Jul 29, 2019
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    1. magfis4
      i have really enjoyed galactic science and your other packs, i was just wondering if it was possible if i could test out galactic science 2 before the release?
    2. Moonrunner
      I really enjoyed you mod pack. Any chance I can get in on testing Galatic Science 2?
    3. xylacangod
      Hi, I'm trying to get Hypovolemia on my server, and there's an issue with the server not loading the wasteland biome. Well, it is, but it all looks like the normal minecraft world. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    4. BenofPhoenix
      Hello, i would like to ask something. Why i can't download you're Galactic Sicence Modpack? I played it before and i loved it but why i can't download it or update it? Are you working on it or so, because i would like to download it again
    5. nidico100
      Hello, just want to know which mod hold the fps on exact 60?
      1. nidico100
        EDIT: okay it was vsync
        Mar 17, 2016
    6. luciob27
      Sorry, i have a problem with the server when i try to start it it load all but in the end ask me press a button to continue and it close. What can i do?
    7. turbodiesel4598
      Hey there!
      Just want to let you know that there will be a new version of Nuclearcraft out in the next day or so, which, if you plan to update to, adds many new things and changes some parts of the mod quite a lot - a particularly big set of changes makes fission reactors far more attractive than previously - the RF/t of bigger reactors is much greater, cont...
      1. turbodiesel4598
        ...there are speed upgrades to allow for quick depletion for rarer isotopes, and there is a heat warning to let players know if their reactor is safe or not. There are also new machines, items and blocks, and many suggestions from players have been added ;)

        Jan 16, 2016
    8. Jack de Brouwer
      Jack de Brouwer
      Config help

      Hey, I've been playing the modpack alot and I've pretty much completed all the quests.

      The problem is I want to go back to the overworld to make a base but its locked

      Plese help me get back to the over world by telling me how to get there and what configs i need to change to do so

      thx, Jack
      1. JoeTheSn1per
        The whole theme of the pack is that the overworld was destroyed by the nuclear dawn, hence you spawning on the moon.
        Dec 18, 2015
      2. Jack de Brouwer
        Jack de Brouwer
        yea but I Completed everything and im gotting board because im running out of things to do on planets
        Dec 18, 2015
    9. ImzSchiggy
      Hey Caithleen can you help i cant not download your pack in ftb i hope you can help me thx :)
    10. Austin | ilovefriedchiken
      Austin | ilovefriedchiken
      Caithleen I have a concern, I have recently been playing on your server and you have upped the player maximum and I haven't been able to enter. Something pops up about "IP forwarding with Bungeecord" and I cannot connect. It is something that only server owners can fix and I hope you can help me. Thank you, Goodbye.
    11. smashkeys
      Hey, just wondering, can we post videos of Hypovolemia? The e-mail doesn't mention anything about it.
      1. Aeternalis Mage likes this.
      2. Caithleen
        OFC you can, but you should mention its alpha footage and link back to FTB - that would be nice :)
        Nov 9, 2015
      3. smashkeys
        Of course!
        Nov 10, 2015
    12. luciob27
      Hey :D

      i'm an italian boy and i want ask you if i can put on youtube as my series your modpack Galacatic science. I play this modpack and seriously... i love it. I will obviously mention you in my series but maybe you will not understand me ahahah. I wait your answer. See you later ^^
      1. Caithleen likes this.
      2. Caithleen
        Feel free to stream or letsplay it. There are alot of other doing already! :)
        Nov 1, 2015
    13. dragon_fang101
      great packs!
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