1.7.10 Infinity Is Nothing

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by ScottulusMaximus, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    I didn't notice that until it was mentioned. :D
  2. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    yessss.... knew it.
  3. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Gold stars all round!


    Full disclosure: I built this skeleton/plan in creative because the zero-G environment, while fun, makes building complex shapes while flying impossible AND it disables any and all flight mechanics I've tried. So I did the outline in creative and have switched back to survival to build the actual structure.

    This is a big build that is taking a long time so I've also broken my own rule of no item teleport and set up an AE quantum bridge, was just nonsensical to waste so much time flying up and down and restarting because of the dimension memory leak.
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  4. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Nice. Abyssal stone?
  5. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Lol cobble;)Just the shapes for now, will all be replaced
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  6. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Reminds me of Freelancer:
    Though that game did obviously not consult structural engineers for their designs :p
  7. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Colored Cobble? Or just a dark picture?

    Man, I need to reinstall Freelancer. Though I totally agree, definitely unsound structural work there.
  8. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Never played it, pulling the design out my arse as usual;)
    Nah just boring old cobble...
  9. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Totally worth playing, it's awesome.
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  10. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    I'm not dead... Just family problems, planning a move and a written off car(totaled for you yanks).

    There was going to be an update this week but:

    Which COMPLETE AND UTTER ... removed aromabackup from Infinity 2.0 without putting a warning or notification, lost 3 days of intense catch up work this week because all my backups stopped and I didn't notice.

    Edited for language
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  11. Moasseman

    Moasseman New Member

    The same guy who added FTBUtilities to provide backupping?
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  12. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Well the language might be a tad unnecessary.
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  13. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Believe me, after some of the world destroying crashes I've had, he's being polite and well-mannered.
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  14. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Except I did not know this and didn't set up(nor know how to) FTBUtilities.

    Said more in jest than actual anger, still highly peeved as my ancestors would say

    Not a world crash just idiots tripping my power so PC didn't shut down properly and wiped my RAMdisk
  15. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Ah yes, one of those.
  16. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    So what did I miss?

    Eloraam back yet?
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  17. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Thankfully, No.
  18. Engiminer

    Engiminer Guest

    I know this is a tad late, considering, but I have to ask. Let me preface this by saying I haven't really gotten far enough in the game to really have AUTOMATIC EVERYTHING. In fact, I usually get to a Buildcraft quarry and then go "... WELP TIME FOR A NEW WORLD" or something along those lines. I usually don't get a huge fancy base, or if I do, I don't have a bunch of buildings for different purposes. So, my question is: Do you end up getting more metal than you know what to do with, and that's why you made metal blocks? I know the factory blocks from chisel are relatively cheap, but that silver pipe made of silver blocks makes me gasp. "How does he have that much metal??? Maybe I just haven't been playing long enough..."
  19. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    You have quarries, liquid metal oceans from mystcraft and RFtools, MFR mining laser.
    This is modded MC man, unabated modded MC at that. If you don't have a bajillion of everything by your tenth hour then something is wrong or you are purposely not trying.
    Also if you are clever with micro blocks you can make one block of metal go a long way. You can make one block in to 2 block high column.
    IIRC one block can be made in to 8 panels assuming you are able to cover the top and bottom with another block or terrain. And if you use ExtUtils pipes you can even run items and power down it.

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  20. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    8 covers. You only get 4 panels. Me, I don't typically like to go straight to the huge masses of materials, but it's not that hard even manually mining.

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