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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Jadedcat, Aug 4, 2014.

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  1. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    I read all of them. I ignore some of them if the answer can be found with google. Or searching the forums. Or its a request for me to add specific mods.
  2. AndrewPwner

    AndrewPwner New Member

    I don't get the hate with HQM. I like it a lot. It really gets me to use mods I haven't before and it adds more depth. Why don't we all just let the mod pack makers do their thing, sit back, and play the awesome stuff they come up with.
  3. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    Also as clarification for some confusion:

    Will there be a pack that combines tech and magic? Yes

    Will there be a pack that throws every popular mod at a wall and hopes they almost work together? No

    You want a pack where people just throw every mod they can load without crashing in a folder... you don't need a modpack team to do it for you.
  4. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Curious as to how a PM to Jaded gives you such knowledge for a project that is primarily mine. Though iF you really want to know, I've been dropping hints about it for months.
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  5. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    I didn't tell him anything. Literally. Never answered it. And based on what was in it... he doesn't know what he thinks he knows...
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  6. BIG mac

    BIG mac New Member

    I believe it may be time for me to do some hardcore stalking of your recent activity.
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  7. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    Exactly this. Even on AGskies, you can just ignore the quest book and go off on your own tangent. When/if you come back to it, boom, you probably did a bunch of stuff to get through a bunch of quests already. If you don't? No loss. HQM is one of the coolest things I've seen (other than SFM :} ) in modded minecraft. It is completely optional. Even if there's hardcore enabled and a special map, you can modify configs to make it not so. Isn't that what MC is all about? Customization, etc. And if a pack is geared around HQM and something else (like skyblock), like agskies is, why play it if you're not interested? That's like going to eat chinese food with friends then complaining you don't like chinese food.

    Inferring here but most likely, Santa's worried about not what's going on but the line you could draw conclusions from. People throwing it in and hoping something sticks. I don't think HQM has hit it's stride yet, as in, not a single pack (even agskies) has really used HQM as something that reaches it's potential. I think it has a long way to go still and can just get better from here on.

    And this is a joke (bad one) but, My computer catches fire when I try to play BNB now too eyamaz. I think this is normal behaviour and I wouldn't be too worried.
  8. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    How about private packs? Is it possible or do we need to download all mods and tell our servermembers to download this file we make?

    With the remove of IDs in the mods it should be more easy now to add and remove mods from a pack so I belive that there will be more focus on private packs now.
  9. midi_sec

    midi_sec New Member

    it could have been an apple product. :)
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  10. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse New Member

    Fire doesn't kill an Apple. They just get toasted.

  11. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    wow, do websites still care about hotlinking images?

    quick question though, will there still be a horizon like pack featuring new mods? it was a pretty interesting concept, though it wasn't really themed and was basically just some new or unknown mods thrown together.
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  12. sivina

    sivina New Member

    I hate HQM, i play modded minecraft for free to do whatever i want to, not for quest.
    But besides that, great news for FTB hitting 1.7.10.
  13. Scott Wears

    Scott Wears New Member

    Oh Wow allot of hate for HQM, Let me say this, HQM is a tool, its there so that map makers and mod pack developers have something to help them create awesome things, Tell stories and teach, the fact that its being included in FTB modpacks shouldn't be seen as a bad thing, Take agrarian sky's as an example because of that pack allot of people including myself were taught how to play mods we had never played, Now take this in the context of people who've never played modded minecraft going into a pack of 60 mods all with new (and sometimes complicated) Items and blocks why not harness HQM as a tool to help them learn ? instead of them fumbling round potentially confused, HQM has allot of ways it can be used, the fact that its called "Hardcore Questing Mode" is probably a little misleading now since you can play with lives or with out, and I'm going to add an option in the config to disable the nag message on world load/join.

    I understand that allot of players just want to do there own thing and that is cool but I really think that allot allot of players who are new to modded minecraft might benefit from that little bit of hand holding.

    I'm happy to take any questions or concerns you guy have for HQM and get them answered for you but I don't think this thread is the place feel free to ask them HERE (ask.fm)

    I really hope we can allot get around the fact that HQM is going in to the packs and just remember the facts that you can throw the book in the trash and not worry about the quests at all. <3
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  14. b0h

    b0h New Member

    I like HQM a LOT. It gives you a general feel of progression while it teaches you how to use mods you might not know.
    And it's not mandatory, you can totally ignore HQM if you don't want to follow a linear progression and do whatever you want.

  15. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    New and Change frightens. Old and familiar comforts. Doesn't matter if either side is good or bad, those two things stay constant.

    I learned a lesson a month back mouthing off about Spice of Life (SOL) and got put in my place by squeek who was in the right through and through. I realized at that point that my issue wasn't with SOL but the use of SOL in packs (shifting the blame from mod maker to pack creator). It's the use of the tool (I think) that bothers people. Not the tool. If someone doesn't want to play wargames, there's plenty of other games, vice versa is true for the COD or Halo'ers, etc... If I were a peace freak, I wouldn't be notching up kill streaks. I'd be planting flowers or hugging strangers. If I HATE hqm, why play it? Again, if the trend is that people are including it cause it's the thing to do, that's bad. If they have an idea/plan around what they want to use HQM for, that's great. I think the same can be said about anything in life. Lastly, the config dir is there for a reason. It's not read only. The NSA isn't going to report back to FTB about you modifying a config to your liking. Jaded might, but that's a whole different ball of yarn.

    I can forsee one example in my head (and there's alot of empty space there atm) that would cause an issue. If a pack maker mod'd recipes to remove certain key components (TE item frames for example) and only gave them out as rewards in the quest, limiting you. Then you would be screwed playing without HQM. Again, that isn't the makers of HQM's fault, it's how the tool was used. Blame the pack maker, don't play it. simple? I can't think of a worse example than that so I really don't know where all the hate's coming from. I've been playing MC for a couple years since 1.47 and I still run into mods I don't fully understand and yes, HQM is a great place to lead you in the right direction. I am learning (slowly) gregtech through a couple of those packs now and I was always pushed away by the number of hurdles you have to go through to get to where you can be w/o GT on the first day. I don't think it's 'fun' but it's a different approach and w/o hqm, I wouldn't have ever tried gt at all. I'd just bad mouth it everywhere w/o having any real experience to bad mouth about :} *ducks*

    Warning: Use of HQM can and will cause various states of arousal and confusion. Quitting HQM before your doctor gives you leave to do so MAY cause you to experience withdrawls. Ask your doctor if this is the right mod for you. If fingers do not unstiffen after 24 hours, see a doctor immediately.
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  16. Scott Wears

    Scott Wears New Member

    This made me LOL
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  17. triblades

    triblades New Member

    HQM is cool and powerfull, but not needed (as in: must use it to play the pack). People seemingly don't know HQM, but it's not very well explained in the FiPo that it's optional. I know it is, but a lot of people seem to misread it. We can ignore those people and say that they read to much between the lines, or the post can be clarified for the less fortunate human.

    I for one would be very interested in seeing what they come up with! (And I would, as I now assume, use the magical/tech combined pack)

    If possible, I wondered, are there any stats on official pack usage?

    Edit: typo :'(
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2014
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  18. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member


    no need to thank me
  19. DREVL

    DREVL Well-Known Member

    Hack... you just can't simply Disable a mod. I mean... that would be easy or something...
  20. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I'm a L33T Hax0r, I can do anything I want

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