caverns and a chasm. Added new shelters. Changed some existing ruins to allow possibility of cane spawning in them. Altered wells to have obsidian layers to get past the bedrock in order to delay possibility of mining regular ores too early. Changed all ruins where possible to contain maple wood products.

11: Added possibility of player finding a ghostwood sapling in spires to let them make 'fletchings' for arrows earlier in the game. Also added recipes to allow flint shards to make arrows.

12: Changed the 4 top garden bushes to trigger after completion of the 'Taint Nuttin' quest rather than having to get 2 palms for each pair and also arranged them in alphabetical order.

13: Made recipes that change a sapling from banana to coconut to date to papaya to banana so that a wanted fruit can always be made using slime and a saw, as its possible getting that last required fruit can take far longer than is reasonable. Made mention of ability to craft palm trees in respective bottom row of bushes.

14: Replaced Portable tank with Watering Can and let players know it can be used to speed up garden bush growth.

15: Changed fresh water and milk recipes to not need planks as I found its really an unnecessary extra requirement and doesn't add anything of value to the game play.

16: Changed saw to use aluminum nuggets instead of iron ingots so player isn't having to either ignore making saw at the appropriate time or ignore other recipes requiring iron ingots.

17: Changed zombie jerky to only use 1 salt. Reduced leather drying time from zombie jerky by 60% as it took too long to make leather for much needed early armor.

18: Added textile garden rewards to early quests to allow players to grow enough cotton to make wool for a bed.

19: Reduced saved games to just three and named them Easier World, Regular World and Harder World so players can easily identify their preferred option. They have varying levels of sand depth of 6 - 4 - 2 respectively with the original 'Lockdown' world retaining its 3 levels of sand.

20: Updated main menu to show hidden version 1.1.1 in new location.
Changed Firework in 'Growing Wild' to 'Fuzzy Detection' as it decided it wouldn't activate on 'Precice Detection'. what a 'fizzogg' it turned out to be!
1: Installed InPure mod to reduce number of duplicated items/blocks showing on NEI.

2: Installed InGameInfo mod that shows which armor you are wearing along with how much damage it has left. It also shows your currently held item and how many you have lurking in your inventory, or if its a tool/weapon, how much more damage it can take before breaking. The damage can be based on an overall percentage or absolute quantity depending on what it is. Additionally it also shows FPS and light level along with the amount of time any potion effects have remaining.

NB: For some reason it is set by default to show 101% and when its depleted it shows as 1%. I haven't been able to change it and I suspect its built into the actual mod that way and can't be changed without editing the mod itself which I never do.

3: Installed Creeper Collateral so that only 15% of blown up blocks disappear.

4: Installed Lunatris mod as its required by InGameInfo and Creeper Collateral.

5: Changed mini map to Xaeros as its less resource intensive.

6: Added recipe to make the Engineering Diary that is handed in at the beginning of the quest for those die hard's that actually want to play around with its progression system.[You can thank Elder Sign for mentioning it in his video] PS: As its a progression system diary, I thought it appropriate that its recipe should also be part of an existing progression system.

7: All garden crops now supplied via the 'Taint Nuttin' quest. Changed quests requiring handing in of gardens to only be gardens showing the entire range that each garden can grow.

8: Changed order of quests so that gardens and early killing quests are integrated into the regular quests.

9: Removed hoeing grass to get Agricraft seeds so that player will have to grow gardens early game before being able to start mutating crops.

10: Added recipe for mutating strawberry seed in Agricraft by combining a coffee and beet seed. Strange recipe I know but I had to slot it in such a way as to make it fit in with existing mutations.

11: Since the major HQM change requires playing the world over again I decided to change not only the names of saved games but also vary the biomes to give players a genuine choice of having different ways to play the game. All biomes will have individual ruins specific to their requirements as well as a certain number of ruins common to all. There is a rain biome, a snow biome and a desert biome. The new save games will simply be called by their respective biomes. You'll be able to play a 4th biome [Taiga] by creating a new game. Its similar in properties to the plains biome.

The new biomes are

Frozen River - Plains - Savanna
12: Modified recipes so that every quest in Survival 101 can theoretically be completed before player makes a sieve or gets a furnace. You don't have to complete them, you just can......

13: Removed infinite water. Added quest showing player how to collect water from other sources.

14: Added drying saltpeter to get salt so players choosing the desert biome can get salt without having to use precious water. Also added some ruins containing saltpeter ore to Savanna.

15: Added drying cactus juice into snowballs due to snow being unavailable in desert biome.

16: Activated vanilla tool recipes for those players that want to make special machines that require them.

17: Added Silkworms so players can use them to infect leaves that can be used to make fletchings for arrows. They can also be composted or cooked and eaten. You now need one to make a fishing rod. What else? String? Really? This is fight for your life Marooned, not easy peasy leave the spiders alone Holiday Camp. You can't get string from infected leaves.
1: Fixed Travellers armor not being able to be worn.

2: Reduced garden quest requirements from 3 to 2 each to allow the natural progression to flow more naturally.

3: Moved mixing bowl to the first part of the 'Cutting Edge' quest and put the recipes all together on the next section to give player more early game recipe options.
1: Increased thickness of bedrock to reduce possibility of ruins and pools glitching through it when spawning. As this required creating new save games I decided to change FROZEN RIVER to ICE PLAINS in an attempt to have it spawn more mobs. Replaced PLAINS with the TAIGA biome that was previously the 'Create' save. That allowed me to introduce a new 'create' save biome called SWAMPLAND which naturally spawns lily pads, mushrooms, regular slimes and more dead bushes.

2: Changed wording in Disclaimer to reflect changes made in this version and added more pages to give information and advice to those adventurers who require it.

3: Changed FRENZIED FISHING to handing in raw fish to speed up getting to FIRST BLOOD. Player now gets 1 fish jerky for completing this reward to allow the first TAINT NUTTIN quest to be completed faster.

4: Changed TAINT NUTTIN to handing in fish jerky to make player consider when they catch fish for completing this vital repeatable quest.

5: Changed order of GARDENS and varied quantities to be handed in based on when they appear. This brings forward the more useful gardens for the other early quests.

6: Changed wording in right side FIRST TASKS to tell player about making fletchings using infested leaves and how to build a rudimentary surface shelter using slabs.

7: Changed GROWING WILD to handing in cane instead of detecting paper etc. Also added info about harvesting dead bushes using shears and gave extra food reward in this and drying time quest. Removed fireworks requirement to allow timely completion of this quest.

8: Introduced a recipe allowing players to craft dead bushes into sticks. Made mention of recipe in CARPENTRY quest.

9: Reworded many early quests to give more explicit information on where or how to obtain certain materials needed to progress through the game.

10: Replaced FLUID FLAVOURS with SHEAR ABILITY and split juicer from CLAY BAKE and made JUICED UP where SHEAR ABILITY was. Moved bucket part of FLUID FLAVOURS to HOT TOPIC with extra info about wells and put watering can/portable tank choice in 2nd main killing quest to ensure it remains a relevant choice. Also added making a ghostwood fletching to SHEAR ABILITY.

11: Added handing in single Cactus Juice to JUICED UP with explanation about how to make water with it. This is primarily aimed at assisting Savanna players.

12: Awarded block of clay to 'FIRST BLOOD' quest to allow players to make either an unfired clay bucket or a juicer before having to get enough ingots to make a metal bucket. Again its mainly to compensate Savanna players not being able to easily fill their barrels with water early game.

13: Changed crucible back to its original porcelain clay recipe.

14: Player now gets a choice between goggles and boots in DEFENSIVE POSITION quest.

15: Added more ruins and changed others. Some of the dunes can now contain rewards hidden in them. Of course you might also come across a spawner or two.

16: Removed extra quest books from spawn point and instead created an exposed ruin for players who lose their quest books to find new ones randomly generated on the surface.

17: Added a new ruin with random treasure hidden 1 block below surface as 'Easter Egg' for lucky players to find. It has a 99% chance of spawning in each chunk with a 42% chance of spawning a Tainted Soil or salt ore above it.

18: Added SPECIAL MOBS mod to add more variety into game. De-activated 10 mobs that increased the difficulty or altered the flow of gameplay too much.

19: Made new SAFARI quest for players to hunt down certain special mobs for Legendary reward, Healer and a chance to get an extra bed or sleeping bag. It activates on completion of the ME? HARMLESS? quest.

20: Replaced bed/SB choice in SEED BANK and HAPPY TRAILS with choice of sapling instead. Healer is now automatically given.

21: Removed torch reward due to Dark Creepers dropping torches. Added information about placing crucible on top of furnace as alternative way to use it.

22: Added FAST LEAF DECAY mod.

23: Added a new tier of reward bags, linked them to every other tier with the minimum 1% chance of being awarded. This ensures that reward bags never run out as the 6 new reward bags in the new tier are set to unlimited. All reward bags are also cross linked one level up/down to each other to give a 1% chance of a different level reward to expand their range. This means for example you have an equal 1% chance of a 'Good' reward bag giving you either a Basic, Greater or 'Reserve' reward instead of a good reward.

24: Changed linking of some quests that I had inadvertently missed when I swapped certain ones around in previous update. They're now linked in an appropriate order.

25: Updated version of Storage Drawers from 1.3.6 to 1.9.5 due to large amounts of storage drawers causing a lot of console errors as the game was checking to see if the drawers were a spawnable surface and causing a small memory leak, only really noticeable if you play for more than a couple hours at a go around a decent amount of drawers.

26: Updated IGI to include invisible gap between held item and armor boots to create a distinction between them so they won't partially overwrite each other. Removed LIGHT LEVEL and FPS to bring back more natural feel to gameplay.

27: Finally changed wording in FIRST TASKS from 'Taint Terrible' to 'Taint Nuttin'.

1: Removed natural spawning of pools and created my own to remove conflicts when ruins spawn over them. This also allowed me to limit the easier swampland to just 1 sand layer without exposing bedrock in the pools.

2: Updated version of RUINS mod from 14.4 to 15.4 to increase stability when ruins overlap.

3: Changed biomes to only have 1 sand layer difference. Also added biome specific ruins containing new mobs: NB: These are very rare occurrences and nearly always require a grass seed to activate the spawner.

New biomes are
Cold Taiga = 4 sand layers - Has Wolves and Blizz

Jungle = 2 sand layers - Has Ocelots

Savanna = 3 sand layers - Has Horses

Swampland = 1 sand layer - Has Mosquito's and Ocelots

4: As an added bonus there is now a 5th biome you can play via the 'Create New Game' feature. It is the Ice Plains with a layer of frozen ice on its surface. It has Wolves and Blizz and just one layer of sand.

5: Made Nether gates in selected ruins that require a quest to be completed before a barrier blocking their path will open to allow players into the Nether.

6: Made mention in the OBSIDIAN OBLIVION quest of the possibility of getting trapped behind a barrier when returning from the nether if a player bypasses the quest and uses a gate they made themselves. Its also vaguely mentioned in the Disclaimer.

7: Twilight Portals now also require a quest to be completed before a barrier blocking their path will open. Also made 5 layer bedrock barrier to prevent elevators being used as shortcuts down to them. Using the Travel Anchor as intended is still possible.

8: Changed first weapon in LUCKY DIP to Rapier with auto Repair added.

9: Player now gets choice of 2nd weapon in FIRST BLOOD. Their durability's have been modified to higher and similar levels.

10: Changed TRADE 'n SAVE to allow player to swap an unwanted Flint sword for a different one in the event they get an unwanted upgrade or simply want to try out a different type.
NB: It should be noted that while the Broad and Long swords retain their higher durability, the Cutlass is not modified and only has 90 durability.

11: Removed barrel reward from both FIRST TASKS quests. Player now has to complete FIRST BLOOD to obtain a spruce seed to make barrels. Killing slime has been moved to 2nd killing quest to speed up this quest. Added making spruce barrel in BARREL OF FUN.

12: Changed sieve to use Acacia due to possibility of witches huts managing to appear in Swampland. Changed ORE-INSPIRING to give acacia seed instead.

13: Edited ChickenChunks.cfg to 'hopefully' remove those long skinny 'voids' that randomly appear in the game. All thanks go to Elder Sign for his help in finding the solution.

14: Removed palms from Taint Nuttin. Player now gets choice of banana/papaya or coconut/date sapling in first 4 garden quests. Remaining 4 garden quests each give a predetermined palm sapling. More palms can be obtained in 'reserve' reward bags.

15: Changed avocado sapling for peach in main quest so it can also be used on QDS quest. Changed affected quests respectively. Added 2 new reward bags giving avocado saplings.

16: Changed choice of reward in ME? HARMLESS? from fluid container to bucket of water as it has greater use this early in the game.

17: Removed gravity creeper due to its being overpowered when out in the open. Re-introduced Gatling skeleton as compensation.

18: Removed Hungry and Plague zombies due to the baby ones being so fast, they almost ensure a quick demise when they catch you in the open. Increased spawn rate of remaining baby zombies as compensation for their removal.

19: Added recipe for retrieving iron ingot from TripWire. Also one to make flint shards from flint.

20: Changed spring salad recipe to include all green veggies rather than just lettuce, to prevent unnecessary hold up in CUTTING EDGE quest.

21: Introduced new 'one off' quest where player can swap string and eyes for more arrows.

22: Added WAWla mod.
23: Updated Disclaimer to reflect 1.4.1 version changes.


1: Removed the HQM barrier from Nether and Twilight portal ruins due to some of them not being recognised by the HQM book and remaining in place. Decided instead to make barriers that are removed when a hidden button is pressed. Although its possible to 'break' the barriers, they will damage you in the process.

2: Changed the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION quest in which the player previously did a couple of rudimentary tasks, then entered the Nether to complete it. It now requires picking up a Flint & Steel at the entrance to one of the portals before it can be completed. It has been renamed PORTAL PURSUIT. Access to all of the Nether quests will remain blocked until this quest is completed.

3: Changed some ruins so that they will spawn with slight changes to their appearance each time to provide more variance. Changed the weights of many ruins to provide a greater variety when spawning. Added more biome specific ruins for players to exploit. Changed all of them to not vary their heights when spawning.

4: Changed PARTY TIME to making a paperbark sapling instead of making new food recipes. Renamed it PAPER PANACHE. Made recipe to make paperbark sapling by combining birch seeds with edible slime. Removed making paper from cane.

5: Changed EXOTIC BEGINNINGS to making a rubber sapling instead of handing in more apples. Made recipe to make rubber saplings by combining exotic seeds with edible slime.

6: Updated reward bags to increase the possibility of giving a different tier based on both weight as well as the variances in quantity of each tier. Basic rewards can now only be obtained via basic bags. They only give either a basic reward or a minimal chance of a Reserve bag to ensure a reward is always available regardless of how many bags have been awarded.

7: Added option in the new HAMMER TIME and EXPLORING quests for a player to choose one of the 4 gardens that can't be directly chosen in the TAINT NUTTIN quest in the event they are still waiting to get one from a reward bag.

8: Added new SAW POINT quest to make a stone saw earlier using a new recipe that doesn't require making a tool rod pattern as its needed for the sieve in the MINOR INCONVENIENCE quest.

9: Added option of choosing either arrows or a new wooden shortbow in the SHOOTING ARROWS quest.

10: Brought forward making a 'Filing Cabinet' as it should be available earlier in the game for streamlined crop storage.

11: Increased number of spice saplings offered as rewards.

12: Added recipe for crafting 3 string from a NAME TAG.

13: Added recipes for stuffed bellpepper and eggplant to give them different ingredients to each other.

14: Increased time it takes for leaves to decay to give player a couple of seconds to remove it themselves for harvesting purposes.

1: Changed the hanging quest book ruin to a rarer shelter ruin that contains a quest book. Added extra quest books to all ruins containing portals.

2: Added some new biome specific ruins as well as generic ones. Added Lava slimes to Volcanic Vent ruin which were inadvertently left out.

3: Modified a number of ruins to give a wider range of drying rack rewards.

4: Made new save games using the altered ruins so players will be able to take advantage of the altered conditions right from the spawn point. Players will still be able to continue using either their 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 save games by either overwriting the new 1.4.3 save games or simply renaming them. NB: If choosing the latter option to rename an existing save, your waypoints will no longer be available.

5: Changed Filing cabinet, Pneumatic servo and Presser to use materials other than iron ingots.

6: Changed the way bonemeal is made.

7: Changed order of requirements in HOT TOPIC as the clay bucket will sometimes be needed to gather water to make clay for making the crucible. Especially in the Savanna.

8: Changed bone rapier requirement for DESIGNING IDEAS to a pattern chest as the existing flint rapier triggered the quest anyway.

9: Swapped JUICED UP with POT LUCK to provide more variety on each side of the quest lines.

10: Moved honeycomb rewards elsewhere as they were in conflicting areas that could have prevented being able to finish either quest without finding blocks to make dust or honeycombs in apiary's.

11: Moved wooden short bow to FIRST BLOOD quest.

12: Moved sludge boiler from POWER TO THE PEOPLE to CROP THIS as the Harvester is the only required quest that produces sludge. Renamed it HARVEST TIME.

13: Added magmatic dynamo to POWER TO THE PEOPLE as it provides alternative generator that allows automation using lava.

14: Replaced GATHERING NUTS IN MAY quest with alternative crop harvester and renamed it FARMING TIME. Linked it so that player has choice of either completing HARVEST TIME + SPAWNER or FARMING TIME + DRAINING SITUATION.

15: Changed Olive sapling to fig as the olive only makes oil which is already provided by the walnut.

16: Changed the way palms are offered in garden quests to add more choice to initial picks.

17: Changed the fruit hand ins to much smaller qty of actual food recipes to encourage player to make a few extra for their own use.

18: Finally managed to change repeatable quest times by using version 4.3.0 of HQM then reinstalling version 4.3.3

19: Added CATWALKS mod and made new quest for it.

20: Amalgamated READY STEADY DRAW with GOOD BETTER BEST to make room for new CATWALKS quest.

21: Increased number of curtains made in recipe from 1 to 4.
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Jul 29, 2019
The only thing I've manually added to each world is a couple of drying racks directly in front of the player containing the 2 books you should start with, simply because they had disappeared after publishing.
Weird, since i downloaded the pack yesterday, and i didn't see the drying racks or ruins anywhere. on the other hand i had 2 quest books and the Engineering diary in my inventory. Sooo... YAY?;)


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Jul 29, 2019
The reason you didn't see the drying racks is you've downloaded the old pack. The new one hasn't been uploaded by the administrators yet. If you make a new world it will be vanilla minecraft which won't work for this mod. You can however still play the existing save games that came with the mod pack.

As for the ruins, its not as though you'll see massive edifices everywhere. Its an abandoned dying world after all. You'll have to do quite a bit of travelling to see them all. At least now I know what happened to my quest book. It transported magically to your game.

I am a little curious to know if you were able to see the main menu as we designed it. If you check above you'll see I've taken your advice and updated the page and included screenshots. I rang SirJAH [He lives about 90km away] and he said the images were tiny on his computer whereas on my page they're full size.

I'd appreciate your letting me know what it looks like on your computer.



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Jul 29, 2019
The reason you didn't see the drying racks is you've downloaded the old pack. The new one hasn't been uploaded by the administrators yet. If you make a new world it will be vanilla minecraft which won't work for this mod. You can however still play the existing save games that came with the mod pack.

As for the ruins, its not as though you'll see massive edifices everywhere. Its an abandoned dying world after all. You'll have to do quite a bit of travelling to see them all. At least now I know what happened to my quest book. It transported magically to your game.

I am a little curious to know if you were able to see the main menu as we designed it. If you check above you'll see I've taken your advice and updated the page and included screenshots. I rang SirJAH [He lives about 90km away] and he said the images were tiny on his computer whereas on my page they're full size.

I'd appreciate your letting me know what it looks like on your computer.

I'm able to see the images in full size, and the main menu looks really good. you might also want to add a changelog and mod list for the tread. also, you might want to consider getting a profile image. it adds a sort of professionalisme to the pack, and will probably draw some more people to the tread, and other than that, if you got someone to make a trailer of some sort, it would be really cool. but, your choice, of course.:p:D
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Jul 29, 2019
Thanks for the reply. I've changed sooooo much of the original game since starting that I'm hoping there won't be any more changes. Having said that I only just discovered tonight that rotten flesh can't be smelted into leather anymore since removing those 'uneeded' mods, clearly one of them had this feature lol. I had to do a quick edit to the book and add drying of salted zombie flesh to get an alternative to leather instead. I'll make a profile when I get a bit of spare time. As for the trailer, since you're so far the only 'known' downloader, perhaps you'll consider making a trailer. It would be welcomed wholeheartedly.

BTW, assuming you are getting the main menu on your game, the current version we are using is hidden somewhere on the screen. You just have to use your mouse to find it........:rolleyes:


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Jul 29, 2019
As for the trailer, since you're so far the only 'known' downloader, perhaps you'll consider making a trailer. It would be welcomed wholeheartedly.
I'll have a look at it, but expect to wait a few weeks, since i'm getting a brand new PC next week, which is much better than the one i am currently using.


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Jul 29, 2019
Protip : Stay in modpack creation until you have something that can actually be played.
The mod was ready to play, at least we thought it was as I've been testing it for months. The file that was inadvertently left off is the one that couldn't be in the mod until publishing as it would have prevented me making new worlds to test.

Nothing is perfect and these things can happen.

sorry for the delay..


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Jul 29, 2019
I'll have a look at it, but expect to wait a few weeks, since i'm getting a brand new PC next week, which is much better than the one i am currently using.
No problem. Before doing anything else though you should delete your current version and download the new one. I suspect the reason you didn't see any ruins was because you made a new game which would have been a vanilla world and the ruins will only spawn on red sand.



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Jul 29, 2019
No problem. Before doing anything else though you should delete your current version and download the new one. I suspect the reason you didn't see any ruins was because you made a new game which would have been a vanilla world and the ruins will only spawn on red sand.
No, i did get the red sand from the previous worlds, and after looking a bit around, i found the ruins. Also, when playing, i would randomly get lag spikes that take from 1 to 3 minutes, especially in NEI. Thought about trying Fastcraft?


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Jul 29, 2019
We had Fastcraft in the mod but it caused 'black spot', areas across the world that you couldn't pass through. Sadly since removing it those spots still come back from time to time. I find exiting the game then re-entering gets rid of it. Feel free to add it to the game as it has been tested using it. The version we were using is: fastcraft-1.19.jar

I'll do some more research about it and confer with SirJAH about the possibility of putting it back in on the next update. Yes there will be another update as I've already found a few things I wanted to change. That is not to say there's anything wrong with the current version, but sometimes I find a spelling mistake somewhere that I missed before, or I think hmmm, perhaps if I give this 'item' as a reward instead of the current one it could help the player sooner and more importantly give them a choice of which way they want to progress.

BTW, have you downloaded the latest version and tried it? If so, did it have the custom main menu showing on yours?



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Jul 29, 2019
for some reason I cant place the ore bushes in a one block dark area. Is this intended?

Edit: for some reason only the maple slabs are letting light pass through
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Jul 29, 2019
Ore bushes should be able to be placed in a one block area provided the block meets the criteria of an opaque block and the area is dark enough. I have experienced in the past not being able to place an ore bush even though the area seems dark enough. I generally found the problem goes away if I then try placing it during the night. Personally I create an area 3-4 blocks high and start by placing my first blocks on the top row, then remove the block below to place the next lot. This way my area remains compact with 3-4 high rows on either side of my walkway. One thing to always try to remember is that because the area is dark, mobs will spawn in there. Checking your map before blindly entering will save you much heartache when a Creeper has spawned and is waiting to blow your berries to smithereens.

Maple wood has unique properties, one of them being that slabs do let a certain amount of light through. Its this way by default and I find it quite handy, especially once I am able to get other varieties of wood. If you are making your berry enclosure using wood, then its best to use logs to get the darkness required for optimal berry growth.

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Jul 29, 2019
Let's try Marooned (rus)

Thanks for uploading a video. I'm not able to view it until later today when I will be at SirJAH's house. My download limit is close to maxed out for the month.

PS: I'll be uploading a new update to Version 1.0.2 when I'm there as I found the saw no longer made punji sticks when in a damaged state. It worked perfectly in the Beta mode. I've also added some new stuff since the update was required. I'll be posting online when the moderators have approved it.

As always you will be able to check which update you are currently using by using your mouse to 'Uncover' where its hidden on the main menu.

PPS: I'm not altogether sure I updated the new version image on 1.0.1 as I remember uploading it at 3am last time, and I don't have enough DL limit left to download it to check. Not a good idea, that one.....


EDIT: Finally got to see your video. Couldn't understand a word you were saying. Its as though you were speaking in Russian. Even the translator had trouble. You came sooooo close to dying during some of your encounters. I really thought you were done for at one point. Well done for surviving against those odds. You really ripped through those cactus fruits. You are aware you can only eat so many times before diminishing returns on food start aren't you? Anyway thanks for taking the time to upload your video. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else does the same.........

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Jul 29, 2019
Finally got to see your video. Couldn't understand a word you were saying. Its as though you were speaking in Russian. Even the translator had trouble. You came sooooo close to dying during some of your encounters. I really thought you were done for at one point. Well done for surviving against those odds. You really ripped through those cactus fruits. You are aware you can only eat so many times before diminishing returns on food start aren't you? Anyway thanks for taking the time to upload your video. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else does the same.........

Yes, I speak Russian. But for such action it is not important ))
Now on my channel is a vote for next let's play (Hypovolemia, Botanist Nightmare ore Marooned) You have to look comments. I think you'll like it ))