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Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by BillyGoat567, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. BillyGoat567

    BillyGoat567 New Member

    Blood N Bones 2
    Welcome to Blood N Bones 2. The pack is not released yet but hoping to be released in the coming days. This pack has Tech,Magic coming soon,Death,ECT. If you have any questions please ask below and let me know of what you think.


    1. AppeCore
    2. Applied Energistics 2
    3. Back Pack
    4. Biomes O Plenty
    5. Blood Magic
    6. Chicken Chunks
    7. CodeChickenCore
    8. COFHCore
    9. ComputerCraft
    10. CreeperCollateral
    11. Custom Chest Loot
    12. DeadlyWorld
    13. Dynamic Lights
    14. Dynamic Tanks
    15. Enhanced Portals
    16. Extra Cells
    17. ExtraTIC
    18. Extra Utilities
    19. Flat Signs
    20. Hunger Over Haul
    21. Iguana Tweaks
    22. INpureCore
    23. Iron Chests
    24. Jabba
    25. LycanitesMobsComplete
    26. Magical Crops
    27. Mantle
    28. Mekanism
    29. Mekanism Generators
    30. Mekanism Tools
    31. MetallurgyCore
    32. MineFactoryReloaded
    33. MobiousCore
    34. Natura
    35. NEI Addons
    36. Nether Ores
    37. Not Enough Items
    38. ObsidiPlates
    39. Opis
    40. Pam's Harvest Craft
    41. Project Red(ALL)
    42. Random Things
    43. RemoteIO
    44. RenderPlayerAPI
    45. Roguelike
    46. SpecialAI
    47. Special Mobs
    48. Spice Of Life
    49. Tinker's Construct
    50. Thermal Dynamics
    51. Thermal Expansion
    52. Thermal Foundation
    53. TiCTooltips
    54. UtiliyMobs
    55. Waila
    56. Waila HArvestabillity
    57. Zombie Infection
    58. ArmorStatusHUD
    59. StatusEffectHUD
    If you would like to be part of this pack in developing it PM.

  2. Damien Darkside

    Damien Darkside New Member

    Do you have the developer's permission from the first pack? It is against the rules to name packs as sequels when the original author hasn't allowed it.
  3. BillyGoat567

    BillyGoat567 New Member

    Yes i ahve asked for permission and he is the one who is helping me develop tthe pack
  4. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    You are just asking for trouble.....

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  5. BillyGoat567

    BillyGoat567 New Member

    FTB said that they dont care what you call your modpack you dont need any permmisons on the name of the modpack
  6. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    Hard to believe since BnB isnt just another 3th party pack. Its a listed pack, by a ex-FTB staff member and I think its also a trademark name registered by Blood and Bones Gaming. Also, you pack seems more like a BnB for 1.7 then a sequel, which is even worse since you are just updating a pack without the owners permission and calling it your pack.

    Just wait for @Eyamaz to see this....

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  7. BillyGoat567

    BillyGoat567 New Member

    ok i will delete the pack if you calm down
  8. SilverDk

    SilverDk New Member

    he's been doing the same thing for so many times and no one notice? Creating new thread with other popular packs as his own pack name but never release anything that indicate it's a valid pack...
  9. Brenn_

    Brenn_ New Member

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  10. BillyGoat567

    BillyGoat567 New Member

  11. Damien Darkside

    Damien Darkside New Member

    I highly doubt he is, especially since he said he is developing his own 2.0 pack of BnB in the recent thread. Plus your page isn't nearly as high quality as his, especially given that you are claiming it to be a sequel.

    So which one is it? Do you have the permission to blatantly try to cash in on the popularity of Blood n Bones or are you saying you think it doesn't matter?

    Either way, thread reported. Unless you have the explicit quote of the original author displayed or he posts within this thread, you are plagiarizing another's work.
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  12. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    FTB does not actively ban content without a complaint by the original author. While it's fairly obvious that Blood N Bones was originally created by Eyamaz, it's not nearly as obvious in a lot of other cases, so we simply wait for the original creator to ask for it to be taken down.

    I would also guess that Eyamaz wouldn't want a Blood N Bones clone, he might not mind and I don't want to make assumptions on his behalf.
  13. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    You should make assumptions on most cases. I've already monetized the name, so a release of this nature would violate my trademark. People are always free to say, "Based off <insert name here>" as that's not infringing on the IP, unless they directly copy the custom content also.
    The person also state they have my blessing, which they do not. Never take someone at their word without proof of this.
    You can remove this content.
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  14. Caithleen

    Caithleen New Member

    BillyLiarGoat567 :D
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