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Should I add a magic mod?

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  1. RehabOholic

    RehabOholic New Member

    Is there any quest changes? Just wondering if I need/want to start over since I don't know if there is away to start the quest book over.. That should be a good feature for HQM, for packs that don't have to do a map reset cause of an update, could just start there Quest's over when there updated, fixed, etc.
  2. Aldyn

    Aldyn New Member

    I also had the iron tank detection problem. I edited the quest book to fuzzy detect with the parts in my inventory and it detected straight away.

    I still have 11 quests stuck open after I've received any reward items, so I'd agree there's a bug with HQM rep quests at present.
  3. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    I think the only changes to existing quests are a few new rewards to Railcraft/StevesCarts quests and adding reputation rewards to more quests so the 'eternally purple quests' don't happen. Nothing game changing.
    BTW, there is a way to reset all quests in-game. It's in the "/hqm edit" book.

    The problem with fuzzy detection is the tank walls, gauges and valves are the same block, just different data values. So, they'll all be detected if you only have one type. Anyway, since the 0.8.0 update hasn't been approved yet I just did a ninja update. I changed that quest to be NBT indepenent detection. Maybe it will make a difference.
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  4. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    Is the MFR redstone energy cable the only cable for RF apart from BC pipes in this pack? So used to enderIO and TE's conduits (which are missing it seems), I can't remember any others.

    There seems to be a minor bug with the MFR cables - every now and then one of them will render differently and not allow energy through (nothing touching it besides more cable on each end). Breaking it will crash the game 50% of the time. Restarting and re-laying it and all is fine.
  5. Aldyn

    Aldyn New Member

    Has the wooden hoe recipe been deliberately removed? I thought I'd check out Progressive Automation, but none of the planters can be crafted without a wooden hoe.

    I'm not sure what I'm meant to be using to automate sugar production. Increased grow time makes anything per-stalk twice as expensive to build?
  6. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    There is BC Kinesis Pipes, MFR RedNet Energy Cables, and Extra Utilities Energy Transfer Nodes/Pipes. Also, you can technically transfer RF through AE peer-to-peer, but that's kinda impractical as your main power system. Whenever TE's conduits are released for 1.7 I will add them to the pack, but not make quests for them. I want people to experience a veriety of item/power/fluid systems and then they can choose which one works best for the situation.

    Hoes arn't suposed to be disabled. I thought I told IguanaTiCTweaks not to disable hoes... I'll have to check later today.

    The Sugar Cane/Pumpkin/Melon quests unlock after you complete the piston quest. Since it's kinda early game still I don't think you'll have machines/power so I'm expecting you to make a Vanilla Sugar Cane/Pumpkin/Melon farm at first. Then you can go crazy with MFR/BC/ProgressiveAutomation/etc farms later.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2014
  7. MadMax-X

    MadMax-X Active Member

    Check HungerOverhaul.cfg
    "getting seeds" {
        # Whether wood and stone hoe recipes are removed
  8. kleshas

    kleshas New Member

    My install has wooden and stone hoes disabled, but iron and above still active.
    I think I'm kind of stuck in a way - I accidentally destroyed the enchantment table way back at the start when I didn't realise the 'breakable' algorithms had been altered from default. No way I can get the stuff in the new recipe as I still don't have an ender pearl, even after killing a dozen or so endermen. I'll try grabbing one in a safari net and a spawner next I think
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  9. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    Fixed in v0.8.2.

    What! Harvest level tweaks are back? I really must have messed the configs up during an update...
  10. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    I've submitted update 0.8.5. Fixing the tool config derps and adding a way to get ender pearls a lot easier once you complete the first Funky Locomotion quest.
    It's a new age!
    This age isn't pre-generated, so anyone that has started a world before this update needs to either copy 'agedata_52.dat' from this folder that will download with the update: "\template\data" and put it in the "data" folder in your save.
    Or download it here. Just make sure it goes in this directory: \automata\saves\'your_world'\data
  11. Skavies

    Skavies New Member

    Has anyone figured out how to turn in seared stone (the liquid pipes one) to the qds? Yes I set the quest, and the mushroom head is visible. I've used fluid transfer nodes, transfer pipes and the fluid hopper. I'm not far enough for a liquid export bus (me system attempt). So far the qdo noly eats the fluid acting like a void pipe. Normally I'd use fluidducts to complete liquid qds tasks but I'm stuck here.
  12. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    Looks like I selected the wrong liquid in the quest book. Just submitted another update to the pack team... (Why are there two in the quest book but not NEI...?)
    Anyway, I did some testing to see what pipes work with the QDS. It turns out Buildcraft fluid pipes don't work. Extra Utilities and MFR pipes work fine.
  13. asiekierka

    asiekierka Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Excellent! You found a bug!

    EDIT: ...And that's fixed for BuildCraft 6.3.0.
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  14. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    Update 0.8.5 is now on the Launcher! This is a massive update!
    • Logistics Pipes
    • EnderTech
    • Mod Tweaker
    • Botania (Gated behind mid-late game TE) (Of course now it's a version behind...)
    • Lockdown

    • Buildcraft
    • Automagy
    • CoFH Core
    • Thermal Foundation
    • Minefactory Reloaded
    • Nether Ores
    • Extra Cells

    • Iron Tank detection problem (hopefully)
    • Un-disabled Hoes
    • Un-enabled Harvest Level Tweaks
    • Added reputation rewards to more quests to fix forever purple quests
    • Fixed Seared Stone Fluid detection
  15. Spirezzzz

    Spirezzzz New Member

    I just downloaded the pack and there´s no mods in there :S
  16. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    The download must have gotten interrupted. Try it again.
  17. Skavies

    Skavies New Member

    Probably stupid question, I am running 0.7.0 server and client (when I found the problem with the seared stone problem) and see client has a 0.8.2 and a 0.8.5 option, but the servers go 0.7.0 and 0.8.0 (in the spoiler on page 1 here) . do I use the 0.8.0 server with a 0.8.5 client from the ftb launcher? What version of the server will I get from the launcher's download server button?
  18. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    Request to stop firebats from being infernal, that thing is one of the nastiest mobs I've ever faced, between the small fast flying target and blast off it was horrible to deal with. I'd also request Forbidden Magic, it's great for combining botania and thaumcraft allowing special flowers and wands along with the rest of it's normal bonuses. I'm downloading the update now anyway, provide thoughts on it then with the story and stuff.
  19. Biochao

    Biochao New Member

    The launcher's download server button will give you the server v0.8.5 which you should use for the same client version. There are no server files for client v0.8.2, which nobody should be using btw.
  20. Xavion

    Xavion New Member

    How are we supposed to get mana infused metal for botania? You say it's mid to late game TE but NEI at least shows no possibilities that don't involve the ore and as far as I can tell from the configs I don't think it can spawn, so is there an age later in you've added it to or what? I'm asking because there is a couple of things I'd really rather have from botania.

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