1.7.10 - HQM/Survival - hypovolemia - something bloody!

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by MineYourMind, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. MineYourMind

    MineYourMind Active Member



    You feel dizzy as you awake. The last thing you remember is driving home after having a good Double Whopper at the King. If feels wrong. Your body feels wrong. Your surroundings feel wrong. With aching muscles you get up and look around ...



    This thread is a recreation of the old thread which can be found here.
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  2. MineYourMind

    MineYourMind Active Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



    More about the pack:
    Did you die? You find yourself in a bloody wasteland. Is it the afterlife? You can hear the gods laugh. Oceans of blood around you. No animals, no plants. Just bonepillars everywhere.

    Inspired by running red and regrowth this pack relies on magical mods that have been tweaked to heavily depend on blood magic. Automation and some tech is in with AE2 and mekanism.

    The ultimate goal - pray to the gods and bring them sacrifices in hope of a second chance.
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  3. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    nice pack man
  4. Lepsink

    Lepsink Active Member

    in both launchers, curse and ftb, the latest version is still 0.0.20.
    do you know why that is ? shouldnt 0.1.7 be the newest ?
  5. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    no clue
  6. Keldin42

    Keldin42 Well-Known Member

    They are testing the update on the Mym servers. In a week or so the update will be pushed to other launchers.
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  7. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    i just grabbed the update on GitHub and put it in the hypovolemia mod pack file after removing all the old files
  8. SirWill

    SirWill Active Member

    There are currently some bugs which we would like to fix first before we push the update to FTB. If you don't want to wait and don't care about the bugs you can grab the latest version from github.
  9. Souldrake

    Souldrake New Member

    One thing I am curious about... I don't really understand why the mechanism precision sawmill is removed. I get that you want us to use blood and all, but if we're using blood to make power to power the sawmill isn't that more or less the same thing? It seems overly tedious to get wooden planks and going from bones to splinters doesn't really seem to be progress (considering the sheer number of sticks you need just to breed crops and that). If anything, I would prefer the saplings to be something relatively expensive to make and just retain the ability to get planks from logs.

    Oh and one thing I'm not sure if it's fixed (or even needs fixing) in the version on github or not, but slimes don't seem to be able to move in liquid life essence. They just kinda hop in and sit there =p
  10. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    thats normal slims don't move in water aswell
  11. Keldin42

    Keldin42 Well-Known Member

    Try to quickly get greatwood. That turns into planks without the splinters.
  12. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    and how do we do that ?
  13. Keldin42

    Keldin42 Well-Known Member

    I don't quite remember maybe it is a quest reward? Its a big help as the splinters are a bit of a nuisance :)

    There is a quest that on turning in a silverwood leaf gives 10 saplings (both greatwood and silverwood). Maybe one of the early thaumcraft quests gives the silverwood sapling.

    Yup, the scribing quest gives a silverwood sapling. Then the next quest (to the right) gives the saplings on turning in the leaf.
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  14. Genobee

    Genobee Member

    ta for the nfo
  15. kurisu_TEPDCR

    kurisu_TEPDCR Active Member

    oh, so like the 20th or so?
  16. Keldin42

    Keldin42 Well-Known Member

  17. Keldin42

    Keldin42 Well-Known Member

    How are people dealing with early wand charging?

    I have 3 nodes as quest rewards, I still miss 2 aspects. Recharging from mob drops is terribly slow. I did bring a spawner back from the nether but blazes rarely drop aqua vis balls....
  18. Sandstroem

    Sandstroem Active Member

    You can pick up nodes with those Cardboxes from Mekanism and they will change their aspects when placed down again. Not sure whether it can become a hungry one though.
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  19. Tyler489

    Tyler489 New Member

    Heads up greatwood and silverwood all have there own splinter types now all wood types do..
    Make sure to remove any old splinters before updating.

    Sandstoem is right use a cardboard box on a node it can become sinister pure or hungry as well as change aspects.
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  20. Tyler489

    Tyler489 New Member

    The update was intended to go live on friday but more bugs showeed up so we delayed it
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