[1.7.10][LISTED] InfiTech 2 Modpack v3.2.21 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]



Fiery Blood catches everyone. Even I forget it (again). @Xavion set it up, he might recall the specifics. Short version though, make sure you read quest and thaumcraft entries carefully.

Read Quests and Thaumcraft - yes, that was what I forgot - thank you kind sir - will try not to bother this topic again.



Many thanks for your help. My noob level zero didn't realise that other areas of research (outside of the Alchemy section) unlocked new items to research within the Alchemy section. I now have Fiery Blood Infusion to unlock. Happy!
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Aug 14, 2013
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Hey everyone,

The Infitech Team is pleased to announce that our latest project, INFITECH 3 for 1.12.2, is now entering its BETA phase.

You can find Infitech on Curseforge or on the Twitch launcher.

Did you enjoy Infitech 2? Here's some things we're focusing on this time around:
* More rewards for going off the beaten track and exploring niche mods (without those mods being strictly critical)
* Better means of locating ores (Tin anyone?)
* Streamlined and accessible quests, minimizing make-this-useless-thing tasks
* More logistical fun, with numerous ways to get all your X over to Y and make Z.

Here's some things we're keeping just the way you remember it:
* Tech first, magic third
* No mod bloat. Everything's there for a reason.
* Lots of balance-scripting. Script all the things!

We have a CurseForge page!

We have a lively community at our Discord, come join in the discussion!

We're in GitHub on the extremely remote chance you find a single issue to report!

Q: When's full release?
A: We have a roadmap on our Discord. It changes sometimes. Keep an eye on it there!

Q: Where's the custom main menu?
A: Working on it. We didn't want to delay Beta for a menu.

Q: Do you still have GREGTECH?
A: Of course! We're using Gregtech Community edition. Its still pretty new itself, so let us (and them) know if you run into issues.

Q: Do you still have THAUMCRAFT?
A: Sort of! We're using Thaumcraft 6, but as you're probably aware, that mod is in all kinds of limbo.

Q: So if you don't have a fully-finished magic mod....
A: Botania. Its a bit trickier to gate, but that's why we have Xavion around. He can bend time, space and scripts.

Q: Do you still have that fun thing where you run around for hours looking for tin, drilling holes every X chunks until your wrists bleed?
A: Nope, not a thing anymore, sorry. Maybe in 1.14?