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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Jason McRay, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Hlaaftana

    Hlaaftana Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Hey Jason, for my new unprofessional 3rd party public modpack, I used your Minetweaker scripts. I credited you and the modpack in the description of the modpack, but I don't know if you're OK with this. If you don't want your scripts being used, I'll take them down immediately.
  2. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay InfiTech Modpack Developer Third Party Pack Team

    As long as the credit is given, I guess I will be fine with that. But dont come to me when something within the scripts is not working in your pack. Your pack, your responsibility with the scripts. :p
  3. Dlur100

    Dlur100 Well-Known Member

    I started breeding bees more seriously now that I've been able to produce clay bees with somewhat more reliability. I am curious about a few things regarding beekeeping.

    Is it worth it to build Alvearies? I've got about 5 stacks of royal jelly now and about 6 apiaries of Imperial bees producing it. I'm guessing once I get a strain that I want to mass produce I'll need this in conjunction with a swarmer to really produce product?

    Also, since I'm too lazy to track down or craft anything but proven frames (from my resident apiarist villager) breeding takes forever. Is dabbling in GenDustry worth the expense and energy? I was mostly considering building a mutagen producer and mutatron and supplying the mutagen producer with uranium blocks. How about the rest of the GenDustry stuff, such as the genetic sampler and genetic imprinter, are they worthwhile? Any good gendustry tutorials I should be aware of?
  4. Dentvar

    Dentvar Well-Known Member

    I now hate officialy GT! and my stupidity... just gut 32x Bronze Plated Blast Furnace... instead of the 32x Bronze Plated Bricks.
  5. Dlur100

    Dlur100 Well-Known Member

    Don't feel too bad. 3 separate people did this on our server. I made it 16 bronze plated blast furnaces in before I realized what I was doing.
  6. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    I did exactly the same lol
  7. Hlaaftana

    Hlaaftana Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Don't worry, most of them didn't work but I fixed all and added some. I also credited Xavion and gave a link to this thread.
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  8. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    How did I remove muffler upgrade from my machines? I miss their sound D:
    Crowbar didnt work, nor removing them with a wrench
  9. starwolf

    starwolf Well-Known Member

    I think it's permanent. Like the old overclocker upgrades used to be. I've never found a way to get it back, short of a dissassembly machine and remake it, or uncrafting table if you have twighlight.

    Try happily mining along on mars and accidentally picking up an enriched naquadah ore. Currently trying to figure out how to get back to where I died after I craft up a replacement set of gear.
    btw I noticed all my galacticraft gear happily flying off into the distance in that cave. Gravestones don't seem to hold galacticraft stuff.

    On the plus side, found some naquadah finally.
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  10. Eyecollector

    Eyecollector Member

    Having a Mining Backpack should easily solve that problem.
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  11. Vechora

    Vechora Active Member

    4 days since I started this pack, 3 days (afternoons/evenings) of which I've spent running around a 5000 by 5000 block radius looking at mountainsides for tin

    Haven't found jack shit, anyone got any tips that don't boil down to "aimlessly wander around extreme hills type biomes and hope rnjesus is in my favor" ?
  12. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay InfiTech Modpack Developer Third Party Pack Team

    You know that tin doesnt necessary spawn in mountains. it can spawn underground (i found one almost under my base) from Y40
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  13. Vechora

    Vechora Active Member

    how come 90% of the comments I find in this thread about finding tin keep going back to scanning hill sides >_<, guess I'll go back to base and get branch mining
  14. Astasia

    Astasia Active Member

    That's really all GT boils down to these days it seems. You can try the nether, you will have slightly better luck because more of the terrain in the nether is above the tin spawning levels. Be prepared to do this again and again for different ores at different levels as you progress.

    My game save is over 1gb at this point because of the amount of exploring I've had to do.

    Tin spawns at y60+ which means yes you pretty much need to find mountains. Cassiterite (which smelts into tin) spawns at y40+ but it's about as rare as diamonds. Unless I am reading the world gen config wrong. It's hard to say because I've never found a single tin or cassiterite vein in the overworld, just a single tin vein in the nether at like y100.
  15. gallowglass

    gallowglass Well-Known Member

    Tin and cassiterite are found together. If you found one you found the other.

    From the ore book in 2.1.4: Cassiterite veins occur between Y40 and Y120 in the overworld, end, moon, mars, and asteroids and contain tin and cassiterite.
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  16. Miguel1118

    Miguel1118 Active Member

    Dont search into mountains, belive me, tin is hard to find and if u find a vein in a mountain well..
    you are not going to find a whole vein bc they didnt fit inside of a mountain..

    You should search in flat terrain above Y65-70, this way you are gonna find a whole vein, and faster, cause u only have to dig 25-30 blocks downside
  17. Xavion

    Xavion Popular Member

    You can use Thaumcraft to turn any other metal to tin, got a bunch of iron or copper? Just turn it to tin. It will require a supply of something crystally such as glass or quartz to do though.

    On a different note I just updated to 2.1.6, the minechem script I made doesn't seem to be included and neither are any of my changes. Just mentioning as the change log says they were included.
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  18. Tyriael_Soban

    Tyriael_Soban Well-Known Member

    I found tin at the bottom of a ravine ... :D
  19. Astasia

    Astasia Active Member

    Not exactly. Veins spawn with a primary ore and then secondary ores spawn nearby/within. Cassiterite will spawn as a secondary ore in Tin veins, and Tin will spawn as a secondary ore in Cassiterate veins. So they will be found together, but it's two different types of veins with different spawn rates and height ranges. It's like Magnetite will spawn near/on the surface with a few bits of gold, but that's not a gold vein, gold veins are found much deeper. I do not know the spawn rate of Tin veins, it's not listed in the worldgen config for some reason, but I assume they have a much higher rate than cassiterate veins, and they will spawn in the nether. Cassiterate veins will not spawn in the nether, but you will find a very small amount mixed in with the nether tin veins. You will likely have more luck looking for tins veins, both in the nether and the overworld.
  20. EchoingZen

    EchoingZen Well-Known Member

    I'm having a little trouble finding the two diamonds I need for the bronze macerator. Any hints? (I usually try to find chests to find them, but nope, not this time.)

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