[1.7.10][LISTED] InfiTech 2 Modpack v3.2.21 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Jason McRay, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    There are a few ways:
    1 Continue exploring
    2 Do a little mob farm to get loot bags
    3 Find a coal vein, make coal dust with mortar and then make diamonds with steam compressor

    And maybe you would want to reach lv age first and make the basic macerator with 1 diamond
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  2. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen Well-Known Member

    (Also, I think I found a bug in the pack. I found a huge vein of blocks called "gt.blockores.0.name" and when harvested drop Iron Ore. The don't seem to have any texture.)
  3. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    Yeah, I found it too but I forgot to report it, I just avoid them
  4. gallowglass

    gallowglass Well-Known Member

    I don't think that is correct. My understanding is that there is only one type of "Tin" vein, namely the one I described to you up thread. The only gold ore that should be generating is that interspersed with magnetite. I am unaware of any "deeper" gold veins.

    The ore generation book has all of this in it. The configs are kind of hard to read as there is lots of stuff in there that is not actually enabled. I think that is where you are getting mixed up.
  5. Astasia

    Astasia Active Member

    No, I'm speaking from experience. My only source of tin is a tin vein in the nether, there is almost no cassiterite mixed in it (it's less than 1/50 from what I have mined so far). I have seen other people find similar tin veins in the overworld, I have also seen people find cassiterite veins. I have not found a full gold vein, it's one of the few overworld veins I haven't found, I just used it as a random example. A better example would be copper ore, which spawns with iron ore veins, tetrahedrite veins, and normal copper veins, of which I have found all, and I'm not talking about malachite or the other forms of copper which spawn with even more types of veins, but plain "copper ore." Or nickel, which will spawn as a primary vein with cobalt mixed in, or as a secondary in soapstone veins (with no cobalt). Looking at the GregTech/WorldGeneration.cfg only confirms what I have seen and provides spawn rates which are otherwise hard to guess without a larger sample size. It's all enabled, the custom vein slots are empty but other than that you can see exactly how things work in there.

    I ran into that on my first game. My assumption is that it is caused by IHL, which seems like a really buggy mod, most of it is unlocalized strings for me and I considered it unplayable. I disabled that mod, project zulu (bloat), and thaumcraft all at the same time before starting my second world and I never ran into another one of those buggy ore veins. It could have also been that my first world was BoP while my second was vanilla large biomes, maybe there's something about generating in certain biomes that gregtech didn't like, but I doubt it. I am more inclined to believe it was gregtech trying to override one of the IHL worldgen blocks, something like the limestone or whatever it adds, or one of the gregtech granite types was conflicting with it, as the "vein" of gt.blockores.0.name that I found was less of a vein and more like a very large solid mass of blocks.
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  6. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen Well-Known Member

    Fudge... Looks like I'm going to have to wait for a new version of this pack to recreate my world. :(
  7. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay InfiTech Modpack Developer Third Party Pack Team

    Finding veins of gt.blockores.0.name is synchronization bug. It shouldn't happen, but if it does, all it needs in most cases is reload the world/chunk. There is totaly nothing I can do about it. :(
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  8. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, reloading the world did not fix the issue. Always my luck. I'll create a new world and hope it doesn't happen again.
  9. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay InfiTech Modpack Developer Third Party Pack Team

    Slowly starting the work on IT:R...
    Anyone interested in testing InfiTech Reloaded modpack when I have at least some basics ready?
    Send me a PM in here.
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  10. Astasia

    Astasia Active Member

    Yes I tried reloading as well to no effect. I believe when it's a sync issue a normal block update will also fix it, so digging around it would reveal the correct blocks, but that never happened either.
  11. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think its something with the actual worldgen, but I don't know how to test for it. I guess I can just keep making worlds and see if I keep getting it.
  12. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    I already craft a basic fluid extractor but it didnt melt glass, I've tried with tin and it do work, but not with glass, what could be wrong?
  13. Dlur100

    Dlur100 Well-Known Member

    Melting glass in a fluid extractor requires 40 EU/t to extract, which means you need a MV extractor to get molten glass.

    If you're trying to make tubes for an MFR farm at the LV era level I'd suggest looking into building a Thermonic Fabricator and running it off 3 EnderIO Stirling Engines (it requires RF). If you can craft eIO capacitors you get can be with less than 3 stirling engines though.
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  14. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    Damn it! I was building my first forestry tree farm and now I realize that it need fertilizer to work
    Im surely find apatite is going to take me more time than cutting down those trees with my own hands.. *sigh*
  15. Dentvar

    Dentvar Well-Known Member


    just wanted to share a nice GT Manual with you guys that I found on Internet.. I¨m sure most of you are used to GT and already way behind the TechLvl that this guide provides info about. But there may be someone around here as Noob as I ´m who can use it.

    Also If you know of other helpfull material that explains the mob interation for this Modpack it would be nice to get some info not in Video form. Jaysons videos are cool but I just don´t have the time to watch throuh all of them.
    So I don´t know if its for expample easier to get steam with a other mod then GT or if I have to get the multi Block Steam boiler asap before I start with steel machines.
  16. Dlur100

    Dlur100 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, apatite is sort of a pain to locate. I found my first vein of it in the nether. That vein lasted through hundreds of hours of MFR farm operation. I've since found 2 more veins in the overworld, both while flying around mountains/extreme hills. I always refer back to this: http://ftb.gamepedia.com/GregTech/Mining_and_Processing when I'm looking for certain ores as it gives lower and upper Y limits. Also handy reference for if you need a certain product but can't remember what ore it comes from.

    The thread that goes along with that GT survival manual is also very helpful. I also refer back to these now and then for GT advice:
    * Things you should know about GregTech 5
    * GregTech Ore Distribution
    * GregTech Progression Advice
    * Little Known GT Tricks
    * All GT Ore Processing Methods

    Not sure exactly what you mean by mob interaction for the pack, but if you have a specific question I'd be glad to try to help (as would many others here I"m sure).

    As far as steam production goes there's not necessarily a right or wrong way to do it. I'll generally assume that you have several coke ovens set up so you can make charcoal from logs instead of hunting for coal all the time. Coke ovens have the added benefit of making creosote oil, which can be burned in a RailCraft boiler (generally stick with low pressure) to also generate steam. You need access to the nether (or chest loot) in order to make a RC boiler though. Another best practice with steam is to buffer your steam in a RailCraft iron tank and then output that to your steam machines and basic turbines. If you do this you can set up several GT boilers (the 1 block units) and pump them into the RC tank. I got by doing this for quite a while before I built a large bronze boiler. In fact I'd say you will want to at the very least build a plate bender before you even consider making a large GT boiler. Plate bender is 100% the very first 32v electrical machine you should build.

    I still run a pair of 36 block LP railcraft boilers that are fed creosote from my 45 coke ovens to keep my steam tank topped off when I'm not really heavily utilizing my equipment. And then I've got a large titanium boiler burning charcoal (for now, haven't automated alumentum production still) to provide steam for when I am heavily using things. I can also generate steam with a Big Reactors reactor. Most of my high voltage stuff now runs off diesel fuel from collecting oil though, but there's still a RailCraft steam turbine there as a backup source of HV power in case I run out of oil.
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  17. Dentvar

    Dentvar Well-Known Member

    MOD(sorry :) ) interation like how can things be done better/faster/different using other mods then GT.

    Ok, more or less what I thought. Atm I have 4 Coke ovens that are not even 100% of the time running since I only have 1 golem wood farm running. And the creosote oil is voided since I have no tank lage enough to store all this nether a machine that could burn it and or store the produced steam :) But I will do a second RC Tank for Steam so I can at least burn the oil until this one is full and the rest goes to the void. I already was in the Nether so I hope that I can do a LP boiler for at least burn some of it.

    Now I will take a look in all those threads :) Thx!
  18. Dlur100

    Dlur100 Well-Known Member

    A few things I've found helpful:

    Anything enderIO seems really good. I use the SAG Mill to process my yellowrite ore, coal ore, and diamond ore. I also sometimes use it for redstone ore if I'm in a hurry and don't want to wait to go through the entire GT ore processing chain. The eIO alloy smelter is also pretty quick once it's upgraded with capacitors, and the eIO stirling generators are the best cheap and easy RF generators I've found (plus they don't explode like some ic2 or BC ones can). Also the various eIO fluid, item, power (rf) and redstone conduits are glorious in every way. I have all my coke ovens automated with eIO pipes. All my jabba barrels are fed with eIO item pipes. I pretty much stopped using hoppers to input/ouput from machines anymore and use eIO item conduit. I also have advanced fluid conduit running all over my base now taking steam to remote turbines/machines, water where needed, oxygen where needed, and pumping nitric acid into my sludge factory. I also use the eIO farming machine to keep providing me wood, netherwart, wheat, and sugar cane when I'm offline (MFR farm only harvests when you are online). Be warned that if you plan to use eIO stuff heavily you'll want a steady source of gold (zombie pigman farm). Also I think setting up an iron golem farm early is a good idea. I also use eIO vats to turn apples and sugar into fuel that will generate RF and I also use vats to turn zombie flesh and netherwart into a different type of fuel. Both these types of fuel power my eIO farms, MFR farm, oil refinery and several powered spawners for quite some time (until BR turbine).

    The Production Table from steve's workshop? is amazing. Max it out with fuel efficiency upgrades and such. It's probably the most used block in my factory. I pretty much quit using vanilla crafting tables and furnaces after finding this. I also find the work table to be handy for crafting repetitive items like basic circuits or machine casings as it will store 9 patterns. You should be able to find both of these in NEI.

    JABBA barrels are great. Iron chests mod is great. Forestry stuff. Extra Utilities has awesome stuff, but some of it is mid-late game (the stuff requiring a QED to make). Dimensional anchor for chunk loader. Pneumaticraft looks fun, but haven't dabbled there yet. Railcraft (tanks and boilers for sure) has some good stuff.
  19. chaos004

    chaos004 Active Member

    hi, im new and i want to play this mod. But i have a Problem with the Server.
    My Server has 2 Proceccors (2xDualcore 2,4 Ghz) 64Bit Win 2008 R2, 8 GB Ram
    java version 1.7.0_45, 64 Bit

    1 World, 1 Player, not mutch tech (only basic steamsetup)
    performance is bad, the server say from time to time, "skip 47 ticks, skip 907 ticks"
    i test the standart serverStart.bat and others, but noone workes well.
    i see there javaexceptions too.
    what is wrong? what i can do?
  20. Mafasu

    Mafasu Member

    Hey Jason i went to update my server to 2.16.... and i had to remove journey map and Morpheus from the server files.

    Has anyone looked at the robots from buildcraft i'm looking at alternate options for farms and such, while testing them out they don't seem to drop items that are harvested. They work in other packs i looked at but not this 1

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