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  1. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    I never had problems finding the flowers and roses from using bonemeal on grass. It only took me like 1 stack of bonemeal in my current world.

    The high golem is from Tinkers' Steelworks. You can craft it with 2 chiseled seared bricks and 1 high oven controller for the head. Build it in the world like you would a snow golem. It acts exactly like a snow golem, except it actually does damage to enemies, but only 1 hp per attack. Shoots scorched bricks instead of snowballs. Also has high knockback on targets. But it's weak and dies easily like snow golems do.
  2. GriefingAssassin

    GriefingAssassin New Member

    I had some trouble getting flowers too but it's possible. Just takes some time and luck.

    Mine died and I noticed there was a nice little gift left behind. I got 8 scorched bricks from it.
  3. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    You can use something other than dust? oh boy have I been doing it wrong. I thought I had to blend in? :} I only use 2 things. Dust and limestone. Limestone since it's infinite, and dust since it's, well, somewhat infinite. Later on when I have cobblegen working, I've already invested in the "dune" look in all my walls to change it up any. heh...

    Side note (obviously this isn't in CL). blazing pyrotheum is like seriously crazy. The opposite pack of CL is this one 'something' Island which is a copypasta of agskies sorta -- lite. neways, I figured I'd run my magmatics on pyrotheum since now I know u can do that while learning about it for this pack (not for magmatics obvs). So, you're in the ocean. I made a little raft of cobble since it likes to u know, start fires. I accidentally picked one block too many opening up a hole and didn't notice right away but one of the buckets of pyro dropped through hole and then kept on going down making cobble and glass as it went down and met water and sand. cleaning that up took better of an hour or so. cofh guys have a good sense of humor. heh
  4. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    If you read back a few pages or 10 or so, you'll find I agree, but I think it's this. The beginning of PC is like the beginning of CL in a way. It's painfull, full of questionable tactics, easy to screw something up and be catastrophic, but once you get the hang of it you can make it easier. Problem is that PC does have some quirks which leaves it in the category (for me at least) of 'unfinished'. The chamber using it's own proprietary gateways really screws any automation up unless you create multiple chambers. The acid bath is bad, but it's only used at beginning. Once you have assembly line (which is essentially the next step after doing the bath and make a couple pcbs), keeps you from having to perform that ever again. Do as others have suggested. work on making 16 pcbs and throw them all in at once into acid and wait for them to start to change and grab them all up and you will most likely never see that part again.

    I don't proclaim this is everyone's excuse, but for me, I am fairly certain my past and somewhat current apprehension of PC is that it's new, it's different, you're out of your comfort zone, and in survival where there is a clock ticking (at least at the start, and maybe a little all the time), it becomes quite uncomfortable to fathom doing something so different.

    Overall tho, I dislike pc for some of it's grindiness and I for one, don't look to gt as any better tho for different reasons. Adding in GT to this pack would make it unplayable. I have played 2 other packs tho with TC and GT and they do play well together for all that means, but with the skyboy msgs "greggy greg" blocking the use of seeing the ore dict entries whatsoever, to the utter beast GT is and does to the framerate, etc... , to the gt unification, to the gt nerfing the start game (in survival? um no), I don't see how this would be possible to play anymore.
  5. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    I think I said this a couple dozen pages back. For me, I was able to setup only the one where it's completely empty. For that, I dumped my inventory to a chest, just held onto 2 packs, one completely empty, one completely full, then when I'm in selection screen, use .inv to show your inventory and select your empty pack, that way it picks up on the right one. I haven't gone the route of the adv relay since I carry 4+1 packs (4 in knapsack, 1 worn). when I have 4 empties in knapsack, I make my way to base and refill all 4 at once. By code bugs tho and it fills this one chest up with water bottles. I stick the empty camel packs in that chest, then suddenly one gets turned into full. I have to remove that full for the next to fill, etc... I think it's a bug in my input filter but it's a minor issue. Water is really not a problem. I have 1 crucible/torch putting water into a tank for me to use for anything, and I have 1 barrel making dirt into a chest. I maintain the supply of bottles by sticking a half stack of dirt in the top chest which has the empty bottles and when there is at least 1 bottle + 1 dirt, it cooks it (using lava buckets as fuel). I set this up right after my initial playthrough and when 1.1.2 comes out, I'll start over yet again and do it right this time. SFM is so awesome. I've since setup a whole other setup since I had so much cobble, I moved my cobblegen->lavagen into a dirt production plus I setup harvester with 4 trees and 5 wheat to make fertilizer to get it to run non stop (sfm making fert and feeding it again). really really awesome stf SFM adds. Once you get to that point, water is a nuisance and I agree with others that we should be able to carry around an ocean of water with us but oh well.
  6. GriefingAssassin

    GriefingAssassin New Member

    My castle is finished...ish... all I need is about 50 stacks of clear glass from TiCon :D after about 4 coffees I think it's safe to say I need to take a break xD. Once the pack updates a bit more I will resume my gameplay.. I only have like 3 quests left to do
  7. DoomSquirter

    DoomSquirter Well-Known Member

    So I'm going to bump 2 questions that never got answered from iskandar specifically:

    1) why not add chickenbones chunkloader officially or do you have reason not to? AE and TE both have known bugs where issues come about with unloaded chunks happening. Especially looking at this future update where we'll need to leave the base, etc. I expect more people to have issues. The MFR chunkloader maxes out at 2 chunks unless I'm doing something horribly wrong. It sucks up all the power and essence if you have it and this is to no benefit to you whatsoever, but to fix a bug that is not the user's fault. ?? immibis or something else maybe if you prefer? Anything else?

    2) easy/hard quest line. Is it just those 2 choices and that's the only effect your choice has or are there invisible changes in threads down the line?
  8. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    At this point that is the only change. There may be more added later.
  9. zbeeblebrox

    zbeeblebrox New Member

    Soooo...I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but...how do you survive the heat stroke that happens on day 1? I haven't survived the first day in my 3 play-throughs yet because I keep dying to heat stroke. And I haven't gotten far enough in the quest book to find out how you even deal with that. So, I'm confused. What do I do?
  10. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    You need to follow the quest book to survive.
    Watch some of the LP videos for some idea on the first day.
    Staying close to fire is a bad idea.
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  11. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Dude i was making my video and i had already planned on doing a silky tonch axe so i can not have to waste iron anymore and then i get everything ready on cam and the recipe for silky gem was changed to a block of emeralds??
    Dude wt heck? I am raging? i have know clue why that was changed from 1 to nine and if it was not you let me know and i'll find out who changed it? That make no sense.

    Iguana Tweaks changed it! anyway to change it back to the old one. It will take for ever to get 9 emeralds? That sucks.
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  12. SofT123

    SofT123 New Member

  13. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    I didn't have to much trouble getting 9 emeralds for my silk touch. I used my 1 AA you get from a quest to sift gravel while I did other stuff. Use invar shears instead to better use your iron for extra durability and repair shears with each other in your crafting grid for a little extra durability.

    I agree. I always have problems with TE/AE when I forget to chunkload my base and leave the area. I'll probably just add chicken chunks to my pack myself if it doesn't get added officially. I think the MFR chunk loaders can only load 13 chunks at max (in a diamond shape), but they eat like 2 billion RF just to fill it's buffer and 3.5k RF/t just to run. Pretty ridiculous.
  14. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    invar requires a smeltery. that means you can't use them till about day 4-5 if your good. i didn't say i would have trouble io said it would take a crap ton of time. There is no reasons on skyblock maps for it to require a block.
  15. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Invar only needs you to have access to cobble. The grindstone can get you the dusts to combine, then they go in the furnace.

    On most maps, no you don't really need Silk Touch to be expensive, but here, being able to silk touch leaves with a (self) repairable tool early on does.
  16. Shin Sekai

    Shin Sekai New Member

    You can make a grind stone from AE very early on to make invar. Grind up your iron ingots and ferrous ingots and then craft the dusts into invar dust. Ninja'd
  17. PODonnell

    PODonnell New Member

    It sounds to me like you are not using the camel pack. the very first quest provides you one. Place it in a crafting grid with up to 4 water bottles and placeit in your chest armor slot. As long as you can keep it filled you'll do ok.
  18. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    i have a grinding stone for bonemeal. It would just help allot to be able to make the silky touch earlier and not have to use that much metal. i mean you get how many tree deleaved before you use the invar one. the iron is about 3-4 i think.
  19. LostBMe

    LostBMe New Member

    Do the first few quest - one of which will give a camel pack. Craft in a few water bottles into it and put it on to keep cool - it should give you a moment of relief so you'll feel better about taking the time to read the quest book instead of panicking.
  20. nicksurvivor

    nicksurvivor New Member

    Hi everyone! I made a map for this modpack, it makes it a BIT easier (but not by much!).

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/tf5gl9zg9dg6cac/Custom Crash Landing copy.zip

    It adds a bit more realistic look to the broken ship, adding a cargo hold, wing, and engine cell (toppled onto it's side) to the map. somewhere under the cockpit is a copy of the starting strongbox (for multiplayer). 1skandar, tell me what you think, all credit goes to you!

    Feel free to play this map, and please tell me any suggestions and ideas!

    The area is DANGEROUS, and in the cargo hold, it is completely dark, making monsters spawn there. UNless by popular request I will not tell what the salvage is from the wreckage (you gotta find it yourself!) Enjoy!

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