[1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

Discussion in 'Public Packs' started by Iskandar, May 31, 2014.

  1. Ventrylock

    Ventrylock New Member

    On the first post
  2. Andrej Savikin

    Andrej Savikin New Member

    I think that you should include that strongbox in starting inventory or one of first quests, just to support SMP players :D
  3. Dezader

    Dezader New Member

    Ive been playing this modpack for about 12 hours now, it´s been really nice so far and after a few deaths i have managed to set up a sustainable base with lots of food and resources. Ive noticed however that that the recipe for pneumatic servo needs now 2 seared bricks instead of 2 iron ingots. Is this supposed to be like this?
  4. iHeartZigg

    iHeartZigg New Member

    Yes, it's his way of making it harder to obtain.
  5. DrLucky

    DrLucky New Member

    When I downloaded 1.0.5 and started over, the strongbox held two saplings - one birch, one jungle.

    The link on paragraph 4 of the first post has files dated June 1, and has only the birch sapling. Are you certain of the link? One way or another, I appear to be getting the old map.

  6. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Ah. Yeah, that. Ok, the maps are almost the same. I forgot I did that. Outside of that, the maps are identical. I'll update the backup map.

    Edit: Ok, backup map is updated.
  7. DragonNinjaGolem

    DragonNinjaGolem New Member

    It would be really cool if you could involve magic, like ares magic mod. You could have another crash like part of the plane fell off a few 100 blocks away. Retriving this stuff could lead to magic based quest in the dessert!! Great map, keep up the good work!
  8. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Heh heh. 1.0.5 is underway. I am nerf batting water fairly hard. I am also going to recommend a map reset this version as well. I'm killing the 1 zillion rain barrel strategy as well.

    Expect a pack update to be ready sometime this weekend.
  9. Potato_Overlord

    Potato_Overlord New Member

    Will you possibly add an extra life at the begining? that would be very helpful. I keep dying of accidents. Please.
  10. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Unfortunately, we can't get extra lives at this time. Apparently Sync & HQM don't play nice with each other. I'm guessing when sync shell dies it would still cost you a heart. So no hearts for us. :(
    I'm hoping that we are able to Sync quest line that lets us get a first clone quickly.
    Don't worry about dying, there's going to be map changes too so restarts would be needed.
  11. mallrat208

    mallrat208 New Member

    While close to being irrelevant; I've got another episode recorded. About two thirds done with the basic quests.

    This has about 50% less derpy voices​
  12. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Never irrelevant. By watching how other people play my pack, I get a better sense of what needs to be tuned and changed. Speaking of which, the 1.0.5 update is now about half done, and the alpha version is in my testers hands. Barring critical bugs, I expect to be able to hand 1.0.5 official over to FTB on Monday or Tuesday.
  13. Potato_Overlord

    Potato_Overlord New Member

    Huzzah! another map soon! More starving to come. Water isn't a big deal to me, but a may have found a to get water that you didn't intend.
  14. tetshio

    tetshio New Member

    Are you referring to a zombie horde trap and then rotten flesh to dirt, dirt and water to get dirty water and then cook it in a furnace to get water bottle? :D
  15. Potato_Overlord

    Potato_Overlord New Member

  16. Iskandar

    Iskandar Popular Member

    Well, let me know. If I need to nerf bat something now is an excellent time to do so.
  17. Potato_Overlord

    Potato_Overlord New Member

    the aqueous accumlator plus birch barrel plus cauldron. You take a bucket of water from birch barrel, then put in crucible and purify. then take the three bottles out, then put one water bottle in the birch barrel and since it fills the whole thing up, just repeat.
  18. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    And that would be why barrels are going to be removed.


  19. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    I don't think barrels will be removed cuase we need them for dirt

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  20. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    master, they don't suspect a thing

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